Margueritas At Sunset Patrick Yandal mp3 song

Categories: Album and Jazz.

Albums: The Window.

Singers: Patrick Yandal.

Released : 02 Aug, 2013

Duration : 03:57 min

Downloads : 58.46K

Very, Very Cool ~~~

♥♪°*”Jᴀȥȥƴ Ƈʟᴜʙ”°♪♥....::: jazzy club♪ was here ✗ʚ❤❤❤

Check out his new CD, Ethos....a must have for your jazz collection.

Da man right here. Love his music!!!

I like Patrick Yandall he's nice..

"My Lady" top seller on iTunes! The single from the CD "Soul Grind"

Hey Pat, very nice funky, silky smooth track Bro! What key are you playing in? I am a rookie trying out my chords, scales and voicing, but still training my ear for picking up notes and keys. Thanks for the help in advance!!!!

Stumbled across your royalty free pieces and was like... who made these!?!! Love your work Patrick! Subscribed and looking forward to more :)

This Sunday at "Humphreys Backstage Live" in San Diego, CA. Showtime 8:00! Innervision Records national recording artist/guitarist Patrick Yandall!

Dig it! Check out Track 7, "Say Ow".. booty mover!  Track 11, "Josie" ... his hot licks include a Van Halen slide! 

Hi Bos! Send me an e-mail when you get a sec.. Thank you for the support my bruddah! PY

Always nice to hear new material from this fine guitarist who has delivered so many good tunes over the years. Very tasty single from Patrick.

Thanks brother man!

ELEGANT [email protected]

Thank you for your comment and support of my music!!! Keep in touch, Patrick

Thank you Juan Carlos. I appreciate your support

This single "My Lady" hits radio on August 19. Thank you for the wonderful comments and for supporting my music! Keep in touch. Peace, Patrick

Bravo Patrick, ce disque est vraiment super !

En exclusivité, l'interview de Patrick Yandal sur :

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Margueritas At Sunset by Patrick Yandal full Video

Margueritas At Sunset Patrick Yandal Album Mp3 Song.Margueritas At Sunset song belongs to Jazz, Margueritas At Sunset by Patrick Yandal, Margueritas At Sunset available To free download ,Download Patrick Yandal Margueritas At Sunset Mp3 Song. Margueritas At Sunset Jazz released on 2017-08-03 23:19:56.Cool songs with pics. Jazz guitarist Patrick Yandall new hit single Peytons Place from the Ethos album Being heard worldwide All instruments performed by Patrick Featured on Music Choice Smooth Jazz 905. The single My Lady from international smooth jazz guitarist Patrick Yandall from the 2013 release Soul Grind on Innervision Records Music written composed performed and produced by.

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