Ni Sultana Re Various mp3 song

Categories: Album and Compilations.

Music: Laxmikant.

Albums: Yaaden Vol 14.

Lyrics: Kumaar.

label: Saregama Music.

Singers: Various.

Released : 29 Dec, 2010

Duration : 04:45 min

Downloads : 819.79K

Very good sob0

Super song

ki kom yaar,kenekua laagise bhabi re....tumi saage feel koribo parisa mur feelings yaar....I think moi aaru explain koribo dorkar nai....

kiman dinor pisot hunisu o ei gaan tu,yaar heidin tu bhaba nasilu je edin ei gaan tu tumi muk hunaba jaan n ei gaan tur bhitorot moi aamak dekhi pam sweet tu gom u pua nasilu re,

Wht a music and singers

Darun gan. My favourite

Amazing wonderful song

beautiful nice song.

Melodious!!! Soothing Voice of Rafi and lata...LOVE this song!!!

I will never forget this movie which I saw with my college friend

Abhinethri film ke song lagvaiye.

This was my very first movie which i watched as a child and never forgot this song. Thanks a ton.



A perfect dance start steps

I love song

We'll miss you ,Shashi ji.

A romantic Song of Shashiji with his signature style Dancing of Moving in back Gear. Really a fantastic kind of Dance in its own class. We will miss you Shashiji

reminded of college days n teen age days when I used to dream n identify myself with some characters in Hindi film. great melody by rafi n lata.

Nice song


RIP Shashi Kapoor

RIP Shashi Kapoor ji

shashi kapoor miss u

Mohd Rafi excel in this song.

Shashi Kapoor was a happy go lucky chap

Miss u shashi kapoor ji , aaj phir ek nagina kho gya film jagat ka....

RIP ,Shashi kapoorji,😭😪

शशि कपूर जी को श्रद्धांजलि....

Rafi Sahab gr8 rip sashi g

My fav song ..used to watch in Chitrahaar

Rest in peace shashi kapoor ji

Rest in Peace!! Shashi Kapoor!

نی سلطانہ رے ۔۔۔پیار کا موسم آیا ،ارے ہائے رے ہری ہری چھایا۔۔۔بولو نہ بولو مکھ سے گوری ،چوڑی تمری بولے ۔۔۔یہی بتیاں سُن سُن کے جیا میرا ڈولے ۔۔۔

So sad one legend passed away sashi kapoor ji rip

Best actor shashi kapoor

Sashi kapoor ki atma ko shanti pradan kare

abha alokik

R D Burman's typical excellent melody

amar moner moto gan

Nice movie 💏 and Nice song👈💝🌹

M. Rafi sing this song so soft and sweet.

I like this song.1of my favorite

Sweet song by rafi sahab

balam babu aaye 😊😊😊😊😊 so so so so sweet

Asalamualaikum.. Tuan haji norasid..melayu ke.tq translet melayu TUAN

जब भी कोई पोरवाल सोग सुनने को मिलता हे हमेशा आपना ज़माना याद आ जाता है ओर हम यादो मे खो जाते।

Nice Song

Lovely. Lovely lovely

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Ni Sultana Re by Various full Video

Ni Sultana Re Various Album Mp3 Song. Lyrics By Laxmikant. Music Composed by Laxmikant. Presented by Saregama Music.Ni Sultana Re song belongs to Compilations, Ni Sultana Re by Various, Ni Sultana Re available To free download ,Download Various Ni Sultana Re Mp3 Song. Ni Sultana Re Compilations released on 2017-08-04 04:08:22.SINGERS ASHA BHONSLE AND MOHD RAFI LYRICS MAJROOH MUSIC USHA KHANNA MOVIE DIL DEKE DEKHO 1959 SHAMMI KAPOOR ASHA PAREKH SINGERS LATA JI AND MOHD RAFI LYRICS MAJROOH. Enjoy the song of bollywood Nisultana re Hindi English Lyrics sung by Lata Mangeshkar Mohd Rafi from the movie Pyar ka Mousam Song Nisultana re Movie Pyar ka Mousam Mood Happy Artist. The beauty of the song is in its simplicity. The most versatile singer India has ever produced sang each song with such distinction that left the listeners spellbound The effortless transition across the entire range without any strand. Movie Pyar Ka Mausam Original Singer Mohammed Rafi Lata Mangeshkar Music R D Burman Lyrics Majrooh Sultanpuri Cast Shashi Kapoor and Asha Parekh Directed by Nasir Hussain. Hashim khan sang this rafi sahab duet song with tabbasum ji from movie pyar ka mausam. Hashim khan sang this rafi sahab duet song with surekha ji.

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