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Albums: Gujarati Baal Geet CD 3.

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Released : 01 Nov, 2012

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I feel bad for him 1:47 hes like ih my god run hes curious then stab

did anybody see the chief squad :$

why are you fighting elites again tho?

It would of been better if they just said that the new armor and costumes of the covenant was for the covenants ramnant but flashbacks shows that even before the original covenant fell they wore those

Shits for the Birds

He cant die he respawn

I remember when he said "you kidnapped him" i was like. WTF =/

I believe in the chief lead us sir

Just look at the chief at 1:26

The question is faggots is how did Halsey lose her arm



that is an explanation about the gamer? actual gamer behind joystick is sociopath and broken and reclusive??

I STILL think the interrogator is John...

The halo storyline was always so Fucking boring that’s why I could never get into this shit

What? Spartans don’t use cover!

Ugh im dying for a great halo game 😑😑 halo 1 , 2 ,3 were instant classics 4 was good n 5 i thought game play wise was good but story n online were lacking somrthing that made 1 to 3 classics. 343 is trying there best no disrespect towards them in anyway but as soon as bungie left halo halo wasnt halo anymore .

I think it would be good if Chief was interrogator. Halsey not recognising him after the war and Chief testing of her for what she did.

To everyone who are still confused. The interrogator is Jun-A266 from Halo Reach. Jun works closely with Commander Musa. The program was initiated by Musa-096, a washout of the SPARTAN-II program's augmentation process. Even with his resentment for Dr. Catherine Halsey, Musa recognized the importance that SPARTANs had in the effort of protecting Humanity, even after the Human-Covenant war.

0:40 those containers look like Masterchief's helmet

At 0:49 that kid has a big ass forehead

"Difficutly with soscialization."Flashbacks of Master Chief's, Cortana's, and Sgt. Johnson's banters.

One of the things I praise 343 for is how they got the size of the Spartans right. In halo 1-3 master chief looks like a normal dude in armor but in halo 4 he's way taller.


The series' lore is a humanist/religious jerk-off fantasy.

1:49 wow bruhhh i thought elites were suppose to be warriors guess not

A teensy bit cheesy, but still cool.

Wish the fight scenes were longer

Catherine halsey could just do the program without kidnapping children and do this with volunteers who may interested in the program and maybe the name "spartan" should be changed to just a super soldier" that's it.

You can't replace the master chief.

Halo 4 had good cinematic but bad plot

Such a great intro to a new story in a new trilogy. This set up was great and could have been taken so much further. BUT then Halo 5 happened and destroyed what was once a franchise known for great storytelling, into another white washed, run of the mill, shooter.

I remember being high af when I first watched this cutscene, it literally blew the top off of my head.

1:55 when 343 fucked up the elites

At 3:14 Dr Halsey reminds a little to Adolf Hitler; He belived in the aryan race as the superior species, and the inheritors of the world. Dr Halsey sees the spartans not only as military hardware, but as superior humans, the destiny of our species. Looks like she made them not only to be the perfect soldiers, but also to create the finest specimens of the human species.

Such an underrated game, 5 only sucks because of the "fanboys" who complained about 4.

gameplay so weak compared to cutscenes

For all of 343's mistakes (halo 5, new artstyle, etc.) they realled nailed halo 4's narrative. It was a masterpiece, and this cutscenes gave me chills - the photo realism, the voice acting, the music, and the nods to the lore.

Did 343 remake this scene? Cause for some reason I keep remembering this scene but with the old art style (when the Spartans drop out of the pelican)

Theres a brute at 2:36. why arnt they in halo 4 or 5

2:00 I wish my asault rifle was that affective

Holy shit that brute was huge

Human and species politics in times of inter-species war threatening with extinctions. Don't loose the potential of the series. It's the world making heroes with themselfes, so focus on the world.

Why 343 did you put the plasma rifle in the cutscene and wheres the brutes


And yes Halsy does sound like Cortana because the voice actor is both Halsy and Cortana.

The man is trying to turn dr. Halsey against her own words therefore they're trying to get rid of Master Chief

She's right she was only trying to save Humanity by building these soldiers that were known as Spartans that stopped the evasion of the Covenant Fleet

Why was there a brute chieftain in this cinematic

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Halo Re Rase by Various full Video

Halo Re Rase Various Album Mp3 Song.Halo Re Rase song belongs to Gujarati, Halo Re Rase by Various, Halo Re Rase available To free download ,Download Various Halo Re Rase Mp3 Song. Halo Re Rase Gujarati released on 2017-08-04 14:38:27.Hey this is my race track designed by bates darkshivers Batesman www youtube com batesybatesmusic Download Link Thanks. Enjoy it. Subscribe its free A series dedicated to showing you the best maps in Halo reach and letting you download them to play with your friends Custom Controller. Please like this facebbok page Its all for charity This video is the second part of my funny 100 ways to die. Find out what s changed in the multiplayer beta. Since my old video about getting the blue flames in Halo Reach was uploaded many years ago a lot of people have still been asking me how to get blue flames today or any flaming helmet I ve. In this vid I show you armory customization all armor variants and new abilities hope you like. Something a bit different today this is one Achievement I could never get when I was younger so I thought why not make a video out of me getting it now Follow me Twitter. These are my armor combinations for Halo Reach I hope you like them and remember to subscribe and like the video Link for Vanity http veegie Vanity com. This game night was recorded on Sunday August 20th 2017 A couple of favourites for this game night And this one is a little longer than normal so I hope you don t mind But at any rate.