Jagoo K S Bhamrah mp3 song

Categories: Punjabi and UkAndDJ.

Albums: Homegrown.

Singers: K S Bhamrah.

Released : 27 Feb, 2009

Duration : 05:31 min

Downloads : 130.41K

TumbiFit tune

chak deeeeeee

learn hw to youtube before throwing words on someone brotha...


Dude just forget him. His user name is laracroft, fuckin fantasy livin bitch don't know the real world and real Punjabi Music.


@heersaletti Thanks for the clarification. I'm a huge fan of various genres of music, but I know that some people find the modern versions of some genre disrespectful. I'm not Indian, so I don't want to be disrespectful.

errrr... this is actually the real bhangra.. LOL not hip hop! more towards gidhaa actually

Hear it in a lotta early 90s hiphop as well, though usually on the off-beat.

it...but since then most of it went all garage-y or got into the autotune stuff, and I'm just not feeling any of that; I like the oldskool hiphop+dhol/tabla backbeat stuff, with maybe some bhangramuffin thrown in.

I'm sure there are plenty of traditionalists and purists who can't stand this stuff, the same folks who went off in a huff when Bob Dylan went electric. And I guess I understand. It sucks when the music you love goes in a new direction that you don't like, maybe even consider inferior--I've experienced it enough times myself, with jungle/dnb, house, trance, and even bhangra...I fell in love with it in high school in the mid-90s...I had a lot of Indian, Sri Lankan and Trini friends who were into

I love bhangra. But is this music considered disrespectful to the original genre of bhangra? This is like hip-hop bhangra!

Nothing wrong with the classic Heera or Malkit singh

dude...its nt the sound of a dog barking

its in our tradition...the ladies will do this while doing the original gidha..

Nice new jagoo song.. finally dont have to keep hearin that same ol over played 90's jizz..

bad ass trak big up 2 diss

nah!! the beat is just nice...cum on dude.. u cant lift up d jagoo n dance bhangra till d max?!

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Jagoo K S Bhamrah Punjabi Mp3 Song.Jagoo song belongs to UkAndDJ, Jagoo by K S Bhamrah, Jagoo available To free download ,Download K S Bhamrah Jagoo Mp3 Song. Jagoo UkAndDJ released on 2017-08-04 23:44:35.Serious 7 ft KS Bhamrah Apna Sangeet Live performance of the classic track Mera Yaar Vajave Dhol. By Apna Sangeet Enjoy. SONG APNE VIYAH DE VICH NACHAN DEYO SINGER KS BHAMRAH ALBUM APNE VIYAH DE VICH NACHAN DEYO LABEL HI TECH MUSIC LTD Out Now iTunes Link. Track Twerking Jugni Rock Chic Jugni Desi Jugni Medley Artist Dipps Bhamrah Feat K S Bhamrah Apna Sangeet Kam Frantic Play Desi Productions Lyrics K S Bhamrah Label Generasian Records. Artist K S BHAMRA track THE FAMILY BOLIYAN HOUSEHOLD ISSUES MIX PRODUCED BY JEETI album DHOL VAJDA label MOVIEBOX. Roop interviews KS Bhamrah of Apna Sangeet. Release Thursday 27th October 2016 Album Back In 96 The Lost Album Singer Kulwant Singh Bhamrah Apna Sangeet Music Frantic Productions Frantic Studios Franticstudios co uk Lyrics.

KS Bhamrah Album Promo 2009. Singer Ks Bhamrah Music Ks Bhamrah Producer Satti Khokhewalia Video Jc Dhanoaa Label Sk Production Click to Subscribe. Aaj Din Khushiyan Da sung by KS Bhamrah LIVE on DM Digital. Download this track now from the VIP Digital section. Dipps Bhamrah Project Bhangra Video Diary Welcome to the next part in a series of video diaries from radio presenter DJ and music producer Dipps Bhamrah Follow Dipps has he begins his. Great collaboration we did in...