Hateful The Clash mp3 song

Categories: Album and Jazz.

Albums: London Calling.

Singers: The Clash.

Released : 08 Oct, 2010

Duration : 02:47 min

Downloads : 105.29K

I Love it :P

GREAT video! Thank you! :-) #clash

This vid is so fukin nice, thanks..

This one sounds like a punk rockabilly, absolutely awesome!!

Fuckin quality son.

My favorite Clash record.


When you owned me? Don't make me laugh.

It became boring when I realised you haven't got a clue what you're on about, get your facts straight before you start something you can't finish.

And who the hell knows men called 'Honey' and 'Flash'?


Pssh, it becomes boring when I owned you, ya.

Geeez! What are you going on about now?

I didn't say it like anything...

Plus I wasn't saying "The Pogues have to be said first" at all, that's the total opposite of what I was on about, that's my point...

Please drop this now, it's become boring...

No, you say this like "The Pogues HAVE to be said first". When, grammatically, you are incorrect. If there were to be one man named Honey, who was born in 1989, and another man named Flash, born in 1990, it would not be incorrect to say "Wow, Honey looks a lot like Flash today".

And anyways, I never said "Correcting someone when they're wrong is stupid", I said "Well you were kinda being a dick dude, correcting him" with a statement that's redundant.

So correcting someone when they're wrong is stupid?

So what does this make you..?

Well you were kinda being a dick dude, correcting him

as good as it gets...one of my favorite clash songs

Wow! What makes you think I was being a dick?

You asked a question and I answered, so I don't understand your nasty response. All I was trying to say (in a polite manner) was that The Clash came first, so how could this intro remind you of something that came much later? It's like someone saying your dad looks like you, when really it's you look like your dad. If anything, the intro is something that The Pogues maybe tapped into and was a possible catalyst for their sound. It's just a thought..

No actually my comments right this intro reminds me of The Pogues its a question

you didnt have to be a fucking dick about it

Do you mean The Pogues?

If this is the case for you, dates surely show your comment should be the other way around, if you know what I mean...

Does that intro remind anyone else of the pouges?

0:49 Anyone else notice the "O WANKERS!" Sign in the top left?


Hey, where's that photo of Joe in a beret from??

2 minute and 47 seconds of pure on fire rock N roll...these guys were champs in every sense of the word.

Fantastic video!

so wonderful video

Thank you Sir, well done.

Nice vid collage...

Great job! it's a pleasure listening to The Clash watching thist video, just... thanks!

That's a fantastic Video ! Good Job man !

@VictimofDarkness86 yeah!! best band ever!! i agree :D <3<3

@SaRa3363 Indeed...wish I had known them,too..!!! best band ever...!!!♥♥♥

it's really fantastic video!! wish i was born in that time :( the clash forever <3

Greeeeeeeeeeat video!

@tolvajakos Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm glad I managed to see them, who am I to judge the way they were playing, also I think I was sober when The Slits were on.

I know what you mean about "checking it out" I never got to see the Sex Pistols, I knew a couple that did, and also had the bootleg LP called S.P.O.T. Sex Pistols On Tour which had all the "Bollocks" tunes on and a few more if I remember.

Brilliant video my friend, the greatest band ever and your vidz represent that keep up the good work, rebel rockers until the end.

@B0rnles13 Thanks for the advice. If I ever make it to Britain, I will look for them.

@B0rnles13 Well, unfortunately I will never know if they are only good on studio recordings or live as well (live recordings never give back the live experience). Could have been that they were just you know, putting more emphasis on attitude, than on accuracy, or could have been that they did too much partying the previous day, or could have been that they just weren't prepared for the big stage just yet. Or maybe they weren't the best live. Whatever, I would have loved to check it out though.

@tolvajakos I do agree that they were great when they were on form, I only saw them that one time, and maybe drink played it's part in my experience. I saw a Clash tribute band called Take The Fifth or 5ifth about 4 years ago, they could play all their songs magnificently, Mick Jones and Billy Bragg came on for the last few songs. worth going to see if only for the live music of the Clash.

@tolvajakos This is my experience, so I don't want to spoil The Clash for you as they are my favourite Punk band along with the Stranglers. I saw The Clash on the 1st tour they did of the U.K. in 77/78 in Edinburgh Odeon. The Slits were supporting them, I thought the Slits were great... on come the Clash and whether it was a bad soundcheck or they were feeling the worse for wear as they were near the end of tour. I have to say I wasn't impressed by their playing that night, outasynch

@rp61wasinnocentok Genius vid, mate! Thanks a lot! :)

@tolvajakos great comment .the clash are the best group ever they had the songs the look and the attitude

they're just as badass as the sex pistols, they're good songwriters, good musicians (which is a rarity amongst punkers), hell of showmen, they're r'n'r, they're punk, they play ska, reggae, they're eighties, the drum'n'bass section beats any of the electronic crap of today, and they could produce this live, tell me one band in this whole frickin world that was/is all of that! i've seen paul mccartney and the stones live, i'd trade both of those gigs to see these guys live just once...

@nimatek667 i must agree. they're way better, more varied, more alive, and ahead of their time than the stones, the beatles, not to mention any of the punk bands of the era (including sex pistols). i don't even get it how they not get credit for all that, just look at all the one-hit-wonders, and even big stars of today covering a shitload of their songs, or just simply taking their tunes and rhytms, cause they're way better than any of the computer-created crap they can think of today...

i love your Clash videos! the greatest music with amazing images about The Only Band That Matters!

thanks a lot!!!

@PBANDSNOW Yeah they're not bad are they mate XD

Dang!! I even enjoyed watching that back again myself, it's been a while I seen it since putting it together.

Im starting to re-watch all of these clash vids...arghh so good

GREAT song & Mesmerising video !

Joe Strummer is a badass motherfucker...

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Hateful Lyrics

Well, I got a friend who's a man (who's a man)
What man?
The man who keeps me from the lonely, the only
He gives me what I need (what you need?)
What you got?
I need it all so badly

Oh, anything I want he gives it to me
Anything I want he gives it but not for free
It's hateful
And it's paid for
And I'm so grateful to be nowhere

This year I've lost some friends (some friends)
What friends?
I dunno, I didn't even notice
You see, I gotta go out again (again)
My friend
I gotta see that main man

Oh, anything I want he gives it to me
Anything I want he gives it but not for free
It's hateful
And it's paid for
And I'm so grateful to be nowhere

I killed all my nerves (my nerves)
What swerves?
I can't drive so steady
And already
I've lost my memory (my mind)
I can't see so clearly

Oh, anything I want he gives it to me
Anything I want he gives it but not for free
Oh, anything I want he gives it to me (Anything I want he gives it to me)
Anything I want he gives it, but not for free (Anything I want he gives it to me)
Anything I want, anything I want

Hateful by The Clash full Video

Hateful The Clash Album Mp3 Song.Hateful song belongs to Jazz, Hateful by The Clash, Hateful available To free download ,Download The Clash Hateful Mp3 Song. Hateful Jazz released on 2017-08-03 22:28:38.Track Number 4 19 Release Year 1979 Genre Post Punk Video Upload powered by. Hateful demo version. Well I got a friend who s a man What man The man who keeps me from the lovely He gives me what I need What you need What you got I need it all so badly Chorus Oh anything I want. Hateful the clash the clash hateful hateful clash hateful hateful clash hateful the clash the clash hateful hateful clash the clash anything i want the clash hateful lyrics. Hateful The Clash From the 1979 LP London Calling on the Epic Records label I do not own the copyright to this recording it s specifically for your private listening pleasure Buy authentic. From the album London Calling For Ben Creation notice This is to let YouTube or whoever know that I created this video This notice by no way means any disrespect to those who. Nintendo calling shit box. Video 266 of 1000 Ralph Shaw Hateful by The Clash Recorded live at the Electric Owl on Dec 23 2012 in HD 1080p on XA10 in B W 24fps For the 10th anniversary of Joe Strummer s. My first attempt at makin a video on Windows Movie Maker haha Hence why a large majority of it is just pictures. Great song by the clash mediocre playing by me D.

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