Cold as Steel Salem mp3 song

Categories: Album and Hardcore.

Albums: In The Beginning CD1.

Singers: Salem.

Released : 09 May, 2013

Duration : 04:33 min

Downloads : 52.37K

Lyrics:At the end of the day I know justwhat you say I know my conscience is clearI know that you’re wrong and Iknow that I’m right and I’ve got nothing to fearI know what I am and I don’t give adamn whatever anybody saysI know that it’s true whatever youdo I’ll never change my waysPut up with me or soon you’ll seethat I’ll disappear from your lifeThen if you feel like being as cold assteel I’ll even supply the knifeOn a warm summer’s night asyou’re holding the knife I can feelthe steel so cold against my skinI hardly have time to get out of theline of net that is dragging me inI try to put you out ofmy mind but Ifind that the truth just a keepscoming back to meI don’t care if you’re not here withme – it’s the way I’ll always beEvery day I go my own way and wejust seem to drift apartMy mind can’t understand thegames being played in my heartI can’t seem to find no comfort inyou because you don’t believe inthe things that I doThat’s why I will never changethe way that I treat you

fuck yea!!! great band!!

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Cold as Steel by Salem full Video

Cold as Steel Salem Album Mp3 Song.Cold as Steel song belongs to Hardcore, Cold as Steel by Salem, Cold as Steel available To free download ,Download Salem Cold as Steel Mp3 Song. Cold as Steel Hardcore released on 2017-08-03 23:34:44.Gastonia NC. In the Beginning compilation disc2 track demo 1983. Chris Matthews and Keith Olberamann s commentary following Hillary Clinton s concession speech Matthews summaries the message to Hillary warning to supporters Do Not Commit the sin of four. Hull metal merchants Salem churning out their all time classic Cold As Steel at Brofest 1 in Newcastle. The new album of SALEM www reverbnation com SalemUK www youtube com c SalemUK www wikipedia org wiki Salem UK band www purerock records com releases view 28. This is Salem s original 1981 demo of this song It is slower paced and I believe tuned down I actually prefer this one to the single version Lineup Adrian. I take no credit for the music or art in the video all credit goes to the owners. Salem playing at British Steel Festival in Fismes France on 3 October 2015 Other bands were Tygers of Pan Tang Gang Avenger TysonDog The Amorettes Wizz Wizzard and M Pire of Evil. Please consider supporting our videos on Patreon The British Helmet in World War I John L Brodie had invented and patented a design in 1915 called.

Salem are a NWOBHM band The Keeper Of The Keys Part 1 The Keeper The Keeper Of The Keys Part 2 The Revenge The Keeper Of The Keys Part 3 The Kings Lineup. Muzyka...