I Saw The Light Spoon mp3 song

Categories: Album and Alternative.

Albums: Transference.

Singers: Spoon.

Released : 12 Jun, 2010

Duration : 05:34 min

Downloads : 256.83K

Why have i not heard of this band in the UK ? They are awesome, i got a lot of catching up to do.


These guys write so many perfect songs it's not even funny.

This, "got nuffin" (and "trouble comes running" at a push) r the best on transference

spoooooooon!!!! <3

This is genius. So strong.

<3 i love this

I first found spoon in a pile of cd's a family friend gave to us in 2007, when i was 14. "spoon, gagagaga" written in felt pen. It became the sound track to my adolescence, and still, spoon resonates like the wisest version corner of my subconscious or a friend that knows my every reason and flaw. It says to me: life is complicated, its not for you to understand, that's okay, you're alright, enjoy your smallness in this much larger thing.

Spoon. Como me gusta esta banda!!

Reminds me of New Order's Elegia with a bit of Alan Parson's Project thrown in.  Weird thing to say about a Spoon song I know.What similarities/influences do you hear in this song?

i dont a thing to remind me... .that i'm part of the world.... "... this song is just soooooo deep

I love this song

This is sick!  Just sick good!!

Gossip Girl brought me here

I was just wondering if it would be a Todd Rundgren cover. But this is good too.

The ending of this song.. Seriously powerful. 

The part where the piano kicks in is my favorite part. Spoon is awesome.

Finale fantastico.

Love this tune

whoaa! I didn't see that comin'

spoon <3

thanks for uploading this.

Can't play this loud enough.

No gossip .... just very pure music this is!

This song is so good in a fresh way, I'd seriously think about Spooning the guy in the foto. No Homo.

I'm probably in love with this voice!! Oh geez, why?? =((

It's so nice to see the internet bringing people together .

That's just too good!!! :D

Awesome song man :)

Love you too.

This song is devilishly cool, sly, and grooving as hell. God I love Spoon.

I love who ever put this on youtube. Seriously, thank you. ldkjlasdasdj <3

@SwanJunior108Mostly Incorrect statement: Lennon was a bit more somber than Spoon, and the guitar and drums didn't clash like this. If you are referring to the huskiness and grit of the song, and also the harmonic fusion of the guitar and Britt's voice, then you are spot on, but everything else is Spoon. It is Lennon-esque, but not completely.

This song is KILLER!!!!!!

who cares how you got here? The important thing is that you are listening to spoon and recognizing how fantastic they are.

got in to them through pitchfork and large hearted boy blogs lol but so glad I did.....this is great music...they feel like a real band who are passionate about their music but leave room dor a bit of experimentation and free form....love it :)

@EineKokosnuss agree. so pathetic.

i'm not gonna go and say "gossip girl" even though that's how i'm here. i'm just glad i've found this amazing band!!

@ROCKANDROLLKID5 amen. excep this still sucks

glad i listened to this before i downloaded their discography of demonoid. this is shit. esp if it was on gossip girl.

OO is he keeping houses nowww? I want. :D

Gossip Girl is trite, pedestrian bullshit.

I don't think Im better than people because I knew about this song before they heard it on Gossip Girl I know Im better than them because they heard about this song on Gossip Girl.

this song tastes like drugs..and i's awesome

Thanks Gossip Girl!

@ColdplayRocs4eva the episode that chuck holds the saints & sinners party. towards the end when julia put serena in the cab!! LOVE THIS SONG!! GOSSIP GIRL BROUGHT ME HERE.

I don't get why people have the tendency to think that they might be better than other people just because they knew a song before it was played on a tv show.

btw awesome song.


@MrHero901 @MrHero901 that's right ! gossip girl sucks...and spoon are awesome...

@MrHero901 that's right ! gossip girl sucks...and spoon are awesome...

@LittleMissyJJ Wait, what scene was this song in??

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I Saw The Light Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Whenever your love can find me
It break through the walls that bind me
It's breaking the walls that bind me
And I go out in the world
I make my case to the world
I sell the world unto the world
It asks me back again
It calls me Love and holds me tight

[Verse 2]
It peels off them ties that bind me
I don't need a thing to remind me
That I'm part of the world

I saw the light
I saw the light
And I felt all jeaned on in white
I felt so permanently alive

I saw the light
I saw the light
And I felt all creamed on in white
I felt so permanently alive

I saw the light
I saw the light
I saw the light
And I felt all creamed on in white
I felt so permanently alive

[Instrumental Outro]

I Saw The Light by Spoon full Video

I Saw The Light Spoon Album Mp3 Song.I Saw The Light song belongs to Alternative, I Saw The Light by Spoon, I Saw The Light available To free download ,Download Spoon I Saw The Light Mp3 Song. I Saw The Light Alternative released on 2017-08-03 22:57:30.The sound of the 20th century Classic Pop Rock Soul Blues Jazz R B Bossa nova MPB 1950 s 1960 s 1970 s 1980 s Music World USA Raspberries I Saw The Light. The Staggers I Saw The Light from the album One Heartbeat Away From Hell. I Saw The Light from the album Under a Billion Suns. Spoon performing I Saw the Light at their Waterloo show. MODERN SOUL FROM 1976. Spoon performing I Saw the Light at the Masonic in San Francisco on January 17 2018. Spoon performing I Saw The Light at El Cid in Los Angeles on January 18 2010 Sorry about the audio on this my camera s not so great with that. Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 9 Spoon I Saw the Light. Download this song in MP3 No copyright infringement is intended All rights go to their respected owners. Description.

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