Deepchandi Ustad Alla Rakha mp3 song

Categories: Album and Classical.

Albums: Splendour Of The Sarod.

Singers: Ustad Alla Rakha.

Released : 10 May, 2008

Duration : 08:33 min

Downloads : 340.08K

Can anyone tell which Raaga is this? I'm confounded since the first time I heard it that this raaga has been used in some movie song/music but cannot place it....

what a jugal bandi .... tabla along with sarangi....

Lier. It did not work. Try searching for Tabla.

This is not Ustad Allah Rakha with Zakirbhai. It's his brother Fazal Qureshi

Salamabke Janaab, I know they are two different and great artistes. The father and son duo have performed at various stages together. All i am saying is that this track does not have playing together. And yes, My bad. Its Pashto Not pashtun

this is out of one zakhir's solo albums. track called called 'pashtun'. and not allah rakha's and zakhir's jugalbandhi.... sorry kids

I heard Alaha rakha described on " George Harrison living in the material world " a film by Martin Scorsese described as the best Tabla player to ever live, I didn't know what the tabla was before this but I have heard it played at Indian restaurants and this guy rakha is genius , I would love to hear more.this is something I could kick back and meditate to. And I don't meditate , not yet anyways but I could learn with this music .

Saw a reference to Allah racha on " George Harrison living in the material world". A Martin Scorsese film. This guy is brilliant, a bassist of George Harrison described him as the best Tabla player to ever live, I didn't even know what the Tabla was but had heard it played before, unbelievable , true genius

what rag is this?

Wonderful wonderful wonderful!

i searched for "brilliance". I was directed to this video

I am stunned!!!!

this the king of tabla zakir hussain - the maestro


the legend

@dgerlando -he iz zakir hussain

power of indian music why listen western?? great.....

@acepilotrjv i think eva alla rkha'z der in it.......his father..


@dgerlando The person's name is Zakhir Hussain.

@dgerlando Check out Amazon [dot] com for Zakir Hussain. You can buy CDs and MP3s.

@dgerlando : The artists are Ustaad Zakir Husain and HIs Father Ustaad Alla Rakha

@dgerlando bye the cd namesd "drums of india" by Zakir husaun and also one more suggestion "rythmscape".... if you buy the second one and dont like it i will pay you the money... thanks

@aparnamudi Thanks for the answer and the advice. Just to make sure I understand you: Dayans of a same pitch can have different sizes depending on the player? And yes I will ordering one from a professional tabla player who is going to Varanasi and tries them himself before sending it. Over here tablas are rare and overpriced.

@Maertin3000 first of all dayan means the RIGHT in hindi. so no one is confused there. the size of the tabla depends onthe player. order it or buy it from a relaible music shop in india. and make sure some tabla expert is there to buy it with you. and yes tablas can be tuned through an octave

@acepilotrjv The 2 dayans are in D, but an octave appart. Are they the same size and you can tune them an octave higher or lower, or are they of a different size? I will start playing the Tabla soon and I will ordering one from India. I want to have the right dayan!

@dgerlando ....well...the artists r USTAD ZAKIR HUSSAN n USTAD ALLA RAKHA........

@acepilotrjv i have the cd of this same track which says that this taal is pashto.. however in this track, the theka is that of deepchandi which is clearly noticeable....thanx for uploadin this so that everyone can enjoy this.....

Awesome....spiritual. I hope he plays soon in washington dc. I'll definitely be there :-)

BTW a message to the 'uploader' of the video: If you're Indian like I am, you know the swastika comes from the word 'swasti' which means peace in Sanskrit. Please remove the Nazi version. Its an affront to our Hindu culture. We are not murderers of Jews and Slavs like Hitler and his gang of thugs, who used the holy sign to spread evil. Peace!

wha ustad.... :-)

wha ustad....

this is is combination of tabla from jakir hussain and sarangi from ustad sultan khan

just amazing..

@dgerlando Zakir Hussain

@dgerlando Zakir Hussain


Percussion is Ustad (Master) Zakir Hussain

@dgerlando i believe the artistes are ustad zakir hussain and his father ustad alla rakha...dunno if their cd's are available...both are amazing though.

@dgerlando I am really glad to know that you have seen (heard ) the video. I am also a lover of the instrument Tabala. Though I play only the basics, I really enjoy it. Especially when played my maestro like Zakir Hussain. You can get the dvds online. Just Type the name i have mentioned and google. His father was also an expert Tabala artist - "Alla Rakha". So you can look out for these two names when you search .. .. Enjoy!!..

@98414044 checkout videos of ustad ahmed jaan thirakawa. i think you might remove the word "ever".

@TheHenrylaycock Relax man. Hindu Swastika is an ancient symbol that represents good luck. The Hindu one has four dots and looks like it can be rotated counterclockwise. The Nazi Swastika was manipulated in appearance and meaning, obviously.

Beautiful... thanks a lot, I love tablas...

Hey, how about we all just listen to the goddamn beautiful music coming out of the speakers intead???

@TheHenrylaycock they havent killed anyone recently... thats like saying the Cross should be removed becz during the crusdaes they killed thousands of innocent ppl.... thats like saying the US should remove their flag bcz they have killed thousands of innocent ppl. ...................



yes, the swastika was co-opted by the Nazis and is originally a Hindu symbol. So why would you use the swastika that the Nazis used (on angle with red circle), instead of how it is usually portrayed by Hindus (straight up with 4 dots)???

Shreend--nice video but if you are going to use a swastik for your picture don't use the one the Nazis used.

babar who was the founder of mughal kingdom was a direct descendant of changez khan (genghis khan), so "moghul" is related to mongol .. lol

Tabla great ! Sarangi accompagniement beautiful and lively !

mughal is a synonymous word or "mongol"

mughals came from mongol and they used to call it "mughal" or "mughalistaan"

wah wah wah !

and thats not late Ustad Allah Rakha on Tabla. Thats Ustad Zakir Hussain with his younger brother Ustad Fazal Qureshi. plz change the wrong informations. thx

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Deepchandi by Ustad Alla Rakha full Video

Deepchandi Ustad Alla Rakha Album Mp3 Song.Deepchandi song belongs to Classical, Deepchandi by Ustad Alla Rakha, Deepchandi available To free download ,Download Ustad Alla Rakha Deepchandi Mp3 Song. Deepchandi Classical released on 2017-08-03 03:57:26.Pandit Yogesh Samsi was guest at The Music Room of Friend s Hearth Kashana e ikhlas 15 April 2017 courtesy of Sadhana Arts Sarangi accompaniment Ustad Surjeet Singh. Pakistan His Master s Voice LKDR 10 1973 video upload powered by. Best of Zakir Hussain. Part 2 Taal Pancham sawari 15beats Ustad Sultan Khan is playing the lehera in Raag Asha Mand. Best of zakir Hussain with Fazal Qureshi Taal deepchandi 14 beats maddhya laya generally a folk rhythmic cycle Jugal bandi Duet of two tablas Naghma Raag Khamaj Romantic mood second. Yogesh Samsi is one of those rare tabla players whose reputation has been built on his consummate artistry in both fields of accompaniment and solo playing This CD is a must for all students. Part1 Tabla duet in Taal Pancham Sawari 15 beats Ustad Sultan Khan Sahib is playing the lehera in raag asha mand.

Kuljit singh ji Bunty And Happy Bhaji at Punjabi Uni Patiala. The first part of Pt Yogesh Samsi s performance at Ustad Alla Rakha s Abbaji s Guru Purnima function in July 2012 in Mumbai On the harmonium is Pt Ajay Joglekar Panditji was preceded. Enjoy and stay connected Subscribe Music Today channel for unlimited entertainment. Nilesh jadhav deciple of ut allarakha khan ut...