Emilio Judy Collins mp3 song

Categories: Album and Folk.

Albums: Paradise.

Singers: Judy Collins.

Released : 30 Sep, 2012

Duration : 03:56 min

Downloads : 50.49K

Rest in peace, Michael.

Beautiful song written by a good long lost friend from college days. Hello Michael. We love your duet with Judy Collins. Tim & Nancy

Emilio lives in an atticPlays a flamenco guitar Arpeggios fall out his window And roll down the fenders of rusted out cars They harmonize with the sirens And mix with that racket downstairs They wander out into the traffic Emilio's misguided prayers The moon is Emilio's mistress On her there's no turning his back Some nights she comes to him naked and cold And some nights she only wears black When the Fundador flows from his bottleSomehow there's always a fight When the moon and the lunatic dance seguiríasTheir beautiful music spills into the night and they dance  In his dreams he can see the abuelasThey offer him wafers and wine Suspicious Emilio measures The vino against the divine But he never has come to believe them Or accepted their Heavenly host Sabicas and Salvador DalíThe saint and the sinner he prays to the most 

@F Sharp agree lyrics posted are ludicrous not close seguidillas becomes senioritas

wafers and wine become razors and wine? fundador is totally missed egad

The "Emilio" lyrics that appear on most sites are atrocious. See Michael's website for the correct lyrics to this beautiful song written by Michael Johnson & Tom Keeton and performed exquisitely here by Judy and Michael. They will haunt your dreams both day and night.

Wow! Love this song, and love it double as a duet!

Perhaps the very best song in the excellent CD ?

Great thanks !

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Emilio Lyrics

Emilio lives in an attic
Plays a flamenco guitar
Our prayers fall down his window
And roll down flanders of rusted out cars

They harmonize with the sirens
And mix with that racket downstairs
They wonder out into the traffic
Emilio's misguided prayers

The moon is Emilio's mistress
On her there's no journeys back
Some nights she comes to him naked and cold
And some nights she only wears black

When the full moon flows from his bottle
Somehow there's always a fight
When the moon and the lunatic dance, "senorina"
The beautiful music spins into the night and they dance

In his dreams he can see the "abuelas"
They offer him razors and wine
Suspicious Emilio measures
The "vino" against the divine

But he never has come to believe them
Or accepted their Heavenly host
So vigous and savage darling
The Saint and the sinner he prays to the most

Emilio lives in an attic
Plays a flamenco guitar
Our prayers fall down his window
And roll down flanders of rusted out cars

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