Mausam Shreya Ghoshal mp3 song

Categories: Hindi and Movies.

Albums: Jaane Kyun.

Singers: Shreya Ghoshal.

Released : 22 Jul, 2011

Duration : 01:18 min

Downloads : 490.98K

Wish to hear the same from Sonu Nigam!?I am wondering why Shreya do not become an actress!? Se is sooooo beautiful

Shreya di so so so so so so nice

everytime i hear her voice i get chills

I love shreya ! Her voice always touch my heart .

Wow I got goosebumps

For Mumbaikar's only w m

One of the most amazing singers ever! Only 4 singers have ever given me chills- Sonu Nigam, Whitney Houston, Bhanumati, and Shreya!

Her voice is haunting! No other way to describe it!

What a gift from God!

I cant wait to see you live Shereya Didi on September 15th

in NJ

SHREYA DI is my best singer...I just gone mad when I listen her song.It my espesaly wish that i meet her anyday anymomment & that day will be my most luky day......


Jesus bless you. Greetings from Norway.

Shreya ,shreya,shreya,shreya,shreya she ix the best singer in india love her :)

i love u shreya.

She is so very amazing. I <3 her.

@r8rdarklord On second thoughts it's based on Rag Khamaj not Puriya Dhanasri.

@bunchi1801 Isme kamal hamare shastriya sangeet ka hai - ye raag puriya dhanasri par adharit gaana hai. Rag to phir waise bhi kisi bhi instrument ka mohtaj nahin hai - woh bash apne hi main mahan hai.

shreya ji is unique....

vivek lucknow

she cant be lata still no one be lata

i can always feel her voice.. just relaxing.. she has a beautifull song.. i had never felt by anyone who sings.. but when i hear her songs.. i can feel it with my heart.. it goes trough my heart..lovely

i do believe that she is next LATA......NO DOUBT AT ALL

this shows how melody can sound so great without any instruments!! some of the singers and musicians of the current bollywood industry need to learn from her that its all about having a good voice and a good melody - so that they don't cover up a song or a voice with some 2-cents drum beats and copy-pasted instrumentals!!! Hats off to Shreya for having such a god-gifted voice!! Divine, truly...

Anything sung by Shreya sounds like Heaven! What a voice! Wah..... <3

I get chills when she sings! She is soo good

deeply spritual lyrics. i saluta to lyricist of the u god

Shreyaji u have a honey-coated voice.....after lataji u r d nightingale of india.....

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Mausam Shreya Ghoshal Hindi Mp3 Song.Mausam song belongs to Movies, Mausam by Shreya Ghoshal, Mausam available To free download ,Download Shreya Ghoshal Mausam Mp3 Song. Mausam Movies released on 2017-08-04 22:23:46.Song Aate Jaate Singer Shreya Ghoshal Udit Narayan Film 42 Kms 2011. Baarish Cover Half Girlfriend Female Version Arjun Shraddha Shreya Karmakar ft Aasim Ali Happy monsoon guys Presenting the Female cover version of the song BAARISH from. Wajah Tum Ho Video Title Song Mithoon Tulsi Kumar Sana Khan Sharman Gurmeet Vishal Pandya Wajah Tum Ho Title Song Lyrical Mithoon Tulsi Kumar Sana Khan Sharman Gurmeet Vishal. I love this song so i made this beautiful video i hope my friends we are realy enjoing in this song thanks Superkumar11. For unlimited Bollywood hit songs click here Click here to check the trailer of the much awaited movie of the year Catch. For High Quality Karaoke And Customize Indian Karaoke Plc Contact Email Id smclub72 gmail com ganabazar gmail com And Mobile No 169. Mausam from Kidnap features the melodious voice of Shreya Ghoshal Bollywood s versatile singer and the lovely music score is by Pritam This Bollywood crime thriller is directed by Sajay.

Movie Dashavatar Music Director Anand Kurhekar Singers Shaan Shreya Ghoshal Director Bhavik Thakore Enjoy this super hit song from the 1988 movie Dashavatar From the latest Bollywood. Not Released song from the movie Mausam 2011 By Shreya Ghoshal and Sonu...