Dis Go Dj Roby mp3 song

Categories: Punjabi and UkAndDJ.

Albums: Dancing Beatz Factory CD 2.

Singers: Dj Roby.

Released : 20 Mar, 2013

Duration : 04:32 min

Downloads : 511.49 million

While I accept the verdict, its causes and conditions, and was not myself in the jury room (so easy for me to write all that, not being a vested party!), I feel this song has far more originality to it than many now give it credit. But only time will tell.



Worst singer ferret parrel

Worst song of all time

Carnaval 2018?

love this song

I cant down song😑😑😑😑


why is this on my recomended???

Feb 2018

Robin Thicke looms like Remy from Peelers 🤔😅

I can guess your age:Take your age and add 5 to it.Thats your age in next 5 years. Like if it worked:D


I know you want it

This white guy is so different. I'm a Eminem fan,he has something Eminem dosent have

This song is awesome I usually don't listen to this type of music but it dominates it's category

My Music teacher showed us this video

If these song would have been released this year feminists will have a mass aneurism

They say "woo" 60 times


Dua lipa?

Once again the girls all thin 🤨

February 2018?

This was the worse song in 2013




Top 10 in 2079

God bless

T I sound like chilish gambino

This song is sexy...very good..





Merci beaucoup de manger avec moi Vanessa Allaire appeler moi OK demain soir OK 😘 oui je suis à la fin de journée et

Vanessa Allaire je t'aime beaucoup ma belle petite sœur préférée

ROCK ON,,,,,,2018 VEY NICE BEAT,,,,

the parody is funny

#2k18 for life

2020 anyone??Didn't think so lol



EVERY % OF THE COMMENTS80% Whos In 2018 or anything Like That10 % Saying Therye First (THERYE NOT)9 % Saying Favorite Parts1 % OTHER

los peores 4:31 minutos de mi vida

I don't think there's enough comments asking if people are watching this in 2018. Does anyone actually care or are they just fishing for attention?


lol this song is so good still love it


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Dis Go by Dj Roby full Video

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