I Think My Girl Is Bi Omarion mp3 song

Categories: Album and R And B.

Albums: Ollusion.

Singers: Omarion.

Released : 10 Jan, 2010

Duration : 04:04 min

Downloads : 489.1K

What a crazy coincidence that I rediscovered this song exactly 8 years after this was dropped. 10/01/2018

Since I was 10 I've been hearing I think my girl is fy ay ay ay ay ine. Wow what a revelation but I still love the song

The best song

This song is dope

Miss Steal your girl! 🤣

At some point of the song you thought that your youtube broke.

Muy Lauren Jauregui...ah no esperen,nada olvidenlo xDD

I'm Bi 😘😘 and love it

This song and the memories...

bechloe? thanks.

I'm just a random pansexual... don't mind me... there hasn't been a song about us... but that's totally fine cuz I love this song xD

My theme song

I love this song

I just came out as bi to my mom while playing this somg


Oh look another heterosexual male that has no idea what he's talking about and sexualises lesbians! What a fucking surprise.. 😒

It kinda reminds me of a Britney spears song

creepy fuckers

I've been looking for this song for so looong, the funny thing's I've heard it so many times before 😂

My dad has this song on his phone , I don't care how many times I do it I love this song

i was like 12 when i first heard this and now i'm like WAAAAA!!!!????

haha his girl turn bi on him dude you fucked up on something really bad hahaha



I wonder what drove him to write this song ? lol

My theme song. ♡

The lyrics and tempo doesnt flow with the beat but the whole idea of the song is very original. I like omarion but this is my least favorite song by a long shot real talk.

Glee CRACK! brought me here... and now I love this song :L

shut da fuck up, itz jus a song. jeez if u dont got nuttin guud 2 say shut up n listen!!

dude shouldn't be worried his girlfriend is bi, he should be worried that she's cheating on him! i mean... hello!


give it a rest

i support u!!

no they did a crack video with this in it.


I'm Bisexual

no its just omarion bitch

Im bi to!!! I think the boys is just mad we r talking there girls n leaving them with nothing!!!! LOL Will thats wat some guys get there taking all the good looking guys out there


This is so cool


Damn I me and my sis. LUCKY THIS SONG!!

why so rude?

i'm here because poreotics :D

we takin your girl O lol

...this has a nice vibe lol

like,if watching in 2013

I like it sounds good

Im gay ;)


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I Think My Girl Is Bi Lyrics

Yeah (young money!)
Back like I left somethin'
So I got this situation
My girl's been hangin out With this other girl
Let me talk about it

Where is my girlfriend?
I been callin'
She ain't picked up
Somethings fishy
She won't hear me
Now i'm sittin' here
Like what the fuck?

This is too unusual
She never did it like this before
She usually calls me back within the hour

I bet she's out with whats her name
The girl that doesn't have a man
Assumptions in my mind got me confused girl

Sometimes you can't keep a pretty bitch off me
But when shes with her girlfriend she don't even speak
She could spot a pretty girl faster than I can
Tells me that she loves me but I'm tryna' understand

I think my girl is..
Bi Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay

Should I say goodbye?
Should I give it a try?
I think my girl is...

I Think My Girl Is Bi by Omarion full Video

I Think My Girl Is Bi Omarion Album Mp3 Song.I Think My Girl Is Bi song belongs to R And B, I Think My Girl Is Bi by Omarion, I Think My Girl Is Bi available To free download ,Download Omarion I Think My Girl Is Bi Mp3 Song. I Think My Girl Is Bi R And B released on 2017-08-03 23:27:14.PLZ COMMENT OR RATE. Disclaimer I do not own any of this material new hip hop music. Lyrics Yeah Back like I left somethin Omarion So I got this situation My girl s been hangin out With this other girl Let me talk about it Where is my girlfriend I ve been callin She aint. Omarion Ollusion I Think My Girl Is NEW Music 2009 Download FREE at or R B. SUBSCRIBE RATE AND COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT THE DANCING STUD. Tiilded s webcam video tis 16 feb 2010 10 04 32. Need more dance information. Omarion i think my girl is.

Shame on Youtube come on this song is like written for them nobody tought of that haha Well I did so here it is I kinda like it so I hope you do to. 1 I Get It In featuring Gucci Mane Tank 3 08 2 Last Night Kinkos Tha Drummahz 3 09 3 Hoodie featuring Jay Rock 253 3 35 4 What Do You Say 253 3 39 5 Speedin. Artist Omarion Title Ithink my girl is bi Album Ollusion 2010 Follow me babe NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. Omarion I Think My Girl Is Bi Omarion I Think My Girl Is Bi. Thanks for watching Thanks to Chad and Law for the dope routine. CHOREOGRAPHY LEO CHAVEZ OPEN HIP HOP CLASS AT FOCAL POINT DANCE STUDIOS SONG I THINK MY GIRL I S BI BY omarion. Omarion I Think My...