Calling Wisdom Karunesh mp3 song

Categories: Album and Fusion.

Albums: Zen Breakfast.

Singers: Karunesh.

Released : 10 Aug, 2008

Duration : 05:28 min

Downloads : 435.4K

So many wonderful songs with Karunesh, it's all pieces of Heaven, the music is divine. It takes a special kind of state of mind to create such music, I believe his inspiration is divine. This one "Calling Wisdom", "Alibaba" and "Returning to Now" is my 3 top favorites. But I love every song, all his songs are divine masterpieces.

Did that another song for to swab the soul from we bad!

Soulful music.

Excellent musical collection dear Karunesh, peaceful and ocean of love and feeling


Non-Earth music


what is the name of that flute 2:00 plz? anyone!!

This track is actually from his original "Zen Breakfast" album. "Enlightenment" is just a few of his best songs put together. And I must say "Calling Wisdom" sure is soul touching! But most of his songs are, as well as Deuter's songs for that matter :-)

pure cleanse of soul

emotional orgasm, no need to take a any drugs  just that music and you done. Marined soul with you organs deeply  and swim in this


Linda demais!!!!!

¡¡¡¡¡¡que belleza de musica¡¡¡¡ gracias karunesh por estas sublimes composiciones bendiciones

Kool friend bonne réception

It's more than song, especially after 2:00


Very heart touching !

I really love this song, the best time to me is when he sings very slowly, do you know other songs with the same kind of voice ?

Music for enlightenment!


Fantastic music for the soul .

Epiphany... one for you, the rest for thee!

I saw your profile pic of the ballet slippers? Do you dance? I am an artist. I paint and listen to this music together. Its a great feeling and opens my creative self......just flows

I believe it's called a Tin Whistle.

is there a way to add a playlist to favorites?

hallelujah to that!!

how is that piece of music at 2:34 called?

I heard it so many times, in TV Shows and Video Games!


I would say - next is forbidding commercials :-)

me imagino escuchar esto en un bosque en paz... seria genial no creen?

Commercials on t.v. Commercials on radio. Commercials on gmail. Commercials on here. Next is commercials in our dreams..

Calling Wisdom is close to harmonic relaxing perfection. It is one of Karunesh's best compositions. Almost the perfect song.

I had the songs on Sony in cherrapunji and now in my Tube.These songs enlighten my thought process.Harish

stunning video and images good taste i know a lot of this guys work a lot of his tracks can be heard on the buddha bar cds excellent thumbs up all the way


Beautiful !

Our label thanks you for your interest in Karunesh’s music! If you’d like to listen to more of Karunesh and other wonderful artists, please visit the Real Music website or call (800) 398-7325. Join us in our mission to spread relaxing and uplifting music to listeners throughout the world. -Real Music


The best way to hear the greatest music for relaxing....thanks for this....iam flying!

this song and this kind of music are so Fuckin beautiful.

i can listen to this song a hundred times a day.

this so damn wonderful.


una preghiera......un'emozione......

aa err mmm mmmmmmmmm

relax for me....


meditazione profonda

pura estasi......

In love

C´est Merveilleux!

Karunesh and other singers such as Deva Primal bring their talent and love with their music . This is one of my favourite songs. Good for medetation

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Calling Wisdom Karunesh Album Mp3 Song.Calling Wisdom song belongs to Fusion, Calling Wisdom by Karunesh, Calling Wisdom available To free download ,Download Karunesh Calling Wisdom Mp3 Song. Calling Wisdom Fusion released on 2017-08-04 15:00:27.Calling Wisdom Karunesh Enlightenment 2008. Enjoy it Thank s for watching and listening all my Video s on Youtube Sat Nam Namast Belinda. A mongolian song you will find it very relaxing enjoy with respect. Playlist made thanks Soundiiz. Please Enjoy. Call Of The Tribes Karunesh Aishwarya Rai. Copyright Disclaimer These videos are designed specifically for entertainment purposes and research only It is a non profit channel If any copyright owner objects to the use of any music.

01 Moon Temple 00 00 02 Calling Wisdom 05 49 03 Breathing Silence 11 22 04 Remembering to Forget 05 Zen Breakfast 06 Flowing with the Tea 07 Layers of Tranquility 08 Returning to Now 09 Way. Beautiful tranquil music and video. Karunesh meditation relaxing. Namast Music by Karunesh 00 08 Moon Temple 5 57 Calling Wisdom 11 30 Breathing Silence 18 43 Remembering to Forget 24 46 Zen Breakfast. Relax music. Descripci n. From Album Enlightment a sacred Collection 2008 VisualMusicAnimation VisualMusic www visualmusicanimation com. My personal number ONE to get relax or meditate Karunesh is one of the best musicians I ever known Store and author s biography available here My personal number ONE to get relax. Song Heart Composer Karunesh...