Feeling U Feeling Me (Interlude) Alicia Keys mp3 song

Categories: Album and R And B.

Albums: The Diary Of Alicia Keys.

Singers: Alicia Keys.

Released : 17 Jun, 2011

Duration : 02:09 min

Downloads : 220.75K

Feeling Me, Feeling U

2 chainz,,, feeling u


well done mall grab, also this is fking lo-fi wtf

I would never forget this song. it was early as fuck to be catching the bus and this song just came on for the first time and soothed me

Such a nice little interlude spawned some more beautiful tunes, gotta love sampling

2 chainz

Tity Boi brought me here.


I bought this album when it came out great album and thus track just relaxes me, my mind, body, soul 😌😌😌

the original over mala and mall grab any time, my high school memories brought me here.. this album helped me through my finals.


If you like this then check out 'Alicia - Mala'

love you Alisha keys

mall grab :')

so preetty voice♥‿♥♥‿♥ ♥‿♥♥‿♥ ♥‿♥ ♥‿♥♥‿♥ ♥‿♥ ♥‿♥ ♥‿♥♥‿♥ ♥‿♥ ♥‿♥ ♥‿♥ ♥‿♥



mall grab, mala...

this song is a summer affair that stole my heart and keeps me coming back for more; always so short but always so rewarding

Mall Grab brought me here. <3

de la bombe !!!

omg hearing this song again years later and still gives me the chills. This Is Music

I played this album to death.


One of my most favorite Interludes in the world!! I so zone out to this!!

who knew a song this simple with few lyrics could be so amazing

This is amazing

Always loved this, still do!

I hear Zuper all the way around ...idk if thats right o weird

Mala brought me here

No, Mala sampled this tune. Not the other way round.

Beautiful piece!!Love it!!

Thank you for uploading this classic interlude.

Can this be considered a sample? This is all Mala - Alicia


Anybody know wat kind of music this is called

2 minutes don't cut it for me....

Does this sample a Bob James track at all? Sounds a lot like something he'd write.

2chainz made me wana search this

about to flip this

this song makes me wanna cry ily nyoka nicole foeva n always

So sexy...............

Listen to fire we make with track you'll just wanna Ahhh Sunday morning

Should of been


Just listen...

If I had millions I´d give her whatever she wanted to record the extended version this song deserves. How anyone thought this beautifully eerie, melodic, exquisite piece of musical perfection was only deserving of interlude status is beyond me.

Alicia don't even sound like this no more...this was beauty!

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Feeling U Feeling Me (Interlude) Lyrics

Do you ooooooo, ooooo
2 hour long conversations
On the phone
Can't get you outta my mind
Baby are you feelin me
Feelin you
Everything you say and
Everything you do
Gets me lost in you days at a time
Tell me are you feelin me
Feeling you

Feeling U Feeling Me (Interlude) by Alicia Keys full Video

Feeling U Feeling Me (Interlude) Alicia Keys Album Mp3 Song.Feeling U Feeling Me (Interlude) song belongs to R And B, Feeling U Feeling Me (Interlude) by Alicia Keys, Feeling U Feeling Me (Interlude) available To free download ,Download Alicia Keys Feeling U Feeling Me (Interlude) Mp3 Song. Feeling U Feeling Me (Interlude) R And B released on 2017-08-03 22:57:30.By popular demand we are releasing a limited edition white color white label vinyl containing 3 sexy smooth drum and bass bootlegs PANTIES001 is available through the Fokuz webstore September. Feeling U Feeling Me Alicia Keys. Alicia Keys Feelin U Feelin Me The Sims 2 Love the song Enjoy. BluPharrell Facebook. INFINIT MUSIC IS FOREVER Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Radio. Delgis Mustafa aka The Illz Recorded and Mixed by Ricardo Mendoza at R J Recording Studios Perth Amboy NJ R J Recording Studios helping unsigned. Edit of Alicia Keys Feeling U Feeling Me Free DL via dropbox below I love the short original couldn t afford the Mala Alicia so I made my own 120bpm edit It s a bit gritty with a. Follow okvsho Photo By Kyle Willis. I just stared the song again and again. Subscribe We Upload Songs Everyday Alicia Keys.

Download this masterpiece Stay See on Facebook Soundcloud. As i am tour ft ne yo and jordin sparks. Me playing feeling you feeling me interlude Off Alicia keys album songs in a minor This should have been a song instead of an interlude because it has a very nice sound to it This beginning. This...