Coming For You Salem mp3 song

Categories: Album and Hardcore.

Albums: In The Beginning CD1.

Singers: Salem.

Released : 03 Nov, 2014

Duration : 31:15 min

Downloads : 474.74K

I know I'm late but my dog dreams because he's feet wiggle and he barks in his sleep trying to run while laying down side ways it's funny

Watching from 2018?

lol galm is so shook

I just searched up if dogs dream and they do dream like humans

Chilled is an evil genius, and quite possibly insane.

Poor smarty :'(

No matter how many times I watch this, I still enjoy blobfish's last words before he died.

Chilled can you and the Derp Crew bring back the Town of Salem game???


This is an old one. I was blobfish

I love how when chilled is doing his monologue everyone is just sitting there just sighing.

they should have known chilled was lieing about his role since galm was the random town so there couldn't be 2 Docs

Reply Eragon if you get the inheritance cycle reference๐Ÿ˜„

honestly if I were a medium and the last one to die I wouldn't mind at all because then I knew there would people to welcome me home.

Smarty looks so upset it's so sad because of how he got killed by you chilled at the beginning

There were a lot of Chilled fans in that game. LOL

z would make a good sci fi b horror movie villain

Chilled loses all respect in my mind for saying dogs cant dream. He clearly doesn't understand how dreams work as science defines them. And possible animal cruelty.

They should rename Smarty to Salty

DUDE may I mention that I love it when Chilled ruses and does it well???????

laying down of course

my dog has nightmares he cryes or wimpers and he does run

this is what i imagine the medium does walks to a dead townies grave and they talk XD

Its sad that chilleds not doing it anymore but it went on for a while and a good run :D I really do miss Town of Salem

dude you like a devil at this im loving it haha

(Note: This is before watching rest of vid.) 10:45 Chilled claims doc after doc is dead. GaLm is Vig and Vet is dead meaning GaLm already has the random town role...did they not notice this?

"Anthony is innocent. It's either Chilled or that other guy" GaLm please...

I make it guess which hand the treat is in, and if it guesses wrong i fuckin' beat-.....Well it's a dark dog so.

he's 2 good for this

I think dogs dream about stuff like running around in a field...or going on a walk. Maybe even running from a storm or something. Maybe barking at a squirrel then chasing it, but who knows.

Wait,is Chilled's death note from Melanie's song "Milk and cookies"?

I love overcharge

I thought only mammals can dream. ๐Ÿ˜


Mindgames and Decepetion galore!

so have you ever had a dream that later on becomes real... I had a dream that I kissed my best friend... what that actual FUCK, am I going to do...


a normal name become as weird when surrounded by weird names


Dumbasses when esc visits sk the esc dies

I like how smarty gets found out then immediately changes his name

At the End: Chilled ranting about his ultimate ruse. (Great job btw ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ‘Œ)Ze being adorable.Smarty looking pissed.Galm complaining about his role and death.


chilled is a fk master of disguise xd damn hes so good!

Guys I got a rhythm 1 2 Freddy's coming for you 3 4 better lock your doors 5 6 I've got picks 7 8 hello mate (saying he got in) 9 10 lets do it again


lol that's the chilled I know

all animals dream its so your brain can relax

G fucking G

Chillen is such a good liar XD

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Coming For You by Salem full Video

Coming For You Salem Album Mp3 Song.Coming For You song belongs to Hardcore, Coming For You by Salem, Coming For You available To free download ,Download Salem Coming For You Mp3 Song. Coming For You Hardcore released on 2017-08-03 23:34:44.In his awe inspiring show world renowned mentalist Marc Salem will take you on a captivating and surprising journey through the possibilities of the human mind in this series of astounding. Ruhtra has decided to move to a new town and found a quaint little place called Salem Will Ruhtra survive his first night in his new town Want to keep up with what Ruhtra is doing then. Get REVIVAL out now Get exclusive REVIVAL merchandise bundles Sign up for updates. This is part one of a two part video. Ruhtra has decided to move to a new town and found a quaint little place called Salem Will Ruhtra survive his first night in his new town Want to keep up with what Ruhtra is doing then. I hope you guys and gals enjoyed this video If you did LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE And I will see you guys in the next video BYE Follow me on Twitter. Salem are a NWOBHM band Lineup Adrian Jenkinson Bass 1980 1983 2010 present Paul Macnamara Guitars 1980 1983 2010 present Mark Allison Guitars 1981 1983. I dedicate this song to the IDF and terror victims memorial day This song talks about the barbaric butchery of the 2 Israeli reserve soldiers Vadim norzech and Josef abrahami who were butchered. Salem is coming to WGN on April 20th 10 9c. Accusing people of...