Diwana Banana Hai Tu Begum Akhtar mp3 song

Categories: Album and Ghazals.

Albums: The Golden Collection CD 1.

Singers: Begum Akhtar.

Released : 18 Jun, 2007

Duration : 03:42 min

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one of my favorite ghazal singers. Matchless voice indeed.


True Magic ❤️




'Kaaba nahiN banta he toe botkhana bana de' কা'বা যদি না বানাতে পারো তাহলে উপাসনালয় বানিয়ে দাও। বেহ্‌জাদ জীকে আমার সালাম। হজরত ইব্রাহিম এবং তাঁর পিতার ধর্মকে নিয়ে লেখা এই চরণ। খুব মন দিয়ে এই গজল না শুনলে এই গূড়ার্থ অনুধাবন করা সম্ভব নয়।

tumko bhee muhhbat mujh sa na bana de ..kamaljeetsingh


@TheRampurwala "gaam" in urdu also means to crossroads


The correct word is "gaam" (step). "Gham" (sorrow) rhymes with the English "gum", and does not have the right weight ("wazn").


Its actually "Behzad har ek Gham pe ek sajda-e-masti" (as per the urdu written poem by Behzad), gham being 'sorrow', i assume

Part 3:

Kaaba nahiN banta he toe botkhana bana de

If House of God is not to be built, then make it House of Idols

(Reference is to Abraham who built the Kaaba, while his father had a houseful of idols).

Behzad har ek jaam pe ek sajda-e-masti

Behzad, after each cup (of wine), may my prostration of rapture /

Har zarray ko sang-e-dar-e-janaanaN bana de

make every particle the brick of my beloveds door (for me to enter)/

Part 2:

MeN dhoond raha hooN meri woh shama kahaN hai

I am searching, where is that light of mine/

Jo bazm ki har cheez ko parvana bana de

Which can turn everything of the gathering into a firefly

(Firefly parvana here means the flies that are attracted to a light, only to burn up.)/

Akhir koee surat bhi toe ho khana-e-dil ki

In the end, the house of heart should have some shape/

Part 1:

Here's an approx. translation:

Diwana bana na hai to diwana bana de

If (you) want to make me (love)-insane, make me (love)-insane/

Varna kahiN taqdeer tamasha na bana de

Otherwise, the fate might turn (me) into a spectacle/

Ay dekhne waloN mujhe haNs haNs ke na dekho

O you onlookers, dont look at me with smirks/

Tum ko bhi mohabbat kahiN mujh sa na bana de

What if love makes you also like me/

Its Akhtar Begum....even if some one try..they would not come close to it..........such a perfection is impossible to achieve by some one else other than Begum Akhtar

Its so jolly.... you feel like singing along and clapping



would anyone have a live recording of this ?

I think its one of the best of Akhtar begum..thanks for posting it

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Diwana Banana Hai Tu Begum Akhtar Album Mp3 Song.Diwana Banana Hai Tu song belongs to Ghazals, Diwana Banana Hai Tu by Begum Akhtar, Diwana Banana Hai Tu available To free download ,Download Begum Akhtar Diwana Banana Hai Tu Mp3 Song. Diwana Banana Hai Tu Ghazals released on 2017-08-04 21:28:19.ACK ABHIMANYU DEB Ganwalar Kaler Gan The Audio Is Not my Property Uploaded for public entertainment not for any commercial use. Good ghazal. Anupama Roy the winner of the Jashn e Begum Akhtar ghazal competition organised by Doordarshan Mumbai performs Diwana Banana Hai Toh one of Begum Akhtar s most popular and treasured ghazals. The Hori Thumri is a form that combines the wistful romance of th THUMRI A North Indian classical form of singing with thematic content related to the colourful spring festival of Holi and. Announcing Begum Akhtar Ghazals Best of Hindi Ghazals compiled in an exclusive album Dewana Banana Hai Akhtari Bai Faizabadi also known as Begum Akhtar was born on 7th October 1914 in Bada. Songs 01 Yeh Na Thi Humari Qismat 00 00 02 Dil Ki Baat 04 59 03 Ae Mohabbat Tere Anjaam Pe Rona Aya 08 09 04 Ulti Ho Gayi Sab Tadbiren 11 26 05 Diwana Banana Hai Tu 17 33 06. Listen to one of the Melodious Song Diwana Banana Hai Tu of Begum Akhtar Song Diwana Banana Hai Tu Singer Begum Akhtar Music Director Begum Akhtar Lyricist Behzad Lucknowi Mood. Begum Akhtar is undoubtedly the queen of Urdu or Hindi Ghazals This compilation album comprises of some of the Best Of ...