Jor Ustad Shujaat Khan mp3 song

Categories: Album and Classical.

Albums: Yaadein.

Singers: Ustad Shujaat Khan.

Released : 30 Dec, 2012

Duration : 51:42 min

Downloads : 122.91K

greatest performance ever

I met Ustad Vilayat in California last year, definitely his work is exceptional in discipline!

Tears flowing with joy listening to this heavenly rendition .

I wonder what Ustadji said at 13:12 to Shujat.

O Saraswati,You strike the sitar and look at me when I dance?In whatever way you cause me to dance, o beloved, I dance.

super marvel of music ecstasy om


Nice to listen the greatest Sitar player.Remember listening himAT Habalab Sangeet Mela in Jalandhar.from 1958 to 1966. live

At 43:16, Dad pulls a two-note sharpy, and at 43:20, Son says, "I see what you did there!" LOL!! Incred....

What contemplative music these make! Subtle, ethereal and totally mesmerizing....

Raag Shahana is enchanting but rarely heard nowadays. The effortless mastery of the Sitar maestro is breathtaking. Son Shujat on Surbahar has matched the maestro. La jawab performance! Tnx 4 sharing :)

cristal reflections flying high...angel riding extasy described by human 's hand passion

Indeed a fantastic jugalbandi !

So beautifully played!!

Please upload the whole performance if possible !!! We are really lucky to be able to listen this !!!

This is some of their best stuff-thanks for the opportunity !!



haja buji bunzie dodo

At 38:00..........that was mindblowing

Superb performance by Father-Son duo!!

Che dire... FANTASTICO !!!!

Omg!blessed,no words. . Please upload the remaining part also..dying to listen to it

A great ustadan,,,,A great shahana many tx for sharing

Thanks for this master piece Alap and Jod in rarely heard raga Shahana. What a beautiful blend of Guru Shishya of the same genes on Sitar Sur Bahar, which also have the same genes. Shall be thankful for uploading the further Gat rendition.

A masterful exposition of a subtle Raga, which is now seldom demonstrated but was once frequently applied in by composers of various kinds of songs

ye hai gayaki ang... bohot kuch seekhne yogya.. very good share.. thanks

This is the most enthralling video. Thanks for this magic. For the first time, I have heard Shujaat ji weaving his magic on the Surbahar. As usual Ustad Vilayat Khan is at his best. May his soul rest in peace. There can never be another Vilayat Khan for generations to come.


Thank you, Masters.Thanks to Balraj Jittla for this magic.Rock On.

بهتر از این ممکن نخواهد بود.

enthralling!  please do share more of the father-son duo if you have them.  Thank you so much for uploading this.

Outstanding !

Outstanding !

love <3

Absolutely phenomenal father son duo, execution and placement of alankar must be appreciated. One of the young Shujat Khan's most soulful performances

I'm unusually attracted to this instrument.

I am the most ordinary person to comment on a Maestro like Ustad Vilayat Khan and Ustad Shujat Khan.The combination is "Superb"

Fantastic combination between the jugalbandi of son & father.Their emotional involvement can b seen in the video irrespective of playing & the melodious sound of the sitars.Thanks for uploading Mr. Balraj & hoping for some more uploads of the same kind.

What a melodious Alapi and how sweet a transition into Jod! Sur bahar's bass is so beautifully used in this Jugalbandi. This should go on....never stop.

Is this raga of the same group of rDarbari? will some body tell me?

The video is stopping when the tablas enter the show, this is unfair !

so it would be common practice for anyone wishing to duet their surbahar with sitar to learn the ma as sa tuning so as to match the sitar pitch . If I may say Ustad Vilayat Khan's instrument is sa at the seventh fret while his son Shujaat's surbahar sa note is the first string open . demanding approach to say the least. Wonderful .


Sujaat-ji is playing surbahar (not sitar)!

I had the good luck of hearing both these great musical assets of all time live!

One of the best ever videos I have experienced that only depicts the true spirit of gharana and parampara but also the acute sense of responsibility the patriarch of the Imdad Khani gharana carries with him to ensure that the purity of the school is kept intact. Thanks a zillion Balraj bhai. This should go into the archives somewhere for the coming generations to see what it means to preserve the essence of a gharana while contemporarizing its exposition.


The greatest Sitar maestro. He takes you to seventh heaven when plays. May his soul rest in peace. The great ambassador of our music.

What a beautiful combination. It is absolutely SRUTI MADHUR (in Bengali) - sounds beautiful in your ears--ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had the fortune of listening to Sri Rohini Prasad, who is a disciple of Ustad Vilayat Khan. But I could not hear the senior Ustad 'Live'. Their style is beyond words. They never bothered for popularity, but tried to prevent the 'purity' of Indian Music. This video is a proof of their style.

Kaun baap aur kaun beta. guruji ki chehre pe chamak aur anand uski baat hi kya!

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Jor Ustad Shujaat Khan Album Mp3 Song.Jor song belongs to Classical, Jor by Ustad Shujaat Khan, Jor available To free download ,Download Ustad Shujaat Khan Jor Mp3 Song. Jor Classical released on 2017-08-03 03:46:18.Ab ul Hasan Yam n ud D n Khusrow better known as Am r Khusrow also Khusrau Khusro Dehlaw was an Indian. Accompanied by Our Great Pandit Swapan Chaudhury A very unique jogalbandy by sons of the two great legends Ustad Ali Akbar Khan Sahib and Ustad Vilayat Khan Sahib This recording was gifted. Saregama presenting Shujaat Khan the Grammy Award winning sitar virtuoso and son of Ustad Vilayat Khan as he embarks on a Sufi journey accompanied by the famous Pakha singers of Kashmiri. Live recording of Banyan Tree s All India Monsoon Music Festival Barkha Ritu. All rights are reserved to the song owners or licensed It is not intended to violate copyrighted material which all belongs to its receptive owners This Video Is Entertainment Purpuse. Ustad Vilayat Khan Sitar and Ustad Shujaat Khan Surbahar the Father Son Guru Disciple Duo accompanied by Ustad Sabir Khan Tabla present a duet in Ragas Shahana Bageshri at. Ustad Shujaat Khan is perhaps the greatest North Indian classical musician of his generation He belongs to the Imdad Khan gharana tradition of the sitar lute and is the seventh in the. All rights are reserved to the song owners or licensed It is not intended to violate copyrighted material which all belongs to its receptive owners This Video...