Do Not Turn Around Ace Of Base mp3 song

Categories: Album and Dance.

Albums: The Sign.

Singers: Ace Of Base.

Released : 15 Jan, 2015

Duration : 03:49 min

Downloads : 13.19 million

Brings me back to the good old days!!!!

Vine por Ayy LMAO y me gustó la canción XD

I ran so far

This the happiest sad song i've ever heard

Tontaro raund!!! @@..

Fondo musical!!! De 10!!!

This song rocks


Ispirasi film frozen, anna and elsa

Since. 1993...now listen in 2018 year.Oh yeah!!!


2018 anyone

BRAD PITT?? On the vídeo

Yess i like

2018 ❤️😍

Too gud


tinta turnter

1993 😙2018 México 👌👍😉

Linn still love you!!

Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" intro sounds exactly like this

Manual Labor brought me here

Im miss you my baby

good ol times man


After my first heart break ,. Was driving . Crying .. this song got me straight . As long he was happy , so was I. Even when he met his wife to be.

wish was back in the 90s

I remember rocking out to this CD in 6th grade haha still get these songs stuck in my head and I'm 33 now

1K Dislikes from who did not turn around :)

2018 🎶🙈

alejandro alejandro alejandro!!! GaGa!!! sampled! meow!

روعه وابدع


I wanna zoom zoom in her room and knock her boots

ohh 2018??? still

2018 lol



The voice of Malin is mezzo-soprano too, like Jenny's one - isn't it? Moreover, their voices are almost not different.

This is legit one of the best pop songs ever

Ayy lmao

Linn is cool ass chick : ) That's my homie right there!

С такой точностью бередить чувства может только искусственно созданная система - инструмент Люцифера (Глобального предиктора).

I'm between 2-7% Scandinavian according to ancestry. I got the one drop rule.

ASWAD were better.


Мы в СССР называли их ласково_- АсиБаси истинные короли "ДИСКО" Особенно блондинка,в основном блондинка, благодоря блондинке, за счёт блондинки! Неповторимый голос!

Is it just that I think 'Lady Gaga' was inspired by this band for the song 'Alejandro'?

La mejor música eterna!!

2018 still

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Do Not Turn Around by Ace Of Base full Video

Do Not Turn Around Ace Of Base Album Mp3 Song.Do Not Turn Around song belongs to Dance, Do Not Turn Around by Ace Of Base, Do Not Turn Around available To free download ,Download Ace Of Base Do Not Turn Around Mp3 Song. Do Not Turn Around Dance released on 2017-08-03 17:31:39.Download Don t Turn Around in the style of Ace of Base in MP4 or MP3 G formats available here. Mashup To get your hands on an audio version of my mash Comments are my fuel. Live concert in Bucharest 8 11 2008. Video Cam Direct Upload. Original Version of the 80 s classic Don t Turn Around was the b side to Typical Male by Tina Turner.

Ace Of Base Don t Turn Around Lyrics. Original version available on the album Happy Nation The Sign c p Mega Metronome Remix by Aswad Vocals by Jenny Berggren Malin Berggren and Ulf Ekberg rap Written by Albert Louis. 2017 11 25 Budapest Hungexpo Total Dance Fesztiv l Cirkusz. Live a Moscow. LOTOS Music Festival 2017 Mizner Park Amphitheater in Boca Raton Florida USA Performance Jenny Berggren. Ace Of Base Don t Turn Around Live Retro FM Moscow 2007 HD. Created by students from the education FilmCrew Gotlands Folkh gskola F r sund Sweden Part of an Ace of Base lyric video competition Subscribe. Ace of Base performing in Toronto on August 4 2011 Links below Read about the experience and see photos here Download. Me singing Dont turn around by asce of base this is my first entry on this account so yeah to see more videos go search SakuraJade please...