Highway (Under Construction) Gorillaz mp3 song

Categories: Album and Alternative.

Albums: D Sides CD1.

Singers: Gorillaz.

Released : 07 Feb, 2009

Duration : 04:21 min

Downloads : 384.39K

Such an underrated song

I love how the style of music changes a lot in this song <3

"I'll make it all come true"/"I'll make it all untrue" I think your interpretation of the lyrical content says a lot about you as a person. His consonants are so vague, I love it.

This song sound like the beetles



Will- I'm building a highway bayback to the heart of thingsLola left through her bag-back through the heart of thingsSo onboard in a puzzle bagall our city on ratwhen I get a bone-phone you-I'm gonna get it on true, trueIt's a call and I say gonebyewith a hole and a meaning whybut you never left the fighting endor hauling out a sound or swim(but you want to let it now)said if the tape went 'oohh'all other feelings and growsaying what you want- roam freeanything back to meeeeIs that mold on the table? Bad.Hoping to re-never one ryeif I get a lie from youI need a long long truuuuuuuuuuthlalalalalalala

Isn't this the only song the recorded with Palau Cracker

Damon marathon.


i feel like gorillaz is uder appreciated for their other work like d sides or g sides

bestest song

Shoutout to the people on the Gorillaz playlist hyping up for the tour and finding these wee gems.

when the song is 4:20

Watching the playlist on shuffle

4:20 long

Somehow this song screams blur to me. Magical.

Love this song. So beautiful

I-85 is under construction too.

im listening to this entire playlist



Listening in 2017

feels like the good the bad and the queen.

four minutes and tewenty seconds is where it went down

i wonder if this was made to keep up their spirits when making 19/2000 video

one of the best from Gorillaz πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

This is not a music video, silly playlist.

omg I love this song😊😊

Anyone going on a Gorillaz marathon? 😎

the Time of the vid is 420


only words I can describe this song is half baked


4:20 :)

4:20 perfect length!!!

so beautiful

I don't think there are any "official" lyrics to this song. It's one of those songs where the voice is used more like an instrument, I think.

kind of sounds like the Beatles lol

Look up "gorillaz music video story in chronological order" it has the story line of the gorillaz news order

This song is in the playlist.

Damon's voice is so harmonic. Especially in this song with the background singing and the instrumentals, it just makes it sound so good

If you a G, smoke at 4:23

sick nasty bro

very Elvis Costello

kids with guns demo?

the song is 420 in length blaze it up

I found this song months ago and I'm still playing it on repeat ^_^ I think it's one of those rare songs that never gets old

I love this song from d-sides... and I can't stop to repeat it! β™₯

I'm kind of dull, so can someone explain to what this song is about, because I do know what the lyrics are, but don't really understand it?

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Highway (Under Construction) Lyrics

Well, I'm building a highway back
Back to the heart of things
No love left to walk back
Back to the heart of things

So, I'm building above and back
All our city gone red
When I get it all from you
I'm gonna get it all true, true

(Very Faint: One, Two, Three, Four!)
It's cold when I say goodbye
People holding a meaning, why?
But you never let the car get in
Howling on the sound of swim

Did you want a wind and a sail
It would take a boat
All of the infinitive rope
Say what you want, don't bring
Anything back to me

Cause I'm old, I will say goodbye
Hoping to run out of my lie
If I get a lot from you
I'll make it all come true

Highway (Under Construction) by Gorillaz full Video

Highway (Under Construction) Gorillaz Album Mp3 Song.Highway (Under Construction) song belongs to Alternative, Highway (Under Construction) by Gorillaz, Highway (Under Construction) available To free download ,Download Gorillaz Highway (Under Construction) Mp3 Song. Highway (Under Construction) Alternative released on 2017-08-03 20:25:06.Disc 1 of the D Sides. I m just trying to create that vintage sound quality The acoustic guitar parts became the piano part which sounded like the piano parts of Beady Eye s The Roller I ll upload another version. Link De Descarga Interprete Gorillaz Album D Sides Disco 1 G nero s Remixes A o 2007. READ ME SOCIAL MY GEAR AND MORE READ ME My Website Tabs Facebook Page Patreon. Another music video of gorillaz Hope u guys enjoy Music used Gorillaz highway underconstruction. This video is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY I do not own any of these songs these belong respectfully to Gorillaz. Gorillaz music playlist.

I do not own the song nor the visuals. Why hasnt anyone made a proper lyric video for this song yet its 2016 its time Lyrics from Wiki. Free Download. Uno de mis temas favoritos de la banda que lo disfruten Subtitulos en Espa ol de la canci n Highway Under construction del grupo Gorillaz de su recopilatorio de canciones que no fueron. Lyrics Gorillaz Highway Under Construction Well I m building a highway back Back to the heart of things No love left to walk back Back to the heart of things So I m building above. I got...