Harlems Nocturne Alicia Keys mp3 song

Categories: Album and R And B.

Albums: The Diary Of Alicia Keys.

Singers: Alicia Keys.

Released : 17 Jun, 2011

Duration : 01:45 min

Downloads : 256.05K

dat piano -


So these days are simple and the nights easy. The dreams are more than one person can hold share them with God who made them.

Save The Good souls keep evil far from the mind and practice Goodness. The mind is sacred and should be protected as such.

Good living knows no bounds of evil.Wise thoughts seemed sold with a purchase of a soul that lacked evil so much Goodness intact loosed that barter is evil.

the DHIARRHEA of alicia shit, such a wats of harlem nocturne

Oh, well...The first 35 seconds are nice....

Ghastly awful !!!!!! was hoping for Harlem Nocturne not Harlem' Nocturne

I think she should do a classical piano lp..

phantastic as always. But where was Earl Hagan, Mike Hammer and the alto-sax...?

I wish it was longer :'(

this is such a simple intro to the album yet it was so amazing. that piano was beautiful and then that dope beat came in and made it even better☺

That girl can rip a piano!!

This woman can play the piano

Good piano at the beginning, the rest is TRASHY. Yeah, ya heard me right.

Excellent intro

Honestly wish this was sooo much longerrrrrrr . :(

this is by far my favorite c.d. by her, I have listened to it over and over.

Rubyhomegirl she says "drop it" like drop the beat

I love this. The intro to the new album was pretty good but this is one of my favorites.

Bita: I had no idea, Alicia was *this* old! (The song is from the 1930s...)

why does no one realise she says 'jobby' at 31 seconds..

It's awful to say that but... I miss THIS Alicia.

yes she did, she wrote it

Soothing... Relaxing! Great job Alicia!

very nice intro!

Just what I was thinkin' :D

She couldn't come up with a more original name for a song???

Alicia started off with a good intro for this album.

i love this INTRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

best intro

One of the best intros to start an album!!!

Nice Piano-Intro for the great album x )

gives me the chills. love this.

wuauuuu me la voy a aprender uffff chingona ilove alicia

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Harlems Nocturne Lyrics

Drop it
Yeah, yeah
Come in for a minute
Welcome back
It's just me and you in this room right now
There's so many things that are on my mind
Uh, yeah, uh
Sometimes that's hard to say
That's why I take all I've got
That's why I take all I have
And I put it into this
Put it right here in my diary
Can you feel it?
Uh, uh, uh
Take this journey with me

Harlems Nocturne by Alicia Keys full Video

Harlems Nocturne Alicia Keys Album Mp3 Song.Harlems Nocturne song belongs to R And B, Harlems Nocturne by Alicia Keys, Harlems Nocturne available To free download ,Download Alicia Keys Harlems Nocturne Mp3 Song. Harlems Nocturne R And B released on 2017-08-03 22:57:30.HARLEMS NOCTURNE. This is Harlem s Nocturne by Alicia Keys The A key plays louder than the others so it may sound a little weird. The Diary of Alicia Keys 2003 Such a nice song enjoy. This is my own version of Alicia Keys song Harlem s Nocturne from her Diary album. One of the things I do in my down time It s not perfect so don t judge too hard. Alicia Keys Harlem s Nocturne the Diary 01 harlem s nocturne. DanceOfTheDay Day6 AliciaKeys HarlemsNocturne It s just me and you in this room Soulful MarianoIAm NOLIMITS NOHOLDINGBACK NOEXCUSES NextLevel YouHaveToJump DoItForYou DanceAroundTh. Something inside a bathroom Inspired by Alicia Keys Harlems Nocturne track. Artist Alicia Keys Song Harlem s Nocturne Album The Diary Of Alicia Keys. Im Musikhaus Kemp.

Tutorial how to play Alicia Keys Harlem s Nocturne follow me on facebook www facebook com pianomat. 00 00 Harlem s Nocturne 01 45 Karma 06 02 Heartburn 09 30 If I Was Your Woman Walk On By 12 37 You Don t Know My Name 18 44 If I Ain t Got You 22 33 Diary 27 18 Dragon Days 31 55 Wake Up. Which introduction into AK s albums do y all think is better Harlem s Nocturne from The Diary of Alicia Key or As I AM intro from As I Am I can t make up my...