John Mclaughlin Miles Davis mp3 song

Categories: Album and Jazz.

Albums: Bitches Brew.

Singers: Miles Davis.

Released : 25 Mar, 2009

Duration : 04:27 min

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Love this !

The alt. take is better imo.

tudo tem começo, meio e fim. miles foi o começo ...

Primitive Fusion

August 19, 1969Miles Davis – trumpetWayne Shorter – soprano saxophoneBennie Maupin – bass clarinetJoe Zawinul – electric piano – LeftChick Corea – electric piano – RightJohn McLaughlin – electric guitarDave Holland – bassHarvey Brooks – electric bassLenny White – drum set – LeftJack DeJohnette – drum set – RightDon Alias – congasJuma Santos (credited as "Jim Riley") – shaker, congas

John e Miles. .... duas feras.

Miles does not even play on this damn track! lol

underrated guitarist, love it

Miles said John was his favorite/preferred guitarist.. and that means a lot coming from Miles considering he's a white dude! Miles is the one that set up John with the Sony execs which resulted in the creation of Mahavishu Orchestra in the first place you know? The story goes that miles came to John one day and told him that he ready to go his own way, to form his own band. Without Mile's support John's massively successful and recognized commercial career would not have been possible. Key word commercial. Sure, it's possible some big record company would have found him eventually, but history is history, man. As a bandleader or solo artist, John only had small time deals until Miles hooked him up with Sony. Miles liked John so much he even went to see him play live sometimes. Miles was in the audience for John's very first performance of his grand concerto for guitar and orchestra, called "Mediterranean" I believe and conducted by the absolutely epic Michael Tilson Thomas. What an honor. 

tkven shegecit me!!!!!

this is how you know youre a bad mofo! when miles likes what you played so much, he cuts that part of a piece out & makes it it's own piece AND names it after you! hats off to john mclaughlin!

Love the sound of the guitar, who said that a jazz guitar has to be a dark sounding semi hollow?

Fast fact:This track is the true end of 'Bitches Brew'.

This is one of my favorite jams off this great Miles Davis album.

C très bon

I'm still listening to this awesome album!

Chick uses some really similar lines in this as "Return to Forever". I just noticed it too and spent 5 minutes looking for where I'd heard it before. it's about 6 minutes in on the title track

haha... so F_king funny

Dig it!

John McLaughlin is a beast.

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Miles did indeed run the voodoo down with this music! And guitarist McLaughlin (and affiliation with Bill Evans?), were a big part of it. And Joe Zawinul's influence helped along the way to discovering this musical genre, I think? Loved this music as a young man, still do as an older man, and still promoting it to my family as great 20th Century music. Thanks Miles Davis and everyone who contributed to these sounds.

Yes, MAN !!!


This 1 brings Timeless Memories !! Go Ahead John !!

HAHAHA i love that i dont think anyone else i know would get that reference. nice taste in music also :)

No, not a bit. I love play Sabbath as much I love playing Charlie Parker. Weird as that my sound, my Parker SOUNDS like Sabbath is playing it. I call it Heavy Metal Bebop (until someone starts talking about the Brecker Brothers)

Are you making fun of Sabbath there boy?

@hanshotfirst1138 yeah it wold of been :)

This is pretty good, but I don't think "The McLaughlin Group" is anywhere near this trippy.

Back again. I see its been two months. When I was 12 (1972), my uncle bought me Bitched Brew. I was 12 for Christ's sake. All I had figured out was the Partrige Famlly and the Jackson 5. I just started learning Black Sabbath.You can pretty much play Sabbath on one string. And I did! Then they stuck this in my ear. John McLaughin. Holy shit man, I was only 12! Twisted, man. Cat is twisted! Well, I was already smoking weed so I guess it was time. Blew my mind. Still does.

Great track, but you have to hear the whole album right through. the interweaving polyrythms are just sumptious and spellbinding, i, obviously don't have the vocabulary to cope with such a landmark piece of musical skills. i'm allways hearing something new every time i listen to this, love it !!

What a blend of sounds, instruments, musicians that create an ambiance of excitement!

Miles Davis was a great player

Thanks for the post!

Puta som

Miles is the best!

Yes Yes Yes

fabuloso jazz, mágicos músicos...virtuosos

fabuloso jazz, magicos musicos...

I really love the multi layered organized chaos of this album. Just like the universe ! Whatever drugs Miles and his crew were on when they did this I want some ! LOL !


Nice play on words there ;)

@michaeljamsmith ...haha Partridge family...what a long strange trip its been.

@techxdabruiser This was my first "real" record. I had The Partridge Familiy and the Jackson5. Then my uncle gave me this for my 12th birthday. I have not been the same since.

@MrJsmoov123 I second that.

This album would be one of the best things to ever grace my ears on vinyl.

Miles High

I gotta get it on vinyl !

Bad aaaaaass!!!!!!

@SomaSite1 ainda mais com miles e chick corea

pretty epic line-up of musicians here! lovin it.

fucking sick album cover

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John Mclaughlin Miles Davis Album Mp3 Song.John Mclaughlin song belongs to Jazz, John Mclaughlin by Miles Davis, John Mclaughlin available To free download ,Download Miles Davis John Mclaughlin Mp3 Song. John Mclaughlin Jazz released on 2017-08-03 23:27:14. Miles Davis You re Under Arrest The album One Phone Call Street Scenes Davis 00 01 Human Nature John Bettis Steve Porcaro 04 33 Intro MD 1 Something s On Your Mind MD. Isis Music Hall in Asheville July 28 2017 with very special guest Ranjit Barot from John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension Meeting of the Spirit Tour Dates 11 1 17 Buffalo NY University. The 4th track of Miles Davis s 1970 album Bitches Brew. Tribute to Miles Davis. The legendary Jazz Night at expo 92 at sevilla Guitar legend with great John McLaughlin play miles davis tribute visit Offical site of john Mc laughlin at www johnmclaughlin com. Miles Davis trumpet Steve Grossman soprano saxophone John McLaughlin electric guitar Herbie Hancock organ Michael Henderson electric bass Billy Cobham drums. Bitches Brew Aug 19 1969. Miles Davis A Tribute to Jack Johnson 1970 Columbia None of Miles Davis recordings has been more shrouded in mystery than Jack Johnson yet none has better fulfilled Miles Davis promise. Miles Davis Bitches Brew 1970 Columbia Thought by many to be the most revolutionary album in jazz history having virtually created the genre known as jazz rock fusion for better or worse. IT is a EXCENTRIC RARE VIDEO MUSIC of...