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Released : 03 May, 2013

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The richest man in the world has issued a dire warning… and investors who don’t heed it could be in serious trouble.

What made you think of this

Watching this now and listening what he said about tech and should I have heard him then, I might have bought some stocks in tech companies, but like everything, I might have not so... need to find more updated videos of him to see how he sees the future

WB is great with numbers. He doesn't live in a big house or even drive the most expensive model car of a given brand. Even talked about going to public school and not a private school. From a family that didn't earn a lot during the G. Depression, a lot of habits of frugality build into your lifestyle that you have no problem limiting yourself with the bare essentials... and for all the money saved with compounding interest he gets a bigger reward later. WB will drive by a McD to buy a burger meal with a Coke and goes to a DQ for his frozen dessert. Someone who has all the money in the world can wine & dine in a 5-star restaurant and why not? Because the fancy restaurant is not a public company that is in his portfolio. He probably got shares of McD, Coke & DQ (huge multi-national corporations) so keeping their profits up would eventually benefit his company.The tech industry consist of multi-million dollar businesses that make huge profit margins by manufacturing products with cheap labor outside the US and sell it at a premium... and these companies dictate the product cycle getting people to upgrade their gadgets while the old ones are still usable.A wealthy man can tell others to be happy with a job that doesn't offer high income potentials but for him he can drive a luxury sedan around town (he has a choice) but the rest of us can only dream...

18:53 I've never heard anyone else say that, but the same thought occurred to me about 10 years ago. All the smart, motivated women who now become doctors and lawyers, in past times were teachers, nurses and homemakers. Who now fills the void left by those smart, motivated women who aren't teaching our children?22:44 China, Japan and Germany make all the computers and steel. When was the last time the US made a TV? Bottom line is that the US is mostly a service economy.

its simple: dont get into it.


I admired a man Warren Buffet.

Why work :D ? Invest for 6 weeks and earn 4.5% A DAY! + you get 10% of all deposites from yours referers so you can start making $$ with 0 capital

make huge profits on Bitcoin now

He basically just admitted it was all luck.I think what's brilliant is how he manages to give people hope without giving them unrealistic dreams. If the people listening think they are going to be as rich as Warren Buffet one day because they have 10,000 in savings it's something they inferred upon his speech that he didn't say.I have a feeling he hates doing these speeches because he has to think to himself before hand "How do I give people hanging on my every word practical advice when I myself attribute my success to mostly luck."  He tries to make people happy with what they have because he knows the likelihood of any of them getting lucky is very low. He probably thinks how closely people try to examine the habits of the rich is silly. He's a financially successful anomaly , but one thing I completely agree with is that we are all poised to hit a home run because we are American. I do think a lot of Americans aren't given very many opportunities to swing the bat. Then there are some Americans who are constantly up to bat increasing their chances of hitting a successful home run as well as gaining practice on how to hit one.

Excellent advice! Wish I'd have heard this a long time ago.

I used to like this guy. Funny things about him, he also took a loan from his parents like trump yet no one bashes him. He also profited from the housing collapse because he owns 20% of moodys, the credit rating agency that rated sub prime mortgage bonds yet no one is mad at him for profiting off people losing their homes and jobs.

alfred.luhr. is a piece of human garbage.I been living hand 2 mouthsince 1999 money goes tofood & rent

so my adoped.father tryed to model himself after this guy.. made his self a beneficiaryOn 4 peoples wills in my family..who mysteriously died..Then he gives me no $like nicole.buffet.

we are debt slaves .

I got a small loan of a million dollars. 😂😂😂 oh and by the way it was founded upon slavery generations before me.

asking buffett about non-profit anything is just a dumb thing to do.

so many jewels

This guy is the 1% and he is telling poor people how to stay out of debt. It's because all wealth accumulates to guys like this that many are in debt, to pay for this guy.


This guy is brilliant! Just bought his book 'The snowball effect'

abolish the debt system

he wants a coercive system, because he is compassionate. I don't want that. i want respect, and freedom, and no tyranny.

cool video

Your are all missing the point. This person is the driver of poverty. When kids go hungry. Sucking the resources. Why young teens end up with nothing. You get what you can pay for. Courupt system. Lied to by propoganda government. Why cops shoot young black men. What a system. Paracite of a ineffectual system that doesn't serve the people.Well done MR Buffett.

Micky Rat sounds funny but sadly very true, if your lovely lady drinks like a sailor your 200+ dollars short from the very first second, then if she smokes like john wayne then your 600 short right off the bat, then if your sweety needs a nice new car now your 1100 short right off the bat, and this wonderfull relationship is just starting, same goes for men its a two way street, if your love is a welfare queen then maybe all will be ok but thats 24k a year for booz ciggs car ins ect..

my only question is when will warren buffett pay Alex P Thorn the $1 Billion he owes Alex

Loss all credit cards....if my wife and can't afford it (pay cash), we don't buy it.

Who! I like Warrant Buffet  you are real king. I hate communist leaders. Communist took young children mind first by telling them everything eagle and free.  After that the communist use the children and use young adults to work like slaves and starve and torture to hell. Also use teenager to go again on their parent and spy on their neighbor. After that communist leader own everything even a strain of your hair and our heart and your spirit. So I am glad Dona Trump is our president.

Don't pay for trash pickup. Take it to the dump yourself. I pay 19 every three months. The garbage is sealed well. Join the least expensive gym you can join. I pay 20 a month. Working out is a good plan for staving off aches and pains as you age. Stay out of debt. Period.If you can't pay it in cash, don't buy it. Pay off all credit cards, then don't use them. It's not what you make, it's what you spend. Keep any car you own a minimum of ten years.Save 15% of your income in pretax investment thru work.Fund a ROTH fully 5500. Build an emergency fund that will last 3-6 months. Set everything up automatically and let it GROW!


superbowl knowledge from a cartoon aspect is official game just some dont make the league

I wonder in which way this talk would differ today vs 1999.

save money and live modestly. if everybody do this, the economy will never growth. and you mr. buffet will never get profit, so shut the fuck up.

How i be come millioner,? even slipper or shoes i cannot buy my own.!" Even one item panty i cannot buy.

Thats true.i am normal girl, but my own character to being person is morethan normal.i have no million credit to my life.

I agree Mad Flavor -- live below your means...and take pride in doing so :)

Warren Buffet - ''There's Class Warfare, But It's The Rich Class, Making War, And We're Winning''WE will SEE.

these stupid subtitles these videos have! -almost every line has a hilarious error.

Don't believe what this guy says. We live in a debt based system. Warren Buffett got rich by piling up debt on debt on debt. His whole empire is based on debt. Search on youtube for Robert Kiyosaki's "Good" Debt and Bad Debt videos. Not that the "Good" debt of Robert Kiyosaki is actually morally good debt. Cause you help to crash society with it, because of money creation out of nothing and the component of interest in relation to that. The exponential function will eventually make an end to the ponzi scheme, which the present monetary system is.

Блиин, как жалко, что нет на русском нормальных субтитров хотя бы! Раз название на русском, я подумала, естественно, что будет на русском языке.


I love the head start analogy with the 100 yard dash race, so true

This guy is awfully wise.

King you lap s

what is most remarkable about this talk is NOT 1. his advice on debt, which everyone who isnt an idiot knows 2. value of human capital and striving to do what you enjoy 3. value of money.. 4. etc etc, THE MOST AMAZING thing is this video is 1999 talk and he is talking about technology transformation like he knew what 2017 is today, with uber, amazon, day trading, teleconference, cloud computing... not bad for an old man that is humble to say he is like a chimp when bill gates is explaining the future to him. NOW, this demonstrates why he is a mega billionaire and WHY he is a VALUE Long term investor... he GETS IT. he can see the future is in any industry and is not a stubborn bastard like your typical rough neck or jock... it just shows how the mind of a brilliant investor works... lets not mention tesla, artificial intelligence, space tourism, digital printing, virtual reality. to american capitalism spirithe missed the corrupt banking system and the financial crash, dodgy mortgages and property bubble, 911 and terrorism.. and QE.. donald trump..but for a value investor you look at change and put your money in companies that will be the biggest part of that revolution

i enjoy listening to a wise man

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Barai Maina Tara Devi Album Mp3 Song.Barai Maina song belongs to Nepali, Barai Maina by Tara Devi, Barai Maina available To free download ,Download Tara Devi Barai Maina Mp3 Song. Barai Maina Nepali released on 2017-08-04 11:03:26.Created with Sing Karaoke on Smule. This is a hands on introduction to Meteor a JavaScript and Node js framework built for the future Meteor is an open source platform for building top quality web apps in a fraction of the. Part 3 Chs 9 12 Classic Literature VideoBook with synchronized text interactive transcript and closed captions in multiple languages Audio courtesy of Librivox Read by Phil Chenevert. Nafs ki sakhti or Ling ko mota lamba sakht karne ka tarika ilaaj dawa What is reason of weakness Nafs ko sakht karne ki Dawa Majoon Urdu Hindi video Ling ko mota karne ka Desi ilaaj Ling ko. David introduces PHP and MVC. Bhojpuri Hot Song Kahe Bachapanve Me Muablu Ye Mai Khusboo. New Nepali Lok Pop Video Song 2016 2073 Halka Ramri Chheu by Bidur Ghimire Trisana Acharya only on Music Nepal official YouTube channel Unauthorized downloading and uploading on. New Salaijo Song 2017 2074 Chakhewa Jodi by Bilan Thapa magar Kalpana Gurung only on Music Nepal official YouTube channel Visit Here To Listen to many more. Music Composer Shiva Shankar Manandhar Lyrics Laxman Lohani Naudanda Naghdai Shiva Shankar Manandhar Nau Ghumti Pari Dekhi Tara Devi Mata Aba Thuli Bhaye Nirmala Shrestha Nani Aba.

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