Kahile Kahi Various mp3 song

Categories: Album and Nepali.

Albums: 2 And 3 All In 1 and Adhunik Lahar Vol 1.

Singers: Various.

Released : 04 Oct, 2016

Duration : 04:33 min

Downloads : 255.49K

Malai kehi kadam banne geet chahiyeko thiyo....

bipul bro is the best of all. (y)

I think I have found the chords to this amazing song.

Just loved it, love you bro... Mann xunxa NEVER STOP MAKING NEW ALBUMS.... We are here to listen.

dai chai sahi ho k



Good song..I get to hear only some good nepali songs..and this song also gets to this list.

chords anyone?

best singer of Nepal history

bipul da awesome song.....

superb song

what a mind blowing song bipul da.I like that all song's lyrics and music arregment .this songs is one of the best performance songs to nepalies.keep it up

this song is a beautiful piece of art

We, are not able to get guitar lesson of many songs Bipul

That taste! Amazing!

nice song man keep it up...........

shout out to the killer pranai gurung beautiful guitar tune, rodriguez like

네팔 생활의 활력소, 비풀 체뜨리♥

Bipul dai ko geet load hunu agi like garne ma matra ho ta xD

Can someone comment down the lyrics of this song...loved it...😍😍

amazing what a song and lyrics ta babbal

thanks for another song plz say when you will be on kathmandu?....

Ever green ...

Hats off to Bipul n the band members .


damii xaa daii😙😙😙

कहिले काहिँ कता कता बाटो हुन्छतरै पनि एक्लै एक्लै हिंड्नै परछ हैहिंड्नै परछ हैएउटै साथी पनि यहाँ छोडेरहिंडनै परछ छोडेरम्म्म्म.ह्म्म्म्म.ह्म्म्म्म.ह्म्म्म्म.आहा.म्म्म्म.ह्म्म्म्म.ह्म्म्म्म.ह्म्म्म्म.आहाहा.नाचुँम्ला भन्थे सँधै तिम्रै दिलमानाचुँम्ला भन्थे सँधै तिम्रै दिलमाजिवनको बाटोले ल्यायो निलौ याहाँयसरी नै सबै बिर्सेरओहो.ओहोहोहोहो.कहिले काहिँ कता कता बाटो हुन्छतरै पनि एक्लै एक्लै हिंड्नै परछ हैहिंड्नै परछ हैएउटै साथी पनि यहाँ छोडेरहिंडनै परछ छोडेरम्म्म्म.ह्म्म्म्म.ह्म्म्म्म.ह्म्म्म्म.आहा.म्म्म्म.ह्म्म्म्म.ह्म्म्म्म.ह्म्म्म्म.आहाहा.बसुम्ला भन्थे सँधै तिम्रै छेउमाबसुम्ला भन्थे सँधै तिम्रै छेउमासंसारको रितले पार्यो निलौ तुरमायसैले हिँडे छोडेरओहो.ओहोहोहोहो.कहिले काहिँ कता कता बाटो हुन्छतरै पनि एक्लै एक्लै हिंड्नै परछ हैहिंड्नै परछ हैएउटै साथी पनि यहाँ छोडेरहिंडनै परछ छोडेरम्म्म्म.ह्म्म्म्म.ह्म्म्म्म.ह्म्म्म्म.आहा.म्म्म्म.ह्म्म्म्म.ह्म्म्म्म.ह्म्म्म्म.आहा.आहाहाहाहाहाहा.

don't understand anything but i like this song

Bipul daaajuko songs is great

And now I just want to ask for original text to start singing with and learn it by 💛🌸💛 thank you!

hatsup to lyrics....


Beautiful! I would so much like to know the lyrics meaning in English .. Possible to get translation? Thx, all best! Maya 😊

awesome 😁


lyrics kina yeti ramro k ??? 😊

Bipule dai dame

much waited song 👌👌

#Nepali daju vai didi baini le like ani comment ma 'Nepali' lekham ta

paraax haai ......


such a great tunes

wow daji😀😃😄 parnenai raixa eklai hidna autai sathi pani xhodherw...awesome daju dami xa song. it's unique song than others album-maya songs 😀😀😀✌✌👌👍

70's Song In 2016, Thank You Mr. Nirendra Mohan Chettri. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ #NRK!!!

Thumbs up....

dammi xa song

dammi xa song

Yesaile...hindey chodera! this one is amazing daji :)

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Kahile Kahi by Various full Video

Kahile Kahi Various Album Mp3 Song.Kahile Kahi song belongs to Nepali, Kahile Kahi by Various, Kahile Kahi available To free download ,Download Various Kahile Kahi Mp3 Song. Kahile Kahi Nepali released on 2017-08-04 15:49:33. Heart touching songs with amazing pic wath it. Original song from ablaze soul band n cover by atul karki steet band. Provided to YouTube by The state51 Conspiracy Kahile Kahin Sugam Pokharel Sugam Song Geet 2013 Stereo Records Nepal Released on 2014 01 28 Producer Stereo Records Composer Sugam. Song Kahile Kahi Promo Lyric Music Singer Rajendra Rai New York City USA Actors Jangbu Sherpa Parbati Rai and Krish Thapa Camera Pasang Nima Sherpa New York City USA Directed Edited. Like n subscribe for more nepali videos. Kahile kahi mutu dukhyo vane maile samjiy vani samjinu. Udit Narayan Jha Kahile Kahin Old Song. Kahile kahi official video Mausami Gurung Sugam Pokharel Lyrics Bhupendra Khadka Music Sugam Pokharel Album Best Of Mausami Artists Ek sampang Surabhi Jain Sugam Sharma Guragain Sanchita. Kahiley Kahi is a song written and composed by my late father Mr Nirendra Mohan Chettri during the early 70s SUPPORT US BY BUYING OUR MUSIC. Lyrics Singer Bachchu Kailash.

New Nepali R n B Pop Rap Song Kahile Kahi by Sushant Avishek Ft Azay SJB Rana ETHOS Thujey B8 Vocal Sushant Avishek Ft Azay Shumsher Rana ETHOS Thujey B8 Arrange. Song Lyrics Subodh Shrestha Camera Editing Ankur Raj Bhatta. Kahil kahin ashu pani haso bhanda mitho huncha a new...