Goodnight Laura Spoon mp3 song

Categories: Album and Alternative.

Albums: Transference.

Singers: Spoon.

Released : 20 Nov, 2012

Duration : 02:31 min

Downloads : 72.56K

I've always had trouble falling asleep my entire life, often to the point of lying for an hour or three with my eyes closed to no avail. My mother on the other hand can fall asleep seemingly minutes after closing her eyes. My mother's name is Laura.Years ago when I was very young I asked her how she did it and she told me that you just close your eyes and make yourself very still and pretend to sleep and it just happens.Of course I never mastered her trick, but you can imagine how eerie it is to, years later, come across this very song. Quite a surreal feeling, indeed.Bonus points for extra weirdiness: The poster of this video is named Laura Young and that is also my mother's first and last name.



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Goodnight Laura Lyrics

Goodnight Laura, don't you know
Your bed awaits and now it's time for sleeping?

Goodnight Laura, close your eyes
You words are meant to stop at night
You know they're not for keeping
If you want to fall asleep be very still
And you close your eyes, and slow yourself
And let the worry leave you, and let go if it all just for this evening
You can fall asleep by being very still
As you let your breath slow down
And when you think your thoughts be sure that they are sweet ones
They are sweet ones

Don't you know, Laura, you're alright?
You're alright

Goodnight Laura by Spoon full Video

Goodnight Laura Spoon Album Mp3 Song.Goodnight Laura song belongs to Alternative, Goodnight Laura by Spoon, Goodnight Laura available To free download ,Download Spoon Goodnight Laura Mp3 Song. Goodnight Laura Alternative released on 2017-08-03 22:57:30.From the Album Transference Anti 7050 2010. Just for fun only. Track 02 Artist Spoon Album Transference 2010. Overly tired Song is Goodnight Laura by Spoon. Great Spoon song 1996. Artist Spoon Title Out go the lights Album Transference Year 2010 Track 9 Genre Art Rock. Hey guys So this is my new original called Goodnight BACKGROUND This song is about the friends I had to leave when I moved away from my hometown and what I wish for them in the future.

The album Transference is out now on Merge Records Vinyl CD Download Stream Directed and shot. Spoon Out Go The Lights. Track 08 Artist Spoon Album Transference 2010. From Transference 2010. From the album Transference. As danced by Max Goldblatt. Track 01 Artist Spoon Album Transference 2010. Off the Album Transference by Spoon. Hey everyone this is the first song I ever upload and I plan to keep more coming in the future I hope you like it Song written and performed by Andr s Cueto Video directed and edited. Final for Video Art music Goodnight Laura by Spoon. Off A Series of Sneaks.

They Never Got You is track 10 from Spoon s fifth album Gimme Fiction released May 10 2005. Goodnight Laura is the 8th track off of Spoon s album ...