In Every Tear He Is There Sami Yusuf mp3 song

Categories: Album and Folk.

Albums: Wherever You Are.

Singers: Sami Yusuf.

Released : 23 Mar, 2011

Duration : 05:32 min

Downloads : 6.25 million

I love you bro be strong

I cry every time listen to this song... thank you sami for this beautiful music which is really touch my heart,may Allah always protect you brother salam from Indonesia

Magnifico !

Salam aleykum baroder Yusuf, Thank you very much for these moments of music, I wish you success, greetings from Tajikistan

May Allah strengthen our ummah ❤️

Love always brings hope...xx

masha allah

love for all from indonesia

ان شاء الله مع خدمه التبرع الالكترونى ممكن نساعد بحاجه


Music is not allowed in Islam asslamoaleikum jazaakallah

لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله لكم الله يا احبابي ♡♥

Happy New Year 2018 and still listening to this because this is one truly amazing piece that brings joy to my heart and peace, and it also brings me to tears because i feel closer to Allah the all mighty. <3

Ah be çook üzüldüm allahım lütfen bizleri herkesi böyle durumda bırakma amin

i love you Sami this people helping a i'am christian its your beutifull Sami it's your uncrideble..peace islam and christian sami i love you your incrediblae

ICONIC FRAME 0:50 ...a lost boy..

Thank you Sami Yousf For this

may allah all bless all those people who are suffering today, tomorrow, and forever

'how can any father stand.....' i hope you don't mean that we're Allah's children !!!!!!!!!!!

Albania mashaAllah

Thank you smi yusuf beautiful I love youuuuuuu Sara _lebanon

how about my tear sami??do u think about that..(jk)btw love ur song...good message for humankind..

Omg it's to much wonderfulEnd is amazing brother Sami your voice sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooBeautiful @-}[email protected]}--

Machaalah C'est tres beau rebi ywafkek pour la suite sa touche vraiment

Sami what does the african choir say?

Every time I listen u just wanna join with u in my life time Stay bless Love you Abdul Rahman from india

This song truly reminds u that Allah is there, everywhere for everybody even if It seems not visible to the human eye and mind.


ربي يفرجها على العباد بكل مكان يارب تنصرنا على الظلام

You sing from the bottom of your heart God bless you.

We love you all muslim around the world stay sabar and stay strong

an serious song , strongly truth

This song deserves more views...brilliant song!!

lisilam love

Thank you my lord for evry thing 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

oktober 2017

assalammualaikum ,what lyrics are called by the choir?? I really like this song, especially in the choir , but I do not understand what they say. huuuu huuuu T.T

😓😓😢 thanks Sami yusaf and allah

God blessed you Sami for such a wonderful song thanks you and may God blessed you Sami thank

MashaAllah beautiful voice

i still like this amazing song

i cried from this...why does 409 people dislike this video!?

Kazakh Muslim wishes the best for everyone

Beautiful, abd so true all you have to do is open your eyes, and you can see!

Шери бехтарин рахмат Сами Юсуф

Assalaam walaikum sir india 🇮🇳

Beautiful song Yusuf 🙂

Allah i beg you to help these children please

Allah always helps the Muslims

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In Every Tear He Is There by Sami Yusuf full Video

In Every Tear He Is There Sami Yusuf Album Mp3 Song.In Every Tear He Is There song belongs to Folk, In Every Tear He Is There by Sami Yusuf, In Every Tear He Is There available To free download ,Download Sami Yusuf In Every Tear He Is There Mp3 Song. In Every Tear He Is There Folk released on 2017-08-03 05:32:32.Watch Sami s YouTube playlist Buy CD from Awakening store Int l Shipping Buy Without You on Amazon Buy Sami s albums on iTunes. Some might say this world today shows God s left us to our mistakes oh He has never been So far away Some might say How could any father stand See his children across many lands Suffer so. Facebook My Cover of Sami Yusuf s Single In Every Tear he is there All Credit goes to Sami Yusuf and ETM international No Copyright intended Truly. In Every Tear He Is There Some might say this world today shows God s left us to our mistakes oh He has never been So far away Some might say How could any father stand See his children. U can watch more videos for sami yusuf on. Sami Yusuf In Ever Tear He Is There.

He is there sami yusuf with translation. Samy yusuf Clip. This is an unofficial music video inspired by a charity work made by some Malaysian medical students of IMS MSU Bangalore on 3rd June 2012 at Sri Rakum School for The Blind in Bangalore India. Watch Sami s Official YouTube playlist Buy album now on iTunes SYO Store Listen to samples from the album. Subscribe to Nasheed Star to watch the TOP Nasheeds ever For more details...