Ashwini Bhide Deshpande mp3 song

Categories: Album and Hindustani Instrumental.

Albums: Vocals By Ashwini Bhide.

Singers: Ashwini Bhide Deshpande.

Released : 19 May, 2016

Duration : 41:46 min

Downloads : 38.87K


Her voice is as sweet as honey. She sings so effortlessly


Undoubtedly true master. We are fortunate to be born as her contemporaries and get to listen to her live.. Thank you so much for posting this video and BTW, fantastic recording.

WA !WA! Excellant performance

A beautiful upload - what a joyous Rageshree - the drut is magical . The audio quality of your uploads are pretty much the best and I really appreciate the trouble you must take. Superb. Thank you !

39:44 that child-like smile when mischief has been managed (without anyone noticing)!

I love you Ashwiniji.


Awesome !

Brings so much peace to mind. Beautiful voice!!!

sooooooooooooooooo beautifull !!

My most favourite artist and most revered also. How pleasant.

Ashwiniji is indeed a doyen of the Jaipur Ataruali Gharana. After all she is the daughter of Smt. Manik Bhide & niece of Smt Sarla Bhide both veterans of the same Gharana. Ashwiniji's music is for the Gods as she keeps it simple, soulful, unadulterated, melodious & most importantly without any gimmicks. Contrast this singing when she accompanies the doyen of Mewati Gharana Pt. Sanjeev Abhyankar where she moulds her traditional singing to that of Mewati Gharana making Jasrangi very pleasing & easy on the ear. This is according to me is the hallmark of a great vocalist a la my Daiwat the late Abhishekibua.

melodius..soothing & relaxing to the mind.! Amazing Aswini.....

can someone please tell me in English what she is singing? I see waves of understanding and appreciation in the faces of her accompanists over and over, and would like to know more

Beautiful! Thank you!

no words to say...ashwini taii rocks!!

khup chhan

so peaceful jst luv ashwini tai

Wow Addha Chautaal.. Brilliant!!

A brilliant presentation of Rageshree by Ashwinitai, who is my most loving female Maestro... its soooo soothing to listen to her velvet voice..thanks for the upload.

An awaited version of rageshree..Thanks for sharing :)

Wonderful rendition. Great acoustics and videography too. My best wishes to FEA.

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