Hogayi Ft Horizon Tank mp3 song

Categories: Punjabi and UkAndDJ.

Albums: Tanked Up.

Singers: Tank.

Released : 01 Feb, 2013

Duration : 14:59 min

Downloads : 92.64 million

So that's how fast an airplane is when you see it fly near you in the sky...

Why this video have 92 M views

2:04 me trying to land a helicopter in GTA

ya Allah

Fireman is asking his idiot for more power and never gets it. All plane tires explode...brilliant. pissing on it would've been stronger

Honestly stressful to watch Lol, talk about mini heart attacks.

lol i know this b/c wheeles down

Is that real


here is a bad story that happened to me and my familySo we were going back from either Florida or Huston and then we started hitting very bad turbulence, the plane was going up and down like the pilot was just holding the plane up or if not the plane would crash, so then we heared the pilot say that we had to make an emergency landing, people started to get very scared, so we made it safely into Tampa Bay but it was a very scary moment for me 😐

What is this

What a load of shite

oh no the BAE looked like it was SWISS :(

What a bunch of amateurs and think that many lives depends on their skills to fly those aircrafts.

Lol 8:24 gear don't want to take a shower 😂😂😂😂😂

Что эта??

apu biwsass

Md easin


The best way nnvgfnjhghjturffy

Wow, that Airbus test is confidence-inspiring, for sure. I don't get the whole thing....why is the pilot telling them NOT to fight the fire, and he sounds pissed that they are spraying it, but then when the flames start getting bigger, they are calling for the stairs angrily so they can evacuate? Did they plan on taxing off, which would have cooled the brakes, but they couldn't move because the damn firemen were in the way, and so the heat started blowing the tires out? The firemen didn't exactly act very proffesional. Hardly touched the flames with the water (no foam?), and spent most of his time spraying wildly around and motioning back behind him. Seems like professionals should be a better-practiced team that should all jump to work effectively without a lot of yelling and gesticulating. And they should coordinate with the pilot, who probably knows what he's doing since he's a test pilot.

at 1:08 there is UFO D:

Wtf why does this have so many views?

This idiot called people noobs during his video I hope he knows only noobs actually use that word

This youtube channel sucks. They need to start over. They called us noob you tubers. People have over millions of subscribers but they he 72k. GET THAT OUTA HEA!!

The most viewed video I have ever seen, I am proud


شخبارك يا الغالي بن عمي

Are you interested of top5-videos about airplane close calls? I just finished my first video, and its pretty cool ,i can say. I appreciate if you can check it out, thx :)

To disturbing

You shouldn’t call people noobs if you want likes


shit! SHIT!

That wasn’t a 206 It was a 407

You as a poster should be ashamed to use a thumbnail like that.

Its it wierd of me to watch videos of this type 6 hours before my flight😫😫i watch these vids everytime im going on a plane idk why im dumb 😢


Hahahahaha 😂

that was a hot kiss in the thumbnail

ola meus amigos

Very nice

the one at 4:44 it was like sike you thought

Is that a ufo at 1:08?


rhat is not nice

wate hek

A long time plane

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