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Albums: Life Through Melody.

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Released : 23 Jun, 2017

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I like that they're not JUST about being made in America. It's about being made BETTER in America. Because if it's just about bringing manufacturing back, de-evolving as a country, then you're just a racist turd. If you're trying to actually evolve a product, an industry, and a sport as a whole, that's something I can get behind and buy.

So your not with wilderness systems no more because their boat are top of the line?

Just curious if they are made in the same factory as Wilderness since both are headquartered in Greenville

Yes! American made is excellent. What an awesome company. Can not wait to see their future in the world of kayak fishing.

Can't wait to see what Bonafide has to offer, should be interesting. Cya at ICAST Chad!

I'm looking at getting a kayak and I'm a BIG GUY. I'm 6'3" about 350lbs. Can you suggest a couple of good kayaks that won't break the Bank. I need one that's really comfortable, I've had several knee surgeries and my back isn't in the best of shape either. Thanks for all of your great videos.

Can't wait Chad. I'm gonna have to look into getting one when they launch

Im sure Bonafide Kayaks are going to turn to kayak fishing world upside down and revolutionize the industry. Partnered up with KBF only one word comes to mine. GREATNESS

How many CEO's do you see actually driving the forklift.. :)  Best Wishes on this endeavor--I'm looking for a new boat in 2018 and I can't wait until this product finally drops..

Can't wait to see their boats!

No foot powered drive=non starter.

Well IMO everything else that this guy (Luther) has put out for the industry has been a home run. Can't wait to see what he/they come up with.

Hey man! are you thinking about doing kayak tournaments I just naught a pretty good kayak and would like to learn more about kayak turnaments

Can't wait to see more. I need to add another kayak to the house for my wife so it's either give her my ascend fs12t and upgrade or just buy her something new

Sweet can't wait to see what they come up with prolly would have picked a different name for the company. Why not just yakattak kayaks

So I'm looking to get my son into kayak fishing, but he's only 7, I don't feel comfortable with him being in a separate kayak. do you habe any solutions for this?

#BonafiedKayaks love #MadeInAmerica ya'll may make me transfer to a hard shell Yak #CantWait

Hope they have a model that can handle a big guy!

sure would be nice to at least a prototype, are they paddle only or some kinda propel drive? .. I am excited to see some new competition in the kayak market

Will they have a kids fishing kayak? My (soon to be) 7 year old will need one soon.

Competition breeds innovation! Can't to see what bonafide brings to the table. Always a plus for stuff made in the USA.

Great to see a glimpse of the hard work Luther and team have been doing.

I'm definitely interested to learn more about these new yaks .. You should call this segment " Just a hint " get it ? it's a play on just the tip . anywhoo.. this long car trip is getting to me . I need to stretch

Idk man. I really like my Coosa HD. Also made in America

I want one. Hope they don't break the bank. See you at ICAST.

Bonafide like from Popeyes chicken?

can't wait to see it up close and personal

no fiberglass kayaks

well I would say looks good but we didn't really get to see anything haha... hope they are as cool as they sound.

No link for Bonafide. Wish much success to them.

Basically yak attack is making these kayaks because Luther Cifers is the founder and president of yak attack and now he's running this business

Are they gonna be pedal drive kayaks??? Or standard paddle kayaks ??

Can't wait to to see that kayak

Woah woah woah, slow down big guy! I'm psyched about your new endeavor, but you forgot to tell us a joke, bro. I just bought the ascend 12t, can you make a vid on must have kayak products, must haves, hacks, etc for the guy/gal that just bought a yak?

curious to see the specs and price point on these

They have been dragging this whole introduction thing out a bit too long. Since you have such a revolutionary product, show it. Companies like Wilderness Systems and Jackson Kayaks have been at it for sometime. Hope this product lives up to the hype.

Isnt Hans Nutz a product designer for WIlderness Systems? And what about you and Wildy?

PUMPED! like a cheap pool toy.

will try kayaks. just from this video

So stoked! Can't wait to see it!

Can't wait to see what is coming.

No more Wilderness?!?

Luther is a huge visionary in our sport,I know these kayaks are gonna be awesome!!!!

I was sold at Made in America.

good to know will look forward to your review and future input

do they need any test pilots......

are you going to leave wilderness system or u staying with them

Awesome more industry competition and innovation, always a win for anglers.

I've held off buying a yak for the release of this one. I hope they are not giving everyone blue balls.

Can't wait to see what is coming from them

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