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Albums: Lisbon.

Singers: The Walkmen.

Released : 13 Nov, 2010

Duration : 05:59 min

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Pedro, thank you for this beautiful video of Lisbon to accompany The Walkmen at their most elegant. Yes, I think it is the guitars, but also Matt Barrick's restrained percussion. While not my favourite Walkmen album - that has to be the flawless You and Me - the final three tracks of Lisbon, which see the title track preceded by "Torch Song" (extraordinary harmonies) and "While I Shovel the Snow" are thirteen minutes of unbroken magnificence. I got it real bad for this band.

2:30 :')

Having grown up in Lisbon, this song evokes a paroxysm of nostalgia. It's the guitars, I think.

How is it humanly possible to write songs things good? I got upset when they announced their extreme hiatus, but then I figured I'd be okay with it if they decided they were done for good. I thought Heaven was a little below par for them, and I'd be nervous that any more albums they did just wouldn't cut it. As it is, we will always have You And Me, Lisbon, Bows And Arrows, Hundred Miles Off, Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me. You And Me is a completely faultless album for me, but the other albums all contain some of the greatest songs I've ever known. And this comes from someone who grew up with Zeppelin, Queen, The Who etc right up to Radiohead and Arcade Fire. For me, The Walkmen will always be one of the greats, and one of my three favorite bands to come from the 2000's, along with Arcade Fire and The National.

the album was made after walkmen came to Lisbon,Portugal. I saw their concert, one of the best concerts ever. They loved this so much they've made a tribute album

Yes it's actually about the portuguese city. The album name too actually.

Adoro pá! Esta banda é espetacular!

tá espectacular o vídeo , "granda" tributo dos Walkmen a Lisboa

Beautiful tribute to a beautiful city.

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Lisbon Lyrics

The countless eyes dotted in the night sky
I speak the language, or several hundred words
A cloudless day, and a thunderous night
Among companions, I'll carry my name

But the life we lead came gradually
Who keeps the time?
A bitter lime, will do us fine
To kill the taste

We'll turn deaf ears on all that we don’t wanna hear
But a cause for travel has come again
At this early hour, I'll tell your wife a story
She looks outside and doubles over laughing

Of the souls you loved, and a place you lived
Those country houses
And a change of heart tore us apart
Oh, what a ride

Every chance you have
All the love and life
All the joy and grace
Don't be absurd, don't you think it out
You know what thinking does
To love's shine, and love's light

Now it's your every word
Oh I'm hanging on
It feels right these days
I saw strange things
The lines of old faces
Up on the stormy sky, tonight

Now all the younger kids have gone away to sleep
In the days to come, I’ll do the same
At this early hour, I'll tell your wife a story
She looks outside and doubles over laughing

The life we lead came gradually
Who keeps the time?
Bitter lime, do us fine
To kill the taste

Lisbon by The Walkmen full Video

Lisbon The Walkmen Album Mp3 Song.Lisbon song belongs to R And B, Lisbon by The Walkmen, Lisbon available To free download ,Download The Walkmen Lisbon Mp3 Song. Lisbon R And B released on 2017-08-03 23:56:27. The Walkmen The Rat 14Nov10 Coliseu Lisboa. Album Ref TAL006 2002 Formats CD DIGITAL Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone is The Walkmen debut album and and was critically acclaimed despite staying mostly within indie. Please check new HD version here Not for commercial use All rights are reserved to their respective owners. Artist The Walkmen Album Lisbon B Sides Title Grateful. 02 The Walkmen On The Water SBSR Festival 18 07 2009 Lisbon Portugal. Side B Super Bock Companion In the New Year of 2011 I fell in love with a city with an old soul a warm heart and wonderful people I spent the NYE celebration with great friends old. As featured on LIVE AT KEXP VOLUME SEVEN The Walkmen perform Juveniles live in the KEXP studio Recorded 9 8 10 www kexp org. Sintra Portals In the New Year of 2011 I fell in love with a city and country with an old soul a warm heart and wonderful people I spent a week in Lisbon with great friends old and.

Video i made with footage from austin tx check out other videos on our page. The Walkmen Juveniles on Late Show with David Letterman. The Walkmen perform Torch Song Host Alisa Ali Engineer Aaron Charles Peer Find more exclusive content at wfuv org and thealternateside org. Music video for Torch Song by The Walkmen from...