Murdoc Is God Gorillaz mp3 song

Categories: Album and Alternative.

Albums: D Sides CD1.

Singers: Gorillaz.

Released : 17 Jan, 2010

Duration : 02:23 min

Downloads : 1.12 million

This song actually sounds great despite the jokes

im a christan and im offenssied

Murdoc is godMurdoc is a nob signed Dennis hopper

Well, this vidoe rly needed HD


The chirstians are triggered

Gorillaz my religionMurdoc my god

Sound like Nine Inch Nails ghost albums to me

2-D is the universe we are all inside his subconscious mind and have a part of him inside of us. we are made up of his atoms. 2-D is the path to being woke and reaching nirvana and the way is by listening to Gorillaz. like if yall agree!

wonder who wrote this one

if it werent for jamie murdoc wouldnt exist so jamie is god

What is a God to a non believer

I mean... hes not god... but he did make a good band thank you.

murdoc is gay

I love him.

Oh sweet satan how can you not LOVE Murdoc after this?


Murdoc is gay

I forgot my pornhub account password can someone help me


Not enough bass.

Murdoc is gay2d is gayMurdoc is God Trying to fit in

Murdoc is Satan

What’s Murdoc?

only 1 million people been introduced to our lord and savior, murdoc

Are favorite ego maniac is really a god

I wonder... who could've POSSIBLY written this song?

This mashed up with demon days or maybe all alone

it looks like it says murdoc is gay XD

Speed on 2 holY sHIT

Gorillaz are starting a new religion. Wow.

And people have the audasity to say that i'm not religous.


Murdoc Is God Murdoc Is God Murdoc Is Gaaaaay Murdoc Is God xd

If Murdoc wrote this, he needs a trip to the vet

1:42 shits pants

Murdoc is gaaaaaaaaaay



Dale Murdoc

“Johnny is dead” the outsiders flashbacks


Murdoc is Satan, wtf is this propaganda?


All praise Mirdoc and he will reward us with the wonderfulness of him humping the air.

I swear I heard Johnny is gay. 🤣


This music don't need bass boosted


How in the world did he persuade the other members to make this song?

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Murdoc Is God Lyrics

Murdoc is god
Murdoc is god
Murdoc is god
Johnny is dead

Murdoc is king
Murdoc is dead
Murdoc is god
Johnny is dead

Murdoc is god
Murdoc is god
Murdoc is god
Johnny is dead

Murdoc is king
Murdoc is dead
Murdoc is god
Johnny is dead

Murdoc Is God by Gorillaz full Video

Murdoc Is God Gorillaz Album Mp3 Song.Murdoc Is God song belongs to Alternative, Murdoc Is God by Gorillaz, Murdoc Is God available To free download ,Download Gorillaz Murdoc Is God Mp3 Song. Murdoc Is God Alternative released on 2017-08-03 20:25:06. Gorillaz murdoc is god video q lo hice con mis imagenes de gorillaz y otras cosas y la cancion de Murdoc is god. If it plays satanic messages forwards does it play gospel music backwards. Lyrics Murdoc is god Murdoc is god Murdoc is god Tryin to fit in Murdoc is dead Johnny is dead Murdoc is god Tryin to fit in Murdoc is god Murdoc is god Murdoc is god Tryin. Lyrics below Russel and 2 D still to come Music and pictures c Gorillaz Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett lyrics from website tell me if wrong Murdoc is god Murdoc is. Sorry for the quality I don t own any of this. Shed his skin like a lizard Murdoc Is God Gorillaz Disclaimer This song is property of Gorillaz I do not own this song. 10 Murdoc Is God.

Follow Gorillaz online Stream Gorillaz on Spotify. Album Gorillaz D Sides Song 10 murdoc is god This video is for listening purposes only I did not create the song nor the album art All credit goes to Gorillaz and it s creators. Tags Lugiazul Lugia Azul Gorillaz Subtitulado Subtitulos sub esp subtitulos Espa ol Castellano Clint Eastwood 19 2000 Tomorrow Comes Today Rock The House DARE Feel Good Inc El Ma ana Dirty. Existence is pain for a memer. I made this video just for fun Support the real artists D. Finally...