Juwar Porot Various mp3 song

Categories: Album and Assamese.

Albums: Chabin Medhi.

Singers: Various.

Released : 01 Nov, 2012

Duration : 06:12 min

Downloads : 118.31K


very heart touching voice....


mur babe aupuni silent..apunr prae hikisu kenekoi nirobta hoi jiai thakibo pare...bujabo nuaru apunk...love you




Axomar axomia hoi rupam da

Rupam da aapunar eai gan2 dintut aber nuhunile mn2 vlei nalage haikarne off lineot save kri loisu.aapuni natun kiba album krise neki

so sweet...rupam da

You have a gifted voice, stay blessed

I love it. Always.

Thanks Rupam da...also classic composition.

ki apurba kantha apunar Rupam Da

Heart touching voice.. Love it

Mon sui jua geet

Rupom da poblem nhoi jodi aapunar contact no.2 dibosun

every night i go to bed by hearing one or two evergreen assamese song in ur voice .

ৰূপম,তোমাৰ গান শুনি ভাল লাগে,তোমাৰ গভীৰ কণ্ঠস্ৱৰ,গানৰ পচ্ন্দ,northeast breeze সকলো ভাল লাগে।কিন্তু এই ,যোৱাৰ পৰত,....গানটোত যন্ত্ৰসংগীত অলপ কম হোৱা হলে ভাল লাগিল হেতেন নেকি বাৰু?

bro your voice control❤❤


rupom da simple living singer kin2 rupom da ganbur bht heard june tune gabo nuwaribo.ganburot madokota ase.thanks rupam da

na jabab

good voice but lacking something

very nice

rupam da apunar geetbur sadai vl lge...aru ane geetor babe asabadi hoi rolu

very nice.. Rupam

very nice

this is called Dedication to a song!very soft...

You know what Rupam? You are a rare and quality personified singer. Your songs are all soulful songs and you sing with your heart out. you had always maintained a low profile and you keep that. One day you will come out with all guns blazing. May you reach such heights that people will realize that the songs you sing are jaw dropping stuffs. Keep rocking Rupam. Ramen Das

bahut dhunia hoise Rupam da. very heart touching.......

very heart touching song Upohar dile Rupamda #thanks

very nice...

Gaan2 eman val lage j hunile huni thakibo mn jaai ...hasake bhut val gaixe rupom da..

Jyotish Bhatt e gane apunar konthat notun pran pale

apunar hokolu gan vl lge rupom da mur fvrt singer

গীতটো তো excellent হয়েই । কিন্তু ইমান প্ৰাণঢালি গোৱা , সেইটো বেছি ভাল লাগে ।

its beautiful....

its beautiful....

ৰূপম তোমাৰ প্ৰতিটো গানেই ভাল লাগে।

Rupam da, this song is so refreshing. Everytime, I browse for Assamese songs I get a hundred songs popping up in the search results that are shallow, chaotic and poorly composed with no lyrical evidence. I kind of get frustrated seeing the ruthless killing of the language in their lyrics and trying to put a futile effort in making them sound like Hip Hop, most of them rather sounds like a Bhojpuri song. And then when I listen to your numbers and I find myself relaxed. they are all such treat to the ears. Thanks Dada again for offering us these beautiful songs!

apuanr gaan tamam val lage rupam da.. live sabo mon jai.. juar porot gan to mur bohut val lage... wish u success ahed..

apuanr gaan tamam val lage rupam da.. live sabo mon jai.. juar porot gan to mur bohut val lage... wish u success ahed..

rupam daa you know your songs are ever green song...like the best thing that i like most in your song you select meanigfull song...you never sing some useless song for being famous...you follow the line(IT IS BETTER TO HAVE 100 MUSIC LOVER LISTENERS INSTEAD OF HAVING 10000 UNCIVILIZED LISTENERS)...so we are with you keep going on rupam daa..best of luck..i m your grt fan of your voice,your song and specially of your creation


Excellent Rupam. I desire to hear maximum  song of Jotish da/Bhupenda/Jayanta from you. Keep on and also keep on your trend.

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Juwar Porot by Various full Video

Juwar Porot Various Album Mp3 Song.Juwar Porot song belongs to Assamese, Juwar Porot by Various, Juwar Porot available To free download ,Download Various Juwar Porot Mp3 Song. Juwar Porot Assamese released on 2017-08-03 20:32:33.CO PRODUCED BIJIT MALAKAR MIX MASTERED PINKU DAS RED AV INTRUDUCING RAKESH DIPANKAR BIDISHA CHILD ARTIST NIBIR LEO RONIT KONDEE. Naba Jyoti Changmai HONKHAAROR KHELA ALBUM JUWAR POROT N C PRODUCTION Singer Naba Jyoti Changmai Lyrics Naba Jyoti Changmai Music Naba Jyoti Changmai Drop A LIKE SHARE and. Entertainment videos for you all please subscribe to my channel. Null. Best songs. Ez la pura jalada. Assamese songs. Song Juwar Porat Singer Sidd Album Moi.

Great Jyotish Bhattacharya. Singer jyotish bhattacharya lyrics tafazzul ali. Expression Biotech une production de Expression Sciences www expression sciences fr Voir galement. Song Jowar Porot Album MOI Original Singer Late Jyotish Bhattacharya Lyrics Late Sabin Medhi Singer Siddharth Hazarika Sidd Tune Syed Saadulla Music Producer Anuraag Saikia Mix mastered. Frequency Andharmanec Band Page Link. 13 semanas. At Dibrugarh University park. ORIGINALLY SANG BT JYOTISH BHATTACHARJYA RE ARRANGED BY PORAN AND SUNG BY RUPAM BHUYAN IN DY MEDLEY. Ahar dore ubhati atori gola Zubeen Garg Festivel 2015. Songs of bhupen hazarika and jyotish bhattacharya by Manoj Kumar Nath.

ALBUM JUWAR POROT N C PRODUCTION Singer KAUSTABHI GOGOI Lyrics Naba Jyoti Changmai Music Naba Jyoti Changmai...