Marwa Drut Ustad Rashid Khan mp3 song

Categories: Album and Hindustani Instrumental.

Albums: Ustad Rashid Khan Collection 1.

Singers: Ustad Rashid Khan.

Released : 23 Apr, 2007

Duration : 03:43 min

Downloads : 82.65K


I thought everything about the performance was awesome. If you guys thought the harmonium is degrading to this, then you guys may be uneducated about Indian music and need to learn more about it. I feel that the harmonium is used for accompaniment and is a useful instrument for singers especially when they need their starting pitches. Really honestly, it's insulting to Indian culture to hear such opinions of people who believe a harmonium is awful when it really isn't. I'm just putting it out there. Now back to the performance as a whole of Ustadji, his rendition of this bandish, is just unparallel and as a musician, I can definitely conclude that he used his own techniques and made it sound like his own. I'm even mesmerized about what a beautiful performance he gave. I remember also listening to the same composition sung by Ustad Amir Khan Saheb and that also blew me away. Neither of them are comparable. They're just too good!! 😊😊😊😊😊😊

Enviable taans, A very entertaining style. I liked the way he interwove Ameer Khani Sargams with certain Kisims of his own. This clip is really nice. Thanks.

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@abbasalikhan Agreed. Ustad Fateh Ali Khan Sahib is the doyen of Patiala Gharana and model for all singers. He is the master of Gamak. No one can match his difficult taans in today's time.

@kjaan i bet it has to be ustad fateh ali khan of patiala who happens to be my guru ji too, he is the taan kaptaan of our times :)


his taans are something i did not think was possible to do with the human voice

Excellent control of the voice. Its a sad thing that there are no new artists like that to continue on the tradition


rightly said..!

this is indeed an excellent recital by Rashidji ...... but the one sung by Ustaad Amir Khan Sahib takes one to the trance with the peaceful home coming to 'sa' via 're' ...its divine

Kyaa Baath Hai. Very nice and I love the power!


Beautiful Raag! Kyaa baat!

NICE! KEYA BATT......... WAH!!

I love marwa raag

OMG, this guys is an insane SINGER!!!

could never reach that level :O(

One thought just for debate's sake: the harmonium is capable of following the faster and more technical vocal melodies, where the sarangi isn't

I indeed know a bit about Indian music (having it professionally studied for many years under some of the greatest Indian musicians and performed a lot). And even some of the great vocalist admit that using harmonium is quite an awful habit, the problem is there a shortage of sarangi or violin players. Shruti Sadolikar tries to use sarangi as much possible, Pandit Jasraj uses violin (Kala Ramnath) etc. etc. Unfortunately the lack od aesthetics in today India is painful (see the films for example

You are correct that the harmonium is very limited but your elitist attitude is disrespectful to many great players who know more than you or I about this music. "Many singers" use a harmonium? No -all singers- use harmoniums almost all the time. Its a fact. I challenge you to find 5 Hindustani vocal concerts on youtube without them. If you understood why that is you would understand more about this music and be better off. And if you figure it out let me know.

If you say that Hindustani music does not use microtones, you should re-educate yourself. Also - very often the same tones in different raagas have slightly different pitch and intonation that distinguishes among them and creates a "soul" or "personality" of a particular raaga. How the tempered quacking (reminding a Paris Cafe) serves to it, is obvious. Yes, many singers use it: you need 10 years to learn sarangi but 10 minutes to learn harmonium. But it is a total degradation of Indian music

If the harmonium is so horrible why does every Hindustani singer use one almost every time they perform? Allaudin Khan Saheb is huge but he is not the only opinion there is. Arabic/Turkish/Persian music have microtones, but Hindustani music has nothing similar, only a lack of temperment. True the harmonium is even-tempered but thats just a compromise people accept in return for other benefits like desirable timbre. Listen to the music at hand not the voice of Allaudin Khan S. in your ear.

Nice, but except that awful harmonium ... Indeed the most disgusting tumor on Indian classical music. As Rabindranath Tagore rightly said: "harmonium is the bane of Indian Music". Alaudin Khan (guru of Ravi Shankar) threw this toy on the road when they brought it to him. Singer sings some sophisticated phrases full of nuances and microtones and behind him this unbearable tempered tuned quacking goes on ... Where are the microtones, where is raag ang, where are the delicate phrases ?

dude, plz ask Shagan sahab, whats the secret of his great speeed. does he recommend any specific practise to improve speed. i am pretty fast naturally, but there is scope for improvement.


Dear Gurujio, The name of the Tabla player is: SAMAR SAHA

..amazing..very nice..what is the tabla player's name if ne 1 knows plz..keep posting these types of videos..just beautiful..waaaahh..

great singer !Pure hindustani vocal, Thanks for sharing

Who is your ustad?

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Marwa Drut by Ustad Rashid Khan full Video

Marwa Drut Ustad Rashid Khan Album Mp3 Song.Marwa Drut song belongs to Hindustani Instrumental, Marwa Drut by Ustad Rashid Khan, Marwa Drut available To free download ,Download Ustad Rashid Khan Marwa Drut Mp3 Song. Marwa Drut Hindustani Instrumental released on 2017-08-04 19:33:17.ARMAAN KHAN son of the legendary USTAD RASHID KHAN mesmerised the audience with a surprise performance LIVE in front of a massive audience only at the Emirates NBD classics ENBDClassics. Ustad Rashid Khan Raag Jog USA 1989. Bandish Langar kankariya na maaro Raag Miyan ki Todi Ustad Rashid Khan Sahab. Raag Basant Ustad Rashid Khan Tabla Pandit Samar saha. For listening only No intention to infringe copyright. Pt Milind Chittal Raag Marwa drut. Ustad Rashid Khan renders Raga Lalit in all its beauty in the Tansen collection of original compositions by the legendary musician who came to be known as the monarch of Indian music The.

From the Program Jugalbandi. For listening pleasure only Copyright violation or infringement of any kind is NOT meant or intended KARAM KAR DEEJIYE KHWAJA MOINUDDIN Bandish in Raga Desh Thaat Khamaj Performed by. Raag Puriya piya gunavaMtaa sabahee baatana meM nisa dina karata rahata chaturaaee eka guna naahee mo meM raMgeele jita tita peeta lagaaee. Ustad Amir Khan Raga Marwa Jag bawra vilambit Guru bina gyaana na paave drut no info available however I was told that took place in Pune. Ustaad Rashid Khan Sings Payaliya Jhanakar at...