Firing Line (Radio Mix) Digital Dog mp3 song

Categories: Album and House.

Albums: Firing Line.

Singers: Digital Dog.

Released : 23 Jun, 2010

Duration : 02:34 min

Downloads : 109.28K

i wish they had some more music like this but i dont know why the dont bother anymore

talk about nice you must be joking its a cracking song you people


looking forward to working with Digital Dog next year! AATW rocks love the video

Virus TI Polar in there, looking sexy


very nice mix and very good clip, good job

@palmtree2k8 You do raise a very good point there, but MOS still have one big gun in their arsenal... Example :O :D

@palmtree2k8 i agree to me mos have been lacking recently. their dubstep album was a huge disappoint to me and my friends. I think aatw at the moment are the top of their game right now.

MOS' taste in music has a different vibe apart from AATW. AATW has more of a commerical 'poppy' scene to the dance genre (hardcore, eurodance, N-Dubz?) whilst MOS has a more rougher edge, I wouldn't say underground-ish but the kinds of music that are targeted towards an older audience. (more of the electro, dubstep, funky house, progressive, etc). still commercial, but their music i think is more contemporary. Depends on what taste you have through the sub genres of dance really.

sexy bitches

nice :)

Ooh, Access Virus Polar <3

Digital Dog is one of the best remixers i know, nice to hear he made something for himself

About time!! Love it!! Loving the video too!!

This is better than the house crap out atm, so thumbs up! =)

So and so... however nothing good.

its ight

I dont really like listening to dudes singing but the video looks pretty cool

very nice

Not bad, their remixes are good

nice, but nothing new...

oh, very nice <3<3


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