Bageshri Khayal Hirabai Barodekar Various mp3 song

Categories: Album and Hindustani Instrumental.

Albums: Echoes Of Golden Voice.

Singers: Various.

Released : 24 Jul, 2015

Duration : 55:43 min

Downloads : 29.93K

Thank you so much

does anyone know who is accompanying on tabla and sarangi?

Thank you so much for whatever you did. Ujjayan Bhattacharya.

Subrataji,I am extremely grateful for sharing this. My heartfelt & sincere thanks to you & your pool of resources. This is divine. It's so soothing & tranquil, it transports you to a different world. After hearing this, I am actually at a loss of words in expressing my feelings.

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Bageshri Khayal Hirabai Barodekar by Various full Video

Bageshri Khayal Hirabai Barodekar Various Album Mp3 Song.Bageshri Khayal Hirabai Barodekar song belongs to Hindustani Instrumental, Bageshri Khayal Hirabai Barodekar by Various, Bageshri Khayal Hirabai Barodekar available To free download ,Download Various Bageshri Khayal Hirabai Barodekar Mp3 Song. Bageshri Khayal Hirabai Barodekar Hindustani Instrumental released on 2017-08-04 19:33:17.Radio broadcast recording. Smt Heerabai Badodekar Smt Saraswatibai Rane Jugalbandi in Raag Basant Bahar. Music video by Ustad Rashid Khan performing Raga Marwa C 2011 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt Ltd. Performed at AIR Pune. Heerabai Badodekar Raga Yaman. Hirabai Barodekar 1905 1989 Facets of Kirana Gharana An All India Radio Release LP PMLP 3018 1988 Side 2 Raga Bageshri For more on world music check here. A 78 rpm conversion of a bhajan by the celebrated exponent of the Kirana Gharana Hirabai Barodekar daughter of Ustad Abdul Karim Khan.

Acknowledgement The music I am uploading only a few I recorded myself Most are the loving and generous contributions from my dear friends Supravat Mukerjee Sarbari Roy Choudhury Amar. A Documentary. Meena Fatarpekar is the grand daughter of the doyens of Kirana Gharana Saraswatibai Rane and Hirabai Badodekar and her music has been cultured under this family tradition Well versed with. Radio broadcast recording. Radio broadcast recording. Film Bara Maa 1957 Sundar Swarup Ja Ke Hirabai Barodekar Lyrics ...