Jaisal Nights Prem Joshua mp3 song

Categories: Album and Fusion.

Albums: Yatri.

Singers: Prem Joshua.

Released : 17 Nov, 2010

Duration : 07:52 min

Downloads : 70.18K

heard this song in pushkar, rajasthan (india) loved it instantly, so many memories.


I think this music is from the gods

"mera mujhme kuch bhi nahi, jo kuch bhi hai so hai tera"-- these words. But I realise some persons may be living beyond karmic influences and so for them I guess it's okay to feel like this.

(in reply to vasillir)

Curious about what you said. Can you write which words exactly mean "nothing belongs to me..."?

So, you're arguing a point that something _does_ belong to one? Namely, the karma that you have accumulated during this life? Just being technical here. :)

May say something here? With due respect to the artists, I would like to mention that there is a matter called amanat. Everything a devotee has comes from her/his Maker but it is also true that during each lifetime a devotee has to value the amanat, or belongings that his/her Maker has gifted them with. At the end of each lifetime all the devotee has earned should be offered to his/her Maker. But in this zikir the words say "Nothing belongs to me, everything I have is Yours", doesn't it?

Awesome stuff. :D

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