Dancer In A Daydream Ace Of Base mp3 song

Categories: Album and Dance.

Albums: The Sign.

Singers: Ace Of Base.

Released : 17 Mar, 2008

Duration : 04:00 min

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thank you Linn


Demn, is she a GOddess! That Face! Those HIps!that WaisT! THAT VOICE! SHES FUCKING SEXY BEAUTIFUL!

Poor Linn have to sing so many song, a fearsome job. A good record company should divide the leads equally, like ABBA did, to prevent tiresome 😆😆😆

wow !!! This video shows her real talent. Linn is the greatest!!! Pls come back!!!!!

To magically beautifully Linn sings, it would be desirable to listen to it for ever!

Everyone has a mission in life and Linn is to drive every man crazy. Her dancing, pretty face, gray eyes and voice like an angel that most men never find but quest all their lives. God Bless Linn!

mallin is amaizig here 2:15 ,i cant belive how she changed short time later,probebly they pushed her too much and she didnt knew what to do and kept preforming until the mental(littlle)crash,and she lost her confidence, i hate them especially davis the manager

Loving this in 2017!

tan rica la voz de linn.

damn, lynn, lov eu , so pretty, stylush , sexy and beautiful ! wher ewas this at?

Me gusta

Cool. It's always nice to see Ace of Base singing live.

I want young And proud this performance please

I want to see the complete concert

Cute. I always wondered what the video would have been like if they pursued it. But this being done live is good and satisfies me.

WOW! Did not think there was a video of this song.  Thanks for posting!


Linn sang so well live! Given that by this time they probably had quite little vocal training. And the fast song is harder to sing.

Este video es una joya!! Esta cancion la ponia en mis tiempos de soledad cuando estaba en la secundaria.. que recuerdos!! ! Linn tu la haces ser mas especial esta cancion

This song has and will always entrance me!

they should have recorded an official video from this song!!!

top song

@nogoodlover2002 Was she the blond or the other one?


excelentes sonidos

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Dancer In A Daydream Lyrics

What an odd situation
What an odd situation

What you got is basic emotions can you feel them?
I want to be your lover but you're so shy
What you need is perfect assistance let me guide you
To a land you've never seen before

I guess you see that I have another daydream
I guess you see that I have another daydream

Come and be a dancer
Dance into my daydream
Join me in my daydream wet and wild
Come and be a dancer
Dance into my daydream
Join me in the jungle wet and wild

To help another person will make you feel important
You got my invitation but you're so shy
Come and let your wild side show and be a dancer
A dancer in a daydream we can share

Help me take control of my fool imagination
I'm looking for a man that will match my situation
I'm thinking about the people waiting down the line
I am in the limelight now's my time

I guess you see..

What you gonna do I'm a bold explosion

Dancer In A Daydream by Ace Of Base full Video

Dancer In A Daydream Ace Of Base Album Mp3 Song.Dancer In A Daydream song belongs to Dance, Dancer In A Daydream by Ace Of Base, Dancer In A Daydream available To free download ,Download Ace Of Base Dancer In A Daydream Mp3 Song. Dancer In A Daydream Dance released on 2017-08-03 17:31:39.Ace of Base in Riga Latvia 1993 Happy Nation Tour. Live performance. Hello this is Al Bundy Thank you for watching my videos and subscribing to my relive remember and relate nostalgia channel Please check this channel often to see the best memorable rare. Ace Of Base Voulez Vous Danser Disco Deck Extended Mix Copyright Disclaimer Copyright Fair Use Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 allowance is made for. Ace of Base Happy Nation Teksty utwor w Jonas Joker Berggren Ulf Buddha Ekberg Muzyka Jonas Joker Berggren Ulf Buddha Ekberg 1 Voulez vous danser 0 03 2 All that she.

Ace Of Base. BACK TO THE FUTURE All Actors Then and Now. Taken from the album The Bridge 1995 Mega Records a division of Playground Music Scandinavia AB Expand for links and lyrics Follow the Spotify playlist 90s Mega Pop. Ace Of Base Dancer In A Daydream Lyrics. Living in Danger from the Happy Nation US Version Vinyl. Rob being silly in my car D Add me on Facebook Add me on Twitter TheZHandbag Like my Page. Snip of a 5th Grade choreographed dance. Ace Of Base performing All That She Wants in France at Dance Machine 8 16 03 1996 Lyrics She leads a lonely life She...