Marukelara Various mp3 song

Categories: Album and Fusion.

Albums: Ultimate.

Singers: Various.

Released : 27 Feb, 2016

Duration : 04:41 min

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Great job sir

Thankyouuuu sir for this ultimate composingg

Damn. You good.

anni nevanuchu " antharangamuna " means " inside of me " any way good attempt

Really beautiful work, Mahesh! I admire your music skills, and I think it would make your compositions all the more pleasant (at least to those who understand the languages the songs are composed in) if you are a bit more careful with pronouncing the lyrics. Quite a few Telugu speakers have pointed out that it's not Natarangamuna but Antharangamuna but there are also mistakes like "chara-chara" (correct: char*aa*chara) and "sudhaakala" (correct: sudhaaka*r*a) and one doesn't have to be a Telugu speaker to catch them. As they say, vocal music owes its essence to raagam , layam and bhaavam , and inaccurate pronunciation of words muddles up the bhaavam making the entire piece less mellifluous. Hope you would take the suggestions in a positive way. Best wishes! :)

Everything is fine except the pronunciation of the lyricsCarācara Is pronounced as cara-caraAntarańgamuna as natarańgamuna Mađinennajāli(mađiní+enna+cāli) as mađiné.najāli...It might be due to the reason that the Perso who's sung had no knowledge of Ťelugų .Music was really excellent, please continue Carnatic 2.0Your well wisher,-Karņāțakasańgītaviđyārthī (still a student of Carnatic 1.0

It's ta us to different world .. really awesome!!!

Simply amazing

Ohh god, this is beyond words, the lyrics are so good.

great one bro, loved it ....

I am crazy about your tunes, but when try to buy it doesn’t have it for Swiss and other links none open. How to purchase for iOS ?

Love this song 😘😘

Where were you? Oh mahesh raghavan! Where were you All these days? I was mesmerized by the creations made by you oh mahesh raghavan! You made my day!

It just hurts my eyes... Omg visuals are horrible

This is truer words can be said......btw I didn't get any words but telepathy is the soul..the language.....the magic humans are capable of......

Many lyrical mistakes


..this takes me to the next level.. wonderful work...


I'm really addicted to this version of marugelara

Hey Raghava... Yes it's definitely car2. 0. BUT yes I respect who commented and contemned because for them it's not just a music but life... But u have taken this to next level.. Like to see u nd more genre

Awesome composing.... Just love it....

Loved this!


Completely addicted to this song ... great sync and complete soul churning ... listening in loop .... hail tyagaraja great composition turned into awesome change over .... Mahesh Raghavan take bow ...

Marugela Chara Chara paratpara Rupa Surya sudhakara lochana... Until here lyrics are okay and coming to next line ...Anni neevanuchu ... Antharamgamuna ... Not nata rangamuna... This is one mistake ..and...Ninney gaani Madi nennajaala narula not norula ... It's narula... Means I don't know(even think and love ) any other person except you Lord Raghava... So these are the lyrical mistakes... Telugu is not that much easy but keep going without mistakes... All the best buddy

So many mistakes

Very nice

Its Great Mahesh

I am huge fan mahesh raghavan

stoner music

That probably took a long time to edit.

That drop... Just blew me away

Mahesh..try to add more kirtanas nagumomu endaro mahaanubhavulu..annamayya they will be reaching to next gen...i really like marugelara and govardhana songs..also pls do the alypayuthe in telugu..really love these songs!!! Keep it up god bless you.

Is this thyagaraja kruti ? .

Great composition,great fusion, full of energy love to listen again and again.

can't sleep without listening and humming along 😍

super Good

love you for the lyrics with meaning God bless

Mahesh sir Hats off

I like your creativity in this song And no words to say superb

I may not be able to comment on the music but pronunciation of most of the words is plain wrong.

simply awesome and beyond words ...

Another great mix bro.. Rock on 👍👌

Beautiful Mahesh!!

Mahesh, I am becoming your are truly a gift of God!!

No words! simply *AMAZING!*

great👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤ I love this song

The music is awesome. Pronunciation is very bad!! Pls make some homework before u plunge into. At least learn wats the meaning & how to pronounce the song from a Telugu person and sing. It's paining to listen to butchered lyrics. Reupload the song by correcting if possible. All the best bro!

By far the most soul touching song from the great composer Thyagaraja

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Marukelara Various Album Mp3 Song.Marukelara song belongs to Fusion, Marukelara by Various, Marukelara available To free download ,Download Various Marukelara Mp3 Song. Marukelara Fusion released on 2017-08-04 15:00:27.SriRaga 2 0 feat Pratibha Parthasarathy FLAIR Carnatic Music 2 0 presents one of the most popular Carnatic compositions in Sri Raagam by Saint Tyagaraja 1767 1847 in the style of Dubstep. Sangeetha Kalanidhi Maharajapuram Santhanam Tamil December 3 1928June 24 1992 was one of the great Carnatic music vocalists. Dr Nithyasree Mahadevan born 25 August 1973 also previously referred to as S Nithyashri is an eminent Carnatic musician and playback singer for film songs in many Indian languages Nithyasree. Watch Marugelara O Raghava Song From Saptapadi Movie Starring J V Somayajulu Allu Rama Lingaiah Sabita Bhamidipati Girish RaviKanth Janaki P Ravi Shankar among others Directed by. Dr Natesan Ramani born 1934 commonly known as N Ramani or N Flute Ramani is an eminent Indian Carnatic flautist Ramani is also credited for introducing the long flute in Carnatic music. SRI VENKATESWASWARASWAMY TEMPLE AURORA ILLINOIS USA PRESENTS ALL COMPOSERS DAY 2017 ON OCTOBER 14 AND 15 IN VELUCHAMY AUDITORIUM EMCEES DR VIJI SUSARLA JANAKI MADUGULA SUNITHA VISSAPRAGADA. Dr Nithyasree Mahadevan born 25 August 1973 also previously referred to as S Nithyashri is an eminent Carnatic musician and playback singer for film songs in many Indian languages...