Follow The Leader The Walkmen mp3 song

Categories: Album and R And B.

Albums: Lisbon.

Singers: The Walkmen.

Released : 13 Jul, 2010

Duration : 04:08 min

Downloads : 175.25K

Sounds like The Stranglers "Golden Brown". Great song.

So epic, so utterly fucking beautiful 

The video with the rabbit was beautiful - I teach and have shown it all over the world to no complaints - please bring it back!

Oh those back memories from that beautiful spanish girl... I really wish I can see and talk to her again... This melody is so deep and beautiful...

i rolled in a town car! i know how it feels. love love love

are you Mexican? :D

Wow. Not only is this album named after the capital of my country, it also came out on my birthday.

Awesome fucking band, even more awesome live. <3

I love this , its beautiful....the intro, his voice and lyrics....'life roll us over'......

Love 3: 08 guitar and the strings are stunning .

Interpol's 'Hands away' + this = Johnny Cash's 'Ghost Riders in the sky'.

Well in my head anyway.

Yipee i ohhhhhhhh yipee i ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy : D

Damn the Walkmen for birthing incredible songs that are compatible to MY SOUL.

this song absolutely destroys me

Beautiful lyrics. Beautiful song. Great band.

@Acquiescence Heart-breaking? I just thought this song kicked ass if anything!

Nice long drive through the wild wild west <3

@freudastaire e eu vou!

E viva Lisboa!!! Walkmen 14th November Portugal's concert, welcome home :)

This song is heart-breaking.

@biffbuttsavage indeed so

this song is stuck in my head.

gran canción... sin duda, "lisbon" será uno de los discos del año...

This song is pretty phenomenal, don't you think?!

The Walkmen are my beloved. I'm seeing them at Lollapalooza next month and again in October. I haven't missed a Walkmen show in years.

This kind of sounds like Sun Records Johnny Cash

lucky you

I'm never let down by the Walkmen... so consistent. So clear that this is a development in sound from previous work, which is also GRAND! :)

beyond stoked for this album.

So good! Bravo!

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Follow The Leader Lyrics

You would not find a faithful soul
A loyal man, a steady hand
You'll fall in rank, I'll fall in line
It's all that we deserve

It's all for one, and one for all
We're stronger than we were before
It's all for one and one for all
It's all that we deserve

Follow The Leader by The Walkmen full Video

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