Morchang (Langa) Various mp3 song

Categories: Album and Rajasthani.

Albums: A Song from Rajasthan.

Singers: Various.

Released : 31 Jan, 2009

Duration : 02:29 min

Downloads : 28.35K

Wouua .. Il m'a laissé sur le carreau


this guy is is simply AWESOME! i cannot find any better word!. he should be on TV!

Yes,very good technic!!! Thanks for him.

Its professional musician,but I hoppe He have also one another job.

Sakur play also double flute,like his father.


Very sensitive, creative and skilled player with good technic.

Is he a professional musician ?

Does he play other instruments ?



Il est tout simplement ttres fort!!!

Il est Schizophrène de la guimbarde... Ils sont plusieurs là dedans.. !


Great playing!

Oh my Shiva... C'est incroyable!!

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Morchang (Langa) by Various full Video

Morchang (Langa) Various Album Mp3 Song.Morchang (Langa) song belongs to Rajasthani, Morchang (Langa) by Various, Morchang (Langa) available To free download ,Download Various Morchang (Langa) Mp3 Song. Morchang (Langa) Rajasthani released on 2017-08-04 17:27:03.Beat box Jason Sigh morchang Raise Khan at JKK in Jaipur India 2009. Jaippu Khan Langa is well known singer of Rajasthan Langa community He is singing about beauty of queen and describing her beauty from toe to head. Champe khan trio. MOUTH HARP HARP MORCHANG JAW HARP EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC BY NEIL NAYAK THIS IS A LIVE ACT USING ACOUSTIC AND ELECTRONIC SOUND INSTRUMENT MOUTH HARP MORCHANG JAW HARP INSTRUMENTALI. This instrument belogs to Langa Community of western Rajasthan It is said that this instrument was first used by the shepherds while they took there animals for grazing Later it was adopted. Indian folk instrument Morchang Based in Jaisalmer Rajasthan Mohan Lal Lohar speaks to SURGAATHA about making tuning and playing of the instrument You can buy. A skilled and enjoyable performance of Langa Mangniyar and Morchang by Lalit Rana Group. Duha of Rag Kafi by Asgarkhan Langa This is the singing tradition of Langa folk musicians for rendering the Doha or couplet to establish a Rag composition He is accompanied on Sindhi. A Amhedabad Gujarat Inde j ai eu le plaisir de rencontrer ce joueur de guimbarde morchang Sakur Habib Langa A l occasion d un festival de musique traditionelle j ai.

Ustad Rehmat...