Malai Birsana Dewu Tara Devi mp3 song

Categories: Album and Nepali.

Albums: Tara Devis Collection CD 2.

Singers: Tara Devi.

Released : 09 Aug, 2012

Duration : 37:24 min

Downloads : 83.55K

Nostalgic song and very nepalipan.

राम्रो गीत छ l

melodious collection...

so nice song

Thanks for uploading this.

awesome songs thanks to up loader

Very nice song with best music given by best musician. Wow.. one of the great voice of our times. Also, it is a very..very nice complement to hear those kind of sweet songs of our times way far from the motherland in lonelyness in backyard patio of house with some beer, barbaque and cigarattes. Gives me very comfort and remind me the old days of Nepal growing up.

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Malai Birsana Dewu by Tara Devi full Video

Malai Birsana Dewu Tara Devi Album Mp3 Song.Malai Birsana Dewu song belongs to Nepali, Malai Birsana Dewu by Tara Devi, Malai Birsana Dewu available To free download ,Download Tara Devi Malai Birsana Dewu Mp3 Song. Malai Birsana Dewu Nepali released on 2017-08-04 11:03:26.Music Shiva Shankar Manandhar Singer Tara Devi Himalako Kakhama Kiran Kharel Kati Madhuro Samjhana Madhav Prasad Khanal Bhabuk Dilma Hajur Ayera Ram Man Shrestha Trishit Ishara.

Shivashankar Taradevi.