Just Fine The Rurals mp3 song

Categories: Album and House.

Albums: Rural Soul.

Singers: The Rurals.

Released : 14 Jun, 2009

Duration : 05:49 min

Downloads : 94.79K

This is so quality lounge...

88/14 !

Adoro essa música!

Exquisite & Brilliantly Soulful!

excellent tune

Lyrics say it all straight talk



Ohhh man...so much talent here. These songs just bring happiness to my heart.

im so sampling this

dam that track feels good... loungin

@ Robin Linusson : can you give us the lyrics of this delicious song, please? Thx !!! :)


Why did they have to break up!!!????

deep and groovy


very nice this song................questa canzone è stupenda

Very nice guys


directly from heaven...

Yeah @ @househeadericmd - they have broken up, or should I say that Marie Has gone Solo, and Andy has kept the name of The Rurals. He may have stopped recording as well as the Rurals. I think the problems stems from that Andy and Marie have seperated as man and wife...

I love the Ruralsand their music. I really do. I managed to get to speak them on over e-mail during the early part of 2000's. Mainly Andy though. I would love them to get back together.

@redjam40 please don't tell me the rurals broke up did they????? NO!!!!!!! can't be... i know andy compton has been doing his own thing lately...... but the rurals are my favorite deep house band... please tell me more info if you have it. TY!!!

I wanna have sex with her voice!!!

It one the biggest sadness that these two are not together. They are both so talented. Marie Tweeks voice compliments Andy Compton and the other members of the band so well. Please don't laugh when I mention this - but they are House music version of the Carpenters.. They had a sound, and Marie Tweak voice is gorgegous... I just hope they get back together again. I really do... I love the Rurals. Larry Heard love this group to death as well. Just get back together Andy and Marie! Please!

Why excites me lot

the voice of this woman makes me mad

Been looking for this song

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Just Fine The Rurals Album Mp3 Song.Just Fine song belongs to House, Just Fine by The Rurals, Just Fine available To free download ,Download The Rurals Just Fine Mp3 Song. Just Fine House released on 2017-08-03 19:45:06.A few from The Rurals Soulful House. Deep House. 2005 Laid back jazzy House bliss If you don t know the Rurals material I would recommend checking it out. I m Lost Original Mix by The Rurals from the album Nightime Transitions Vol 2 Released 2009 04 10 on Peng Download on iTunes. From the Peng Cd18 Farming Grooves 2008.

Headsongs 2000 Peng. Groove my friends. Space Disco by The Rurals from the album Rural Deep Vibes Vol1 Released 2009 10 02 on Peng Download on iTunes. Track from Peng. I ve been a long time fan of the old Rurals For me they were about 2 persons Andy Compton and Marie Tweek They seperated but like Frankie would have sing They Can t take that away from. Album Rural Soul. Socrates kld.

This track will remind you of why you fell in love with house music in the first place. Save It by The Rurals from the album Farming Grooves Released 2008 12 05 on Peng Download on iTunes. Deep Houseification The Rurals feat Jaidene Veda Into Life Glenn Underground s Kiss My Fusion Mix BUY THIS VIBE SUPPORT THE ARTIS. No one ever expects it In fact people often scratch their heads puzzled by the thought that the picturesque pastures of Devonshire England can be home to the distinctive sound of delicate. For those of you who are unfamiliar...