Night At The Valley Shiv Kumar Sharma mp3 song

Categories: Album and Classical.

Albums: Valleys Of Kashmir CD 2.

Singers: Shiv Kumar Sharma.

Released : 19 Jul, 2012

Duration : 31:11 min

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good music india

Utterly sublime


Beautiful, thank you

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Cool narrator!

une paisible fusion !

Suppose what this reminds? Rain Drops and Wind! Perhaps

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Years later in 586 BC was the first destruction of the temple by the babylonians, so the ten tribes/Ephraim/Yisrael/the northern kingdom took counsel to come to Arzareth/Arsareth, the americas = (gen 49:1-33)(2esdras 13:39-46)(2king 15:29,17:17-23)(jere 50:17-19,33)(2chron 36:16-19)(1chr 9:1-3)(1king 10:22). In 65 BC the Hebrew Yisraelites were still established as a nation but were captured and taken over by roman armies under general pompey. Later came the persecutions of rome lead by general vespasian and his son titus who crushed the Yisraelites' first revolt and put an end to the Hebrew Yisraelite state by surrounding the city and starving them out. Instantly, rome (edomites) started burning all geneology records of the Hebrew Yisraelites during in the second destruction of the temple resulting in the diaspora/dispersing of the Jews in 70 AD. At that time the khazars began their lies claiming to be Jews by stealing our identity and calling the true Yisraelites the descendants of ham; then taught that garbage in their institutions under the jesuit order of the roman catholic church. Therefore, the three tribes/Judah/the southern kingdom amounting over one million Jews fled Yisrael into some countries of east and mostly the west coast of africa. Subsequently, slave markets became full of Hebrew Yisraelites/"Black" people that was financed by christians and muslims and the amalekites (fake jewISH) people built the slave ships = (luke 21:20-28)(rev 12:12-14)(hosea 3:4)(dan 7:25)(dan 9:25-26). In 498 AD rome decided to build their father satan a home and named it the vatican. The vatican has a military on duty 24/7 guarding the eight miles of atifacts, books on papyrus, and geneology of Jesus and his "Black" family tree that's beneath the vatican's ground. As prophesied by the Most High to Moses and written within the 613 commandments, the Hebrew Yisraelites (greatest people on earth) dwelt in the countries of africa until the fifteenth century. At that point native africans and arabs sold us Hebrew Yisraelites to europeans which became our captivity via Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, and later the chinese, japanese and other asian nations joined our captors  = (joel 3:1-21)(2esdras 16:1-5)(psa 83:1-18)(exo 21:16)(jere 2:13-19)(deut 28:15-68)(lam 5:1-22). This was the ultimate point of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (the monstrous evil) to ROB all "Black"/Brown people of their BIRTHRIGHT, spirit and self-worth by "SHIPPING them to the four corners of earth with a yoke of iron upon their necks to be sold as slaves", beginning year 1619 = (DEUTERONOMY 4:27-28,28:1-68,32:16-17,26)(LEVITICUS 26:15-46)(nahum 3:9-10)(isa 10:13,11:11-13,65:1-15)(jere 17:4,30:11,50:33)(2esdras 13:39-46)(dan 9:11-12)(psa 23:1-6,83:1-12,107:10-12)(zech 11:5)(jere 11:19,16:13-14,17:4,50:17-19,50:17-19,51:17-21)(joel 3:1-21)(habak 3:14)(baruch 3:8-13,4:6-8)(heb 12:6-9)(rom 1:21-25)(james 1:1)(gen 27:38-41)(dan 7:25,9:11-12)(acts 11:16-19)(psa 37:32)(luke 21:24)(john 10:10,17:9-11)(lam 5:1-22)(1king 8:46-48). Hewbrew Yisraelites, WE "Blacks/Negros, Puerto Ricans, Hispanics, Native American Indians, Hatians, Dominicans, Jamaicans, Cubans, Mexicans, Caribbeans, Central and South Ameicans" are the greatest people on earth who were enslaved and oppressed together through false science, satanic religions and democracy (demonic rules). We Yisraelites must remember our seed/pedigree/lineage is determined by our father = (deut 7:6-8,28:16-20,29,31,33,32:7)(hosea 1:10-11,7:8-9,9:13-14)(jere 12:9,50:33)(num 1:2-4,18)(2esdras 11:40-46,13:39-46,14:34)(eze 34:31)(prov 8:4,21:16)(psa 37:32,94:20-21,147:19-20)(sirach 26:19-21)(baruch 4:6-8)(eph 4:13-14)(rom 1:3,9:7,12:2,16:18)(gal 3:16,29)(acts 13:23-24,26:14-15)(isa 44:1-4,45:25,65:1-15,66:15-16)(jere 10:1-25,50:33)(1tim 6:20)(rev 22:16)(joel 3:1-8)(neh 9:2)(1cor 12:12)(gen 28:10-22,48:4)(1king 8:46-48)(lam 5:1-22)(wisdom of solomon 7:1-2). Actually the Hispanics were enslaved before the "Black" people when the evil conquistadors of spain such as christopher columbus, hernan cortez, vasco da gama, hernando de soto, vasco nunez de balboa, francisco pizarro, amerigo vaspucci, francisco hernandez de cordoba, gil gonzale de avila, fernando magellan, francisco de montejo, pedro de mondoza, gonzalo jimenez, diego de almagro, pedro de valdivia, francisco orellana, the jesuits (the crafty ones), the unites states cavalry and later the dutch, the britsh and the french arrived on the Caribbeans from 1492-1722. "Black" people's physical enslavement started year 1619-1865. The evil "white" people came to america claiming to have escaped the tyranny of europe, yet they've done even worse by creating genocide with terrorizing and annihilating the natives of this land. During those years and after they raped, robbed, murdered and stole arsareth (america) from the indigenous "Native Americans" (Hebrew Yisraelites). To give just one example of the great massacre and debauchery of lives of the indigenous people in the america's by the heathen nations; the poplation of mexico declined from twenty five million in 1490 to one million in 1605, mostly due to diseases that those heathen countries brought with them. Hebrew Yisraelites, america the bitter "beast" is synonymous to babylon/baby london (land of confusion) that was built from slavery on the backs and brow of "Black" and Brown people's ancestors who were the industrial revolution. The u.s. stock exchange's first transaction of stocks and bonds were the sales of Hebrew Yisraelite slaves/"Black" people. Every specie of wickedness is here in shameless bitter america/"babylon the great" (land of confusion) created by a corrupt oppressive indoctrinating government controlled by "white" demonic supremacists with guns and drugs. It's inhabitants are illiterate cutthroats, thieves, lesbians, faggots, satan worshippers, and this hell is spiritually sodom and egypt where our Father Most High's son Jesus was crucified. This extortionate place of captivity is not our land of rest but is a piece of waste so it shall be flushed = (micah 2:1-13)(habak 2:6-13)(gen 15:13-14,27:38-41)(rev 11:8-11,13:11,14:8,17:5,15,18:1-24,21:1-3)(isa 13:19-20,14:13,21:9,24:10-12,31:1,47:10-15,51:20-23,61:1-7,65:1-15,66:15-16)(col 2:8)(jude 1:7)(2pete 2:5-8)(hosea 1:10-11,3:4,10:13-15)(baruch 3:8-13)(rom 1:26-27,9:26,12:2)(deut 7:10,18:9-14,28:36,48,64-68)(jere 2:3,19,10:1-25,2:13-20,16:10-21,17:4,50:2,51:8-14)(1cor 2:8,19:2)(joel 3:7)(amos 5:21-27,9:8-15)(psa 23:1-6,63:1-3,94:20-21,107:10-14,137:1-9)(2thess 2:3-8)(1sam 2:6-10)(lam 5:1-22)(john 4:20-24,10:10,17:9-11)(nahum 1:2-3)(james 5:1-12)(haggai 1:5-6)(1maccabees 3:48,51-53,58-60)(josh 23:11-16)(zep 2:1)(exo 1:11-14,20:5,23:24)(hosea 12:3)(2chron 36:16-19)(1king 11:1-43)(dan 7:25)(deut 27:17)(judges 5:11)(1john 2:15-17)(gal 4:26)(zech 11:5)(john 10:10). We Yisraelites would have been like sodom and gomorah if our Most High father did not leave a small remnant, therefore we should not make our Most High father show us his wrath = (isa 1:9,3:9,65:8,24:10-12)(rom 9:22)(psa 124:1-8)(mala 3:6)(baruch 4:6-8)(heb 10:23). When we Yisraelites departed from the slave ships, we Yisraelites were stripped of our real names and nationalities, and our captors called us by different derogatory proverbs and bywords, anything besides Yisrael = (hosea 1:10-11)(deut 28:25-37,43-45,48-50,64-68)(ezek 36:19-20,37:1-10)(rev 11:8-11)(1king 8:47)(john 7:35-36,17:9-11,20:22)(luke 24:45)(psa 83:1-18,82:5-7,23:4-6,107:10)(habak 2:2)(rom 15:4)(isa 10:13,44:1-5,30:8,65:1-15,66:15-16)(dan 1:6-7,7:25)(esther 2:7)(gen 41:45,17:5,15,32:27-28,29:32-35,30:6-8,10-13,18-24,35:16-18,41:50-52,2:19)(2maccabees 6:6-9)(eccl 7:1)(prov 22:1,7:2)(psa 49:11,147:4)(baruch 3:8-13,4:6-8)(lam 5:1-22)(eph 4:13-14)(james 5:1-12)(zep 2:1)(jere 10:1-25,16:10-21,17:4,50:33)(micah 2:10)(2thess 2:8-12). We Yisraelites were conquered, destroyed, scattered, renamed and reclassified resulting from our transgressions of Most High's laws. Therefore, Most High put the "white" man in power with FREE slave labor to chastise "Black" people; and so we Yisraelites/"Black" people should not ultimately give our life resisting because it is the ordinance of our Father =  (rom 8:36,9:11-23,13:1-3)(exo 1:11-14)(jere 11:19,16:10-21,17:4,22:5-12)(psa 10:2-11,17:13-14,23:1-6,37:32,52:1-7,81:8-16,82:5,83:1-18)(eph 6:12-18)(oba 1:21)(isa 10:13,14:12,63:1-16,65:11-12)(micah 2:1-2,12-13)(deut 4:27-28,11:21-25,28:43-45,32:16-17,26)(ezek 7:24-25,47:1-23)(isa 30:12-13)(lam 5:1-22)(2esdras 4:28-30,6:57,13:40-45,14:34-35)(john 4:20-24,8:44,10:10,11:50-52,17:9-11)(1maccabees 3:45-48,51-53,58-60)(josh 23:11-16)(zep 2:1)(1king 8:46-48,11:1-43)(job 9:24)(1john 3:10)(heb 12:16-17)(acts 5:29-32,13:10)(jere 5:19,50:17-19,51:17-21)(2thess 2:8-12)(luke 21:24)(dan 4:17)(2esdras 1:24-26)(baruch 3:8-13,4:6-8)(matt 5:25-26)(sirach 9:13)(1king 8:46-48)(rev 18:1-24)(gen 27:38-41)(dan 9:11-12)(zech 11:5)(titus 3:1-3).Hebrew Yisraelites, we must understand that we have inherited our ancestor's iniquities, and our family tree (the Twelve Tribes of Yisarel) were and are scattered throughout the world because our forefathers have forsaken Most High's laws by idol worshiping of false gods, but we are WORSE than they were = (1king 8:46-48,11:1-11,34-43)(lam 4:6,5:1-22)(ezek 36:19-20)(act 7:43,11:16-19)(deut 4:19,27-28,7:25-26,18:9-14,28:64,32:16-17,26)(psa 23:1-6,52:1-7,81:8-16,96:4-5,107:10-12)(gen 1:26-27,27:38-41)(baruch 3:8-13,4:6-8)(john 4:20-24,7:35,17:9-11)(isa 11:11-13,5:13-14,24:10-12,28:15,30:12-13,31:1-3,44:13-18,65:1-15,66:15-16)(jere 7:26,9:25-26,10:1-25,2:13-20,3:2-3,11:19,16:10-21,17:4,9,29:4,30:11,50:17-19,51:17-21)(lev 20:1-6,26:1-5,15-46)(habakkuk 2:18-19)(deut 28:15,63-68,32:16-17,26)(prov 1:20-33)(joel 3:2,7)(rev 11:7-12)(exo 20:4-5,23:24,32:4-10)(amos 5:21-27,9:8-15)(heb 12:6-9)(rom 1:21-25,12:2)(james 1:1,4:4,5:1-12)(eph 4:13-14,5:11-12)(1john 2:19)(prov 28:26)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 3:4,10:13-15)(1maccabees 3:45-48,51-53,58-60)(josh 23:11-16)(zep 2:1)(exo 20:5,23:24)(rom 12:2,16:18)(2chr 36:16-19)(zech 7:11-13,11:5)(eccl 1:4-11,3:15)(2esdras 14:14-16)(1chr 9:1-3)(dan 7:25,9:11-12)(1pete 1:1)(luke 21:24)(wisdom of sol 14:8-10,15:4-6)(2thess 2:8-12)(micah 5:25-26)(rev 18:1-24). All "Black" people's civil leaders can't and won't save their people because all the "leaders" have sold out by taking the "30 pieces of silver." Not one civil leader ever spoke from scripture informing their people that the Most High has spoken of the curses that are plaguing us, and that the only remedy is for "Black" people to repent from our sins and return to our Most High father. The "Black" civil leaders are just paid deal brokers actually working for the persecutors and comes in the middle of a crisis to diffuse and calm down the abused oppressed "Black" people but never actually solve anything. Rather us Yisraelites and our civil "leaders" upholding segregation but redirecting our fight and mission to acquire all the same funding as the heathen nations to properly equip and PROPERLY educate ourselves ending the "Black" on "Black" genocide, instead we spent all energies fighting to be like our oppressors, mimicking their every move, thoughts and beliefs. The "million man march" is just a million different wicked philosophies which are not parallel with the laws of the Most High. Today's "Black" people are "white" mentally and spiritually but have "Black" skin = (prov 19:21,20:24,21:14)(deut 28:68)(1thess 2:14-15)(eccl 3:15)(isa 13:15,54:15-17,63:18-19,65:1-15)(jere 9:25-26,10:1-25,17:9,23:25-32,50:17-19,51:17-21)(john 16:1-3)(eph 4:13-14)(1john 2:19)(haggai 1:5-6)(1maccabees 3:51)(josh 23:11-16)(2esdras 4:28-30,14:34-35)(rom 12:2,16:18)(zech 7:11-13)(1king 11:1-43)(gen 25:21-34)(1cor 1:10,2:6-8)(baruch 4:1-3)(acts 5:29-32)(dan 4:17)(2thess 2:8-12)(psa 81:8-16)(jude 1:14-15)(septuagint psalms of sal. 4:1-25)(matt 23:31-35)(amos 3:3). Here are some of the lands where Hebrew Yisraelites/The Twelve Tribes dwell today: Judah (most high praises) = Negros/America Blacks = (gen 49: 8-12)(deut 28:37,48-68,68,33:7)(joel 3:1,3-8)(jere 14:2)(luk 21: 20-22)(zac 12:7)(jam 1:1). Benjamin (son of right hand) = West Indians, Jamaica, Trinidad = (gen 49:27)(deut 33:12). Levi (joined to me) = Hati = (gen 49:5-7)(deut 33: 8-11)(mala 2:1,3,8,9). Simeon (affliction heard) = Dominican Rep = gen 49:5-7)(deut 33: 8-11). Zebulon (dwelling) = Guatemala to Panama (Mayans) = gen 49:13)(deut 33:18-19). Ephraim/Joseph (fruitful) = Puerto Rico = (gen 48:5,14,49:22-26)(hosea 4:17-19, 7:8,11)(deut 33:13-17). Manasseh/Joseph (made to forget) = Cuba = (gen 48:5,14,49:22-26)(hosea 4:17-19)(duet 33:13-17). Gad (truth) = N. American Indians = (gen 49:19)(duet 33:20-21)(num 15:38)(1chron 12:8, 5:18)(2esdras 13:40-46). Reuben (seen as the sun) = Seminole Indians = (gen 49:3-4)(1chron 5:18)(deut 33:6). Napthali (my wrestling)= Argentia and Chile = (gen 49:21)(deut 33:23). Asher (happy) = Columbia to Uruguay (Incas), Venezuela, Brazil = (gen 49:20)(deut 33: 24-25). Issachar (he is hired) = Mexico (Aztecs) = (gen 49: 14-15)(deut 33: 18-19)(hosea 8:13)(1chron 12:32). These twelve tribes are clearly discussed in (gene 49:1-33)(deut 33:5-39)(1chron 12:20-40)(rev 7:1-8,12:1-2)(amos 9:11)(Hosea 1:9-11)(psa 77:15)(jere 33:7)(ezek 37:15-17) and throughout our holy bible. This was and is part of strategic plans of our governments worldwide to suppress any indication of light that could empower, enlighten or reaffirm the significant roles of "Black" people = (acts 5:30-32)(exo 19:5-6)(job 9:24)(deut 7:6-8)(ezek 37:1-14)(1king 8:47)(psa 10:2-11,82:1-8,147:19-20)(psa 37:32). Yisraelites, our Most High father says for his children to work, build houses, plant gardens, to teach the commandments to our children all day everyday, to take husbands and wives and reproduce so we won't diminish, and to seek and pray for peace while being in captivity = (jere 10:1-25,29:4-7)(mark 12:29-31)(titus 2:1-7)(deut 6:6-9)(prov 6:20-24)(psa 23:1-6,107:10-14)(isa 65:1-15,66:15-16)(1maccabees 3:56)(1king 8:46-48)(phil 1:27). The nation of edom/mt. seir/idumea spawned edomites (descendants of esau), also the amalekites (descendants of amalek). Together they and the other heathens think that the Most High has forgotten or does not see their past or present evils; so our enemies are attempting to build their army for armageddon to fight against the Most High because "they know they have a short time" here on earth where they will be powerless slaves serving the Hebrew Yisraelites/"Black" people = (rev 12:12-17,16:12-15,20:10,21:1-3)(isa 10:13,14:1-3,51:20-23,54:15-17,61:1-7)(obadiah 1-21)(job 9:24,14:4-5,39:27-30)(judges 18:1-2,27-31)(jer 9:25-26,12:14-17)(2esdras 6:8-9)(habak 3:14)(rev 13:10)(job 9:24)(exo 21:16)(deut 7:10)(psa 10:2-11,37:32)(lev 25:44-46)(john 8:44)(gen 25:25-26,27:38-41)(eccl 8:8)(james 5:1-12)(hosea 12:3)(2esdras 6:8-9)(lam 4:21-22)(rev 18:1-24)(zech 11:5)(joel 3:1-21). edomites (descendants of esau/satan's children) broke over 500 peace offerings made with the Native Americans, and conspired with the excommunicated Yisraelite tribe of Dan (the jealous one) to force christianity and to eradicate the north American Indians. Even then in history "Black" people conspired with the enemy and fought against each other = (psa 10:2-11,49:11,50:16-19,55:20-21)(job 9:24)(mala 1:4)(rev 13:7)(isa 30:10)(1maccabees 1:56)(john 8:44)(gen 27:38-41)(2thess 8-11)(sirach 12:10-14)(gen 49:16-17)(deut 32:16-17,33:22)(josh 19:47-48)(judg 15:20)(zech 11:5)(matt 23:31-35). The christianity religion is "white" supremacy of satan and it's antichrist, homosexual image is caesar boegiar, the second son of pope alexander VI of rome = (mica 2:1)(rev 13:11-12,15)(2esdras 11:40-46)(1john 2:18)(jere 10:1-5)(deut 5:9,7:25-26)(psa 78:5-6,96:4-5)(2thess 2:3-12)(john 4:22,8:44)(isa 10:13,65:1-15,24:10-12,54:15-17)(1maccabees 3:48)(exo 20:5,23:24)(prov 19:21)(rom 16:18)(jere 3:15,10:1-25,23:1-2,25-32)(wisdom of sol 14:8-10,14-15)(1cor 1:17-18,2:6-8)(2cor 11:13-14)(mala 2:7). The "beast"/antichrist/demonic/homosexual caucasian image infiltrating and portraying Jesus Christ The Messiah is painted by leonardo da vinci in the renaissance period then followed by michael angelo. From the beginning hollywood (the witch's wand) has portrayed their bloody RED satanic image to be "white" clean and innocent to deceive the world, particularly the Hebrew Yisraelites = (job 9:24)(rev 13:11-18)(jere 10:1-25,11:19)(john 8:44)(1maccabees 3:48,51-53)(exo 20:5,23:24)(prov 19:21)(rom 1:22-25,16:18)(rev 11:7-10,12:3-9)(2thess 3-11)(isa 25:7)(wisdom of sol 15:4-6)(lev 20:1-6)(2cor 11:13-14)(john 8:44)(gen 27:38-41)(psa 109:25)(matt 27:39). The antichriest/"white" man was able to make the "beast" (this world's oppressive system) talk through christianity, media, movies, books, schools, democracy (demonic rules), and anyone who did not worship the "beast" would be killed. People worship the "beast" by using their right hand to seal agreements/oaths and to pledge allegiance, and our fourhead represents our way of thinking and beliefs = (rev 11:7-8,12:3-9,13:15-17,14:8-12,18:1-24)(dan 7:18-21)(col 2:8)(1john 2:18)(2thess 2:3-12)(psa 10:2-11)(eph 5:11-12)(isa 65:1-15)(hosea 10:13-15)(exo 20:5,23:24)(rom 16:18)(isa 10:13,24:10-12)(2maccabees 6:6-9)(jere 10:1-25,51:17-21)(2esdras 14:14-16)(wisdom of sol 14:8-10,14-15)(2cor 11:13-14). Globally these afflictions/oppressions of the 12 tribes are very evident in today's society through economic castration plus miseducation which equals GENOCIDE by worldwide governments/america's constitution/politics/democracy/news programs/television shows/movies/commercials/the press/media/newspapers/magazines/schools/universities/churches/synagogues/mosques/the vatican are all systems and houses of satan, and YES even with your own friends and family = (rev 2:13-16,13:7-8)(luke 12:51-53,21:12,16-17)(acts 5:29-32,20:29-30)(matt 24:9-10)(psa 83:1-18,96:5)(exo 20:1-10)(lev 26:1-4,15-46)(eph 4:13-14)(prov 28:26)(isa 65:1-15,66:15-16)(haggai 1:5-6)(jere 10:1-25,51:17-21)(rom 9:11-23,12:2)(deut 32:16-17)(2cor 11:13-14)(2thess 2:8-12). All world governments and political systems of this satanic world are evil and designed by the vatican (serpent of seers/false prophet) to secretly destroy the Hebrew Yisraelites. An example is the fact that we Hebrew Yisraelites collectively are the majority race on the earth, but they divided us into different groups, therefore we become various minority groups. We Hebrew Yisraelites must remember that we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places, therefore we must stay fully armoured and strive for righteousness = (prov 16:4)(deut 28:15,32,36,37,43-45,48-50,60,61,64,68)(job 9:24)(habak 3:14)(psa 10:2-11,23:1-6,37:32,83:1-18)(jere 11:19)(isa 10:13,14:17,25:7,54:15-17,56:9-12,65:1-15)(hosea 10:13-15)(protocols learned elders: protocol 16)(1maccabees 3:45-48,51-53,58-60)(exo 20:5,23:24)(1king 11:1-43)(sirach 12:10-14)(luke 19:43-44)(1john 2:15)(eph 6:12-18)(titus 2:12)(james 1:12-16,4:4)(john 7:7)(zech 11:5)(joel 3:1-21)(jude 1:14-15)(septuagint psa of sal. psa 4:1-25). Hebrew Yisraelites are also being destroyed from the poisons of legal and illegal drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling and the genectically modified organisms foods along with the abominable pork and seafoods that causes heart disease, hypertension, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease and infertility. Monsanto is an american multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri that is creating an apocalypse of humans and bees. Bees pollinate most of our foods but Monsanto has killed more than 90% of them with their pesticides and they know it. Therefore, Monsanto bought one of the major bee research firms, Bee Logics to control the studies, data and information. There are vaccines and pharmaceutical components already made inside the crops. Currently you are getting pharmaceutical drugs and experimental vaccines on your dinner table. 95% of all foods are (gmo) genectically modified organisms which causes all types of intenal malfunctions and diseases. This is why it takes you days sometimes to have an abnormal bowel movement. The bee scenario could possibly spawn ww3 and massive economic collapse and starvation = (ezek 4:13)(isa 5:11,22,28:7,15,65:4,11-12)(deut 14:3-21)(lev 10:8-11,11:1-47)(2esdras 14:14-16)(1tim 6:9-10,17)(heb 13:5)(prov 1:10-19,13:11,16:27,33,20:1,23:4,29-35,26:11,28:22,29:26,31:4-5)(ecc 5:10,7:11-12)(matt 6:19-21,24,24:48-49,27:35)(mark 4:19,6:19-21,24,33,7:20-23,8:36)(luke 12:15,16:13)(exo 20:17)(rom 3:20-24,12:2,14:21-23,13:13,15:13)(psa 37:4,62:5)(jere 17:9-11)(2pete 2:19,22)(1cor 3:16-17,6:9-12)(acts 1:23-26,20:35)(2thess 2:8-12,3:10)(john 2:14-15)(rev 21:8)(eph 4:28,5:17-19)(sirach 31:25-31)(nahum 1:10)(gal 5:21)(1pete 4:3,5:8)(hab 2:15)(job 14:4). Those old poisonous methods aren't working quick enough for the bilderberg group (the 1%, the illuminati) so they've decided on a more direct destruction program called a "new world order" that consists of a one world government that's structured towards a long term process but with potential for definite results of complete annihilation of the Hebrew Yisraelites/"Black" people. The bilderberg group's master scientific plan of social darwinism was drawn up by inbred capitalistic families to eventually unite all world governments under one umbrella for an easier means to control and harvest all wealth for themselves and to create more poor people. The poor people mostly (Hebrew Yisraelites/"Black" people) will be marginalized for convenience of eradication of them all. Marginalizing people from the main stream of society is an age old strategy that has worked for every totalitarian regime in history hense hitler. In order to sucessfully usher in this wicked plot the bilderberg group will manufacture and exaggerate different forms of fear amongst the multitude then await for the citizens' request for more security which gives the bilderbergs more control over the population. This same method of deception and fraud was performed by various individuals throughout history and a famous example was in 64 AD performed by emperor nero known as the "burning of rome". The Hebrew Yisraelites/"Black" people were blamed for that fire and as a result thousands of Jews/"Black" people were put to death. Another example was the burning of germany's reichstag building performed by hitler in 1933. hitler blamed the fire on the (amalekites) fake jewISH people which helped infuse hitler's plan for exterminating the fake jews. There was never any war on terrorism in america but there is a war for control of the world's financial system. For this reason, the u.s.a. demonstrates the latest and grandest performance of all time, a "terrorist attack on 9/11". dick cheney said "there will be another 9/11 attack but the next time it'll be with weapons for more deadlier than airplane tickets and box cutters." obama said "a nuclear bomb could go off in new york city." senator lindsay graham warned south carlinians about "the threat of a terrorist nuclear attack", and senator dianne feinstein said "there will be plots to kill americans." The terrorists are the police, the criminal and justice system, the penal system, the armed forces, the board of miseducation, the vatican, the evil churches, synagogues and mosques, the bilderberg group, united nations, congress, the media and the press; and those evils are primarily focused towards the Hebrew Yisraelites/"Black" people. Out of all races the Hebrew Yisraelites have been treated the worse throughout the entire planet = (deut 28:1-68)(dan 9:11-12). Biblically there are 18 nations and the 17 heathen nations are ENEMIES of the Hebrew Yisraelites, but all 17 are within our communities conducting business, sucking monies from our "Black" communities through banking, education, religion, the press, the media, retail, foods/markets, but none give back in any way. I don't feel safe as a "Black" person within a "Black" community and the chances of me being attacked or shot is much greater than the combined 17 heathen nations whose conducting business in our communities and mission is to destroy us as a race of people. Hebrew Yisraelites/"Black" people never received reparations or restitution for slavery, no forty acres and mule, only christianity, democracy, abortions, prisons (over two million housed), foodstamps, cheese, crack, stimulus; also a check cashing place, liquor store, fried chichen spot, and a demonic church are the four corners of our gentrified communities that are ran by heathen/animal nations. Nevertheless, after ww2 the u.s.a gives all japanese families $10,000 monthly, and gives the state of Yisrael three to nine billion dollars yearly. In addition, drugs, guns, crime, single parent homes, miseducation and hatred towards our own people are the plagues cleaving to our communities = (dan 9:11-12)(job 5:11-13)(rom 1:21-25,9:11-23)(isa 42:22,65:1-15,66:15-16)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(psa 83:1-18)(josh 23:11-16)(deut 28:1-68,16-20)(zep 2:1)(2esdras 14:34-35)(isa 24:10-12)(amos 3:1-3)(jere 10:1-25,16:10-21)(1king 11:1-43)(sirach 12:10-14)(lam 4:21-22)(baruch 4:1-3,27-29)(james 4:4)(joel 3:1-22). For sympathy the "so-called jew" (amalekites/edomites/satan's children) that controls the press and all media "claim" that six million of them fake jews were exterminated during the HOAXOCAUST, but that was just "white" on "white" crime. However, they conveniently failed to mention that many of hitler's generals in his army were the fake "jewISH" heathens (amalekites). Included in those murdered were many "Black" people (real Jews), a fact rarely mentioned by illuminati's religions, schools, press and media. Their fabricated number is nothing compared to the almost three BILLION of the real Hebrew Yisraelites that were murdered. Over seven hundred million murdered Hispanics and Native Americans from Ephraim/the northern kingdom of Yisrael, and two billion murdered "Negroes/Blacks" of the tribe Judah/the southern kingdom of Yisrael. The following are the gentile heathen nations who are a confederacy and conspiracy against Most High's chosen people = (psa 83:1-12)(Book of Jasher 81:52-62)(habak 3:14)(job 9:24)(exo 21:16)(rev 13:10)(jere 11:19,50:17-19,51:17-21)(gen 27:38-41)(1maccabees 3:48,51-53,58-60). GENTILE NATIONS = (1esdras 8:69)(ezek 36:5)(jere 46:1-2,chpt 47-51)(luke 21:24)(zech 12:7-9)(isa 40:15,17)(john 8:44)(gen 27:38-41)(sirach 12:10-14)(septuagint psa of sal. psa 4:1-25)>> edom = caucasian "so-called whites"/satan's children, mizram = egyptians, amalek = "so-called jewISH" people/family of esau and satan's children, cush = ethiopians, phut = northern africans, canaan = south africans, philistines = africans, tyre = africans, gebal = african, ishmael = arabians, aram = syrians, elam = india, gomer = turkey, moab = chinese, ammon = japanese, persia = iranians, medes = russians, japheth = various island nations, asshur = assyrians. The following are books containing detailed information clearly revealing The Twelve Tribes of Yisrael. BOOKS>> The 1611 King James bible, The Apocrypha, The Zondervan Bible Dictionary, The works of the Most High and mighty prince James, The Septuagint (only because it has Maccabees 1-4, Psalms 151:1-7, Psalms of Salomon chapters 1-18), Our Living Bible by Michael Avi-yonah, Black Indians by William Loren Katz, Lost Tribes and Promised Lands by Roland Sanders, Haiti Feeding The Spirit, Puerto Rico: The Flame of Resistance, Slavery A World History by Milton Meltzer, From Babylon To Timbuktu by Randolph Windsor, Hebrewisms of West Africa by Joseph J Williams, Sex and Race by J. A Rogers, Nature Knows No Color Line by J. A Rogers, Mexico Feast and Ferment, The Hope of Israel by Menasseh Ben Israel, History of The American Indians by James Adair, The Way of The Warrior, The Native Americans: The Indigenous People of North America by Colin Taylor, Origins of the American Indians: European Concepts 1492-1729 by Lee E. Huddleston, After Columbus The Smithsonian Chronicle of The North American Indians. Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History. First Voyage to America: From the Log of the "Santa Maria" by Christopher Columbus, In The Age of Mankind by Roger Lewin, The Icon by Kurt Weitzmann, The Lost Ten Tribes by Joseph Wild, Hebrew The Eternal Language by William Chomsky, Into Egypt Again With Ships: A Message To The Forgotten Israelites, The Thirteenth Tribe: The Kazar Empire and It's Heritage, The History of The American Indians by James Adair, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The Lost Books of the Bible and the books of Eden, The American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New World <<. The edomites' and amalekites' hero was alexander the macedonian (the greek freak) out of the land chettiim, son of philip who conquered many lands and kingdoms from 336-323 BC by means of guns, germs and steel. During such time when alexander (first macedonian to reign over greece) and his generals got dominion over the egyptians then taking them out of their land and lightening their black skin by raping their women; and their offspring were called mulatto. Then they started dresing like the egyptians and taking on their customs, eventually taking over thier customs claiming ownership as they've repeatedly done throughout africa, europe, the mid-east, and the western hemisphere. alexander sent in ptolemy soter and his soldiers who burned down the library of alexanderia which was one of the most signifcant libraries in the ancient world that contained much important information/education of the Hebrew Yisraelites. Starting in year 145 BC, king antiochus epiphanes of greece created a law declaring all nationalities as one (gentile), and that meant a death sentence for any Hebrew Yisraelite claiming themselves as Jew or caught having any scripture in their possession. gentiles' definition in old testaments refers to the 17 heathen nations (all nations except Yisrael), but gentiles' meaning of new testaments refers to the hellenists (Jews speaking greek). In other words, the gentiles in new testaments are referring to the Jews/"Black" people that were scratterd in 722 BC, 586 BC and 70 AD, as mentioned earlier here in this book  = (1maccabees 1:1-64,3:48)(2maccabees 6:6-9)(1cor 12:2,10:1)(gen 27:38-41)(rom 11:13-19)(acts 2:5-11,11:16-19)(eph 2:11,19-22)(joel 3:2)(col 1:18). Before alexander fell sick and died after reigning for twelve years, he divided his kingdom among his honourable servants he had known since his youth. After alexander's death they all put crowns upon themselves, so did their sons after them for many years, therefore, evils were MULTIPLIED in the earth. All satan's children are the "whites" (the ring leader), amalekites (fake jewISH people), the arabs, the africans, the chinese, the japanese, the east indians, the greeks, the romans, the spainish, the french, the germans, the russians, and the british are puppets of the illuminati, whose entire purpose is to secretly keep the Twelve Tribes of Yisrael from being a nation = (psa 10:2-11,37:32,49:11,83:1-18)(habak 3:14)(deut 28:49-55,32:17,31-33)(dan 7:25)(2esdras 6:9,16:1)(zech 11:5)(isa 10:13,14:12-17,25:7,42:22)(amos 1:9-11)(Book of Jasher 82:52-62)(rev 2:9,3:9,13:7-8)(heb 12:16-17)(baruch 4:30-35)(job 30:5-8,9:24,29,39:27-39)(oba 1-21)(exo 21:16)(2thess 2:3-12)(jere 10:1-25,11:19)(john 8:44)(gen 27:38-41)(1maccabees  1:1-64,3:45-48,51-53,58-60)(joel 3:1-21)! This vile, blasphemous illuminati system is secretly against us "Blacks, Latinos, Native American Indians" = (habak 3:14)(psa 83:1-18)(1maccabees 3:45-48,51-53,58-60)(isa 14:17,42:22)(wisdom of sol 15:4-6)(2thess 2:8-12)(lam 5:1-22). King David prays in songs of destruction for our adversaries and Most High promises his Hebrew Yisraelite children victory over or enemies, and he will set us back in our homeland Yisrael (the mother of us all) = (deut 7:10,11:22-25,31:8,32:41-43,33:29)(2esdras 6:8-9)(rom 9:17,22-23,11:28)(zech 9:12-13,10:5-7,12:7-9,14:1-21)(psa 2:1-12,9:16-20,21:8-13,23:1-6,37:34-40,102:26,109:7-20,124:1-8,126:1-6,137:1-9,139:21-22,144:1-2,149:1-9)(isa 2:1-4,11:12,13:11-22,14:1-5,12-17,21,24:10-12,25:7-9,34:8,42:13-17,47:1-5,10-15,49:22-23,51:20-23,52:1-3,54:1-5,13-14,58:10,59:18,60:10-12,61:1-7,63:1-4,65:11-15,66:15-16)(lam 4:14)(luke 1:70-71,19:27)(mica 4:5-7,5:7-15,6:9-15)(jer 1:6-10,2:3,13-20,4:13,9:25-26,10:1-25,16:14-18,23:2,30:16,32:18,49:10,51:8-14,19-23)(eze 9:4-11,25:12-17,35:1-15,36:24,37:21-23)(nahum 1:2-3)(1cor 6:2)(exo 11:7,21:16)(joel 2:1-11,3:1-21)(rev 3:12,11:12-15,13:9-10,14:1,17:14,18:1-24,19:11)(amos 1:9-11,9:7-15)(zeph 3:6-9)(micah 4:10-13,5:9-15)(oba 1:9-10)(hosea 1:10-11,12:3)(gen 25:25-26,49:19)(2thess 2:3-12)(1sam 2:6-10)(lev 25:44-46)(james 5:1-12)(1maccabees 3:58-60)(exo 20:5,21:16,23:24)(amos 9:8-15)(matt 21:41,23:31-35)(sirach 36:1-11)(rev 11:18,17:10,20:10,21:1-3)(job 20:4-7)(oba: 18)(zech 11:5)(2esdras 4:28-30,6:24,13:8-11)(wisdom of sol 5:1-2)(josh 1:5,10:8)(gal 4:26)(john 7:35)(baruch 4:30-37)(num 24:17-20)(heb 12:22)(haggai 2:21-23)(dan 2:44)(jude 1:14-15). Majority of heathens/animals from all races wish not to speak or discuss such truths because they wish to continue living their shallow lives so they could continue to feel superior and important by society's evil perceptions, but most know who's Most High's Chosen people are = (2esdras 5:23-27,6:54-56,14:14-16)(isa 40:15,41:8-9,44:1-4,45:4-5,17)(eph 5:26)(zec 2:8-9)(exo 19:5-6,20:5,23:24)(2sam 7:23-24)(rom 3:1-4,9:3-8,11-23,11:26-27)(psa 33:12,37:28,50:5,78:5-6,83:1-18,132:11-18,147:19-20,148:14)(deut 7:6-9,14:1-2,26:17-19,28:1-14,32:8-9,16-17)(jere 9:25-26,17:9,28:8,48:15)(1sam 10:24)(2chron 6:5-6)(eze 37:19-23)(1pete 1:2,2:9-10)(dan 7:27)(exo 21:16)(hosea 1:10)(sirach 17:17-21,26:19-21,36:7-11)(1king 10:9)(john 15:16)(1john 2:19)(1tim 1:4)(rom 8:16,10:2)(eph 1:13)(2cor 11:22)(lev 19:1-2)(amos 3:1-2)(matt 10:34-42). Sad to say that many "Black" people wish not to view or discuss such documentaries or books for they are LOST and brainwashed with no self-worth and a false perception of themselves who wish not to search their forefathers and foremothers, but wish to get paid by hollywood for ignoring the responsibility of adhering to the truth and neglecting to acknowledge their past or present oppressions. We Hebrew Yisraelites are being punished by our Most High father, he put us in a time out with a spirit of slumber = (hose 5:15)(ezek 18:30)(amos 3:1-3)(deut 28:15-68)(heb 12:6-9)(rom 11:8)(psa 137:1-9)(septuagint psa of sal. psa 4:1-25). hollywood (the witch's wand) is the land where the highest form of witchcraft and sorcery is practiced and the only place where a "white" man can defeat a "Black" man. Most "Black" people are afraid to achieve or excel, afraid that truth will call them to be courageous by standing outside the "matrix" and feeling honored and blessed of their heritage, and challenge them/us to acknowledge and respect our lineage of ROYALTY by reading and obeying the bible (words of our Father) = (hosea 1:10-11,4:6,10:13-15)(hebr 1:1-6,7:14)(job 8:8)(1pete 2:9-10)(jere 1:10,2:13-20,5:19,6:16,9:3,6,25-26,10:1-25,11:19,16:10-21,17:4-11,23:5-6,28:8,50:6,17-19,51:17-21)(john 4:22,8:31-32,15:16,17:9-11)(lev 20:24-26)(mica 5:2)(rev 1:3,5:5)(rev 21:1,11-12,22:16)(rom 1:3,21-25,3:1-4,8:16,29,9:1-33,12:2,14:8-12,16:18)(2sam 7:13)(isa 1:3,5:13-14,9:6-7,11:1-5,30:12-13,42:22,43:10,44:1-4,13-18,45:4-5,56:9-12,61:1-7,65:1-15,66:4,15-16)(luk 1:32-33,1:68-71,2:4,3:23-38)(matt 1:16,21,15:24,18:11,22:29,23:31-35,25:31-34)(gen 49:8-12)(job 8:8-9)(deut 6:1-15,7:1-11,14:1-2,26:17-19,28:1-14,32:7-10,16-17)(1king 8:46-48,10:9)(2maccabees 6:6-9)(psa 37:28,52:1-7,81:8-16,82:5,89:3-4,107:10-14,132:11-18,147:19-20)(dan 9:7)(2cor 4:3-4,11:22)(sirach 17:17-21,26:19-21)(rom 1:21-25,10:1-3)(2esdras 5:23-27,14:14-16,34-35)(eph 4:13-14,5:11-12,6:12)(ezek 36:5-7)(1john 2:19)(james 4:4,5:1-12)(1tim 1:4,4:13-16)(2cor 4:3-4,11:22)(prov 1:20-33,28:26)(joel 3:2)(haggai 1:5-6)(1maccabees 3:58-60)(josh 23:11-16)(lev 19:1-2,20:1-6)(amos 9:8-15)(2chron 36:16-19)(zech 7:11-13)(baruch 4:1-3)(acts 5:29-32)(2thesss 2:8-12)(lam 5:1-22). Integration was the WORST thing that happened to "Black" people/Hebrew Yisraelites. Because our Father says we are two NATIONS and two MANNER of people that should to be SEPERATED, and we "Blacks"/Hebrew Yisraelites will be stronger (spiritually, mentally, physically) and the elder shall SERVE the younger = (gen 25:21-34)(psa 37:32)(matt 25:31-34)(deut 32:8-9). Content and comfortable are most "Black" people, so grateful to drink from same water fountains, attend the same evil, identity stripping, brainwashing schools and not being whipped anymore so they think they are free and they think have arrived as americans = (matt 10:34-42,17:24-26)(prov 5:15-23)(isa 14:13,30:12-13)(psa 23:1-6,137:1-9)(john 4:22)(eph 4:13-14,5:11-12)(james 5:1-12)(prov 1:20-33,28:26)(gen 25:23)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(zep 2:1)(exo 20:5,23:24)(rom 16:18)(2chron 36:16)(amos 3:1-3)(jere 10:1-25,16:10-21)(zech 7:11-13)(1king 11:1-43)(luke 12:51-53)(2esdras 14:14-16)(deut 32:7-9,16-17)(baruch 4:1-3)(sirach 12:10-14). Freedom is an illusion for "Black" people this is why we have a social security number, and why we provide our signature (to sign over your nature) on any documents of possession, also by paying taxes. The united states' constitution is the framework for complete brainwashing of all citizens especially the Hebrew Yisraelites/"Black" and brown people who were labeled sub-human and treated as chattel by this country's wicked murderous invaders (colonists). "Black" people are the creators of all things and are the largest consumers, but the poorest race of people who pays to drink their own water, we pay renting and buying our own land, and we pay to utilize our own inventions/creations = (deut 28:1-68)(lam 5:1-22)(eph 4:13-14)(prov 1:20-33)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(josh 23:11-16)(zep 2:1)(amos 3:1-2)(jere 10:1-25,16:10-21,51:19)(baruch 4:1-3)(james 4:4)(2thess 2:8-12)(psa 137:1-9)(isa 66:3). The Most High says all of us "Blacks"/Hebrew Yisraelites have gifts to give to each other = (rom 3:1-4,12:1-10)(titus 2:1-7)(deut 6:6-9)(james 5:16)(1tim 4:13-16)(2esdras 14:34-35)(lev 19:1-2,17-18)(mark 12:28-31)(1king 11:1-43)(deut 4:5-6)(baruch 4:1-3)(1cor 6:1-4). We Hebrew Yisraelites must realize that love in our physical life time will only come from our Most High father, Jesus or our neighbors (your Yisarelite brothers and sisters) who are following the commandments. Therefore, be a friend by speaking and executing the truth, always receiving the spirit of our Most High father and not the demonic spirit, religions, false science and philosophies of this evil world. We Hebrew Yisraelite men and women are to support each other spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, and socially. One day our Father will reunite Ephraim (the norhern Kingdom) and Judah (the southern Kingdom) into one stick = (zech 7:11-13,8:16,10:5-7)(lev 18:20,19:1-2,17-18,27,21:15,25:17)(deut 4:19,6:1-10,15:9-13,18:9-14,28:15-68,32:16-17)(james 5:16)(rom 1:21-25,9:1-33,12:1-10,16:18)(1cor 2:3-8,12-16,3:18-23,11:1-15)(mark 12:28-31)(matt 10:34-42,22:29,36-40)(1john 2:15)(sirach 6:1-17)(1tim 1:4,4:13-16,6:20-21)(prov 1:20-33,5:15-23,12:26)(jere 2:13-20,3:18,10:1-5,16:10-21,17:5-8,28:8,50:17-19,51:17-21)(exo 20:1-5,13,16,21:15,17,32:4-10)(2cor 4:3-4,11:13-14)(john 4:22,15:12-14,17:9-11)(mala 2:10-12)(1thess 4:9,5:21)(psa 52:1-7,82:5,94:20-21,107:10-14)(deut 28:1-14,15)(lev 19:31,26:1-46)(baruch 4:1-3,6-8)(amos 3:1-2,5:21-27,9:8-15)(2thess 2:3-8)(isa 11:12-13,30:12-13,44:13-18,56:9-12,60:21,65:11-12,66:15-16)(titus 2:1-7,3:3)(ezek 9:4-6,37:15-23)(1pete 1:22-25,3:1-7)(james 5:1-12,16)(eph 5:11-12)(rom 8:16,16:18)(2cor 11:22)(josh 23:11-16)(exo 20:5,23:24)(luke 12:51-53)(2esdras 3:31-36,14:14-16)(acts 5:29-32,7:42-43)(wisdom of sol 14:8-10)(1cor 6:1-4)(hosea 1:11). There are no boyfriends, girlfriends or jump-offs in the holy bible, only husbands and wives that we shall take from the seed of our fathers and not of other races = (heb 13:4-5)(tobit 4:12)(sirach 26:19-21)(prov 5:15-23,28:26,31:1-31)(haggai 1:5-6)(rom 8:16,9:1-33)(1tim 1:4)(2cor 11:22)(nehe 13:3,23-31)(eph 5:21-25). Many "Black" people have "the sodom spirit" of homosexuality which is an abomination = (Noah's son Ham is the progenitor of the dark races but not the Negroes) = (gene 10:18-20,18:27-33,19:1-11,24-28)(2pete 2:6-8)(psa 52:1-7,94:20,19:7,78:51,94:16)(deut 23:17)(lev 18:22,20:13)(act 13:38-40)(rom 1:21-32,7:14,12:2,16:18)(Heb 13:4-5)(deut 28:61,22:5)(isa 1:9,3:9,13:19-20,65:1-15,66:15-16)(sirach 18:30-31,19:29-30,23:6)(rev 2:13-17,11:8)(prov 21:16)(jude 1:7)(eccl 7:29)(james 1:12-14)(2chron 7:10,19:2)(prov 1:22,12:26,17:15,22:15)(1tim 1:8-10)(matt 5:28,18:3)(eph 4:22-23,5:11-12)(2esdras 7:36,14:34)(1cor 6:9-11,7:2-3)(mark 9:28-29,10:6-8)(2sam 10:4-5)(jere 16:16-18,17:9)(zech 7:11-13)(1cor 6:9-10)(2cor 12:7-10)(joel 3:1-21)(jude 1:7,11). We "Black" people are disobedient, a stiffneck REBELLIOUS and gainsaying people with reprobate minds that's quick to do evil by attacking each other, plus neglecting to obey our Most High father's laws, statues and commandments; but we are quick to call upon our Father when the "white" man (police or america's satanic laws), oprah or obama can't and or won't fix our problems. Needless to say that major celebrities as cosby, common, kanye, oprah, jordan, and obama, etc won't even address or try to amend the staggering number of deaths of "Black" people residing in their own murderous hometown of chicago where it adverages fourteen deaths daily between 01/2003 to present. The "powers to be" (the globalists) always put a "Black" face in power when "they" are about to take back what they gave. OBAMACARE and the stimulus package was bait to snare Hebrew Yisraelites into dependency, and to groom them for the implanting of the RFID chip (the mark of the beast) that is written of within his health care bill = (rev 13:12-18,14:11)(rom 12:2). Since obama has been in office the unemployment and incarceration rate is higher than the years of reagan and the bushes. All politicians and celebrities talk a lot about the drug problem but none of them ever address exactly that the drugs are coming from the d.e.a with assistance from the c.i.a, f.b.i, military, coast guards, politicians, united nations, all u.s. police departments, the vatican, etc. "Black" people do not own or have farms to grow any crops, we do not own or control any airline, railway, communication media, boarder patrol, seaports or waterways, but we Hebrew Yisarelites ("Black" and Brown) people fill all jails and prisons worldwide with minor drug related charges. Needless to say, the c.i.a is the biggest drug king pin ever that supplies the entire globe with poisons. President reagan's 1980's "war on drugs" was actually a war on all "Black" and Brown people. The edomites completely control all the criminal and justice systems within this matrix = (isa 29:13,30:8-13,31:1-3,44:13-18,51:20-23,65:1-15,66:15-16)(deut 10:16,28:54,32:16-17)(john 4:22,5:43-47,8:42-45,12:30-31,15:12-14)(prov 1:10-33,5:15-23,12:26,28:26)(gen 9:6)(act 5:29-32,7:51-53)(matt 10:34-42,22:29,23:31-35,26:52)(james 1:12-14,4:4)(sirach 12:10-14,23:6)(1cor 2:3-8,19:12)(2cor 13:5-7)(eph 2:2,6:12-18)(deut 15:9,18:9-14,27:1,26,28:1-68)(prov 1:20-33,24:21)(mala 2:10-12,3:5-6)(rev 14:8-12,22:14-15)(1john 2:18-19)(jere 2:13-20,5:19,9:25-26,10:1-25,16:10-21,17:5-9,23:21-22,25-32)(deut 28:1-14,15-68)(exo 20:1-26,23:24,32:4-10)(lev 20:1-6,26:1-3)(baruch 4:1-3,6-8)(amos 3:1-2,5:21-27,9:8-15)(2thess 2:3-12)(rom 10:1-3,21,16:18)(1pete 3:1-7)(psa 23:1-6,52:1-7,107:10-14)(eph 4:13-14,5:11-12)(james 5:1-12)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(josh 23:11-16)(2chron 36:16-19)(zech 7:11-13)(1king 11:1-43)(2esdras3:31-36,14:14-16)(wisdom of sol 14:14-15)(1tim 6:17-18)(1cor 6:1-4)(lev 19:17)(luke 21:20)(dan 9:25-26,10:12-13,11:21-45)(psa 81:8-16)(titus 3:1-3)(septuagint psalms of sal. 4:1-25). Hebrew Yisraelites, we must understand that a person's nationality is determined by the seed of their father, therefore, obama is not one of us. obama's was born in kenya, mother is an amalekite/fake jew who is part of the bush family, and was linked directly to the c.i.a, his father is african/hamitic, and he/obama is muslim. obama is an enigma and a manchurian candidate who has no track record because his close relatives and affiliates mysteriously died before or during his first election (granmother in 2008, half sister in 2011, father in 1982, mother in 1995, "Black" homosexual partners nate spencer 2007, larry bland 2007 and donald young were members of jeremiah wright's gay church in 2007). The following are deaths of people connected to the obama administration revealing his homosexuality, muslim faith, terrorist or other illegal activities: (andrew breitbart, kam kuwata, lieutenant quarles harris jr, christopher kelly, john wheeler III, beverly eckert, michael scott, david koschman, ashley turton, dawn sylvia-stasiewicz, sarah berkley, russel mcdougal, rodrigo villialopez, brian goring, mercedes hugley, tamika hill, hasad al shareez, darsano rahardjo, reverend david manning, christopher hargrove, paul rothchild, curtis pookie jackson, harvey kenyon, sheila baugh, keyshawn spoon calworth, lawshawna martin, bill ferguson, gandy baugh, miriam carey, alex okrent, tom clansy, loretta deliana, michael hastings, michael signator). Consequently, obama is an illuminati puppet of the rockefellers and rothchilds, and is one of the antichrist = (prov 1:20-33,14:21)(1john 2:18)(gen 19:32,28:10-22,48:4)(john 4:22,5:43-47,8:44)(2thess 2:3-8)(isa 45:25,65:9)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(num 1:18)(exo 20:5,23:24)(neh 9:12)(gal 3:16,29). Today's "Black" men are soulless cowards who hate on each other but love themselves and this evil, material world more than their Most High father who Yisraelites think is asleep. "Black" men lives are contolled by their women, plus totally intimidated and controlled mentally and spiritually by all heathen races, especially "white" people, but don't value themselves, their own family or race = (2tim 3:1-7)(ezek 9:9)(2pete 3:3-6)(sirach 9:11-13,12:10-14,19:29-30,30:21-25)(psa 52:1-7,73:3-6,16-17,82:5,107:10-14)(titus 2:1-7,3:1-3)(lev 19:1-2,17-18)(tobit 4:12-13)(1maccabees 1:25-26)(exo 21:15,17)(mala 2:10-12)(isa 24:10-12,29:13,30:12-13,31:1-3,51:20-23,65:1-15,66:4,15-16)(matt 10:34-42,23:31-35)(1pete 3:5-7)(1pete 3:1-7)(prov 1:20-33,5:15-23,28:26,31:10-31)(lam 5:1-22)(eph 4:13-14,5:21-25)(gen 25:22-23)(1john 2:19)(james 5:1-12)(jere 5:19,9:25-26,10:1-25,16:10-21,17:9,51:17-21)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(josh 23:11-16)(rom 16:18)(amos 3:1-2,9:8-15)(2chron 36:16-19)(zech 7:11-13)(2esdras 14:14-16)(2thess 2:3-12)(deut 15:9-13,28:54)(1cor 2:3-8,5:2,14:4)(wisdom of sol 14:14-15,15:4-6)(baruch 4:1-3)(1john 2:11)(1cor 11:3,8)(rev 14:8-12)(1esdras 4:14). Majority of "Blacks" are only interested in worthless trophies, false riches, praise and accolades through playing sports or entertaining themselves and their oppressors nonstop, but they do not understand that all entertainment is a distraction from our Most High father. many "Black" men have abandon their community in hopes to receive a music deal, nba or nfl contract. they get supported by their community and neighborhood then forget all about their people for a "white" woman. this is why hollywood/satan's children are always diminishing Hebrew Yisraelites/"Black" people by showing themselves/"whites" as BLACKFACE throughout the Hiphop community and all entertainment. ALL "WHITE" RAPPERS, NONBALCK RAPPERS AND MOST ENTERTAINERS ARE A FORM OF BLACKFACE! The illuminati (vampires) infiltrated the rap music industry in the 1980s as they've done rock 'n roll in the 1940s to present, and to the "Black" artist and performers in the 1800s. "white" people actually hate "Black" people, but "whites" love having "Black" people around them because "whites" desire by any means to extract our melanin, to learn and steel our swag, language, communications and to set us up for destruction like andy warhol has done to Jean-Michael Basquit. "white" people will consider a "Black" person thier friend unless that "Black" person starts speaking of slavery, their Hebrew Yisraelite heritage or of "history". It's very obvious that 99.5% of "white" people do not care to any degree of all the past or present atrocities they and their ancestors have afflicted on the "Black" race. this is exactly why "whites" will never speak of or apologize for past or present slavery but they will only speak well of a "Black" person's phycial attributes because they utilize "Black" people for sex and entertainment purposes only. "whites" will easily say that they had nothing to do with slavery, nevertheless, they are reeping all benefits from the enslavement of "Black" and Brown people worldwide. everything the 17 heathen nations own or possess is from the muscle and sweat of "Black" and Brown people (Hebrew Yisraelites) and their ancestors. another example is "they" made eminem to rap music as elvis was to rock 'n roll, and as thomas d. rice was to the minstrel shows. We Hebrew Yisarelites/"Black" people are hosting the heathen nations in our artistic house and culture of Hiphop, but we are repaid by all the heathens (animals) with total disrespect in every aspect. "Black" people constantly allow themselves to be portrayed as scum while their enemies continue imitating them and their forefathers with "white" devils in all of their statanic/hollywood movies that was always controlled by the amalekites (evil jeWISH) people. Early in 1990s the illuminati turned down the volume on positive influential rap groups and individuals as Public Enemy (Chuck D) and KRS-ONE, but turned up the volume on self destructive gangster, genocide, materialistic rap. Consequently, many illuminati puppets as 50 cent, biggie, snoop, jay-z and all southern rappers sold their soul to join satan's workshop. The methods all "white" people use in getting what they want or to destroy people are; blackmail, extortion, sex, robbing, killing or buying their soul = (psa 17:13-14,52:1-7,82:5,137:1-9,149:3)(1maccabees 1:13-15)(2maccabees 4:13-16)(jere 2:13-20,9:25-26,10:1-25,17:5-8)(exo 20:5,23:24,32:4-10)(rom 1:21-25,28-32,10:1-3,16:18)(john 4:22)(eph 4:13-14,5:11-12)(prov 1:20-33,28:26)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(2esdras 14:34-35)(amos 9:8-15)(2chron 36:16)(zech 7:11-13)(isa 42:22,66:4)(lev 20:1-6)(1tim 6:17-18)(acts 5:29-32)(wisdom of sol 14:8-10)(gen 3:14-19)(james 4:4)(2cor 11:13-14)(2sam 6:14)(1cor 10:21-22)(deut 18:10-12)(gal 5:19-21)(rev 21:8)(sirach 12:10-14)(eccl 7:7)(rev 14:8-12,18:1-21)(rom 12:2). Many delusional "Black" people measure their success by the amount of "whites" that smile and speak nice to them, patting their heads and backs at their employment (plantations). Also by "whites" allowing "Blacks" to be social with them by dating, sexing and marrying them, therefore, "Black" people feel they are equal. Especially if the "Black" person obtain the same job as a "white" person or becomes their supervisor. Most "Blacks" wish to forget all the atrocities, slaugher, rapes and murders of our past or present by NEVER volunteering to speak or acknowledge their daily oppressions ranging from education, spirituality, the economic injustices, mental and physical abuse, and atrocities from the police (robocop-type killing niggers machine), the press, the media, government, society and their own friends and family. "Black" people are quick to fight against each other in the wicked court system but will never engage in taking their "white" oppressors to court for all the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical abuse they and their children have endured since the 1400s to present. There's nobody in congress or in the united nations that is representing "Black" people and their communities. Hebrew Yisraelites/"Black" people  have been in this country over 400 years building the country's economic success but don't have their own currency, education systems, nor make any laws to secure their safety and prosperity. "Black" people's entire means of safety and prosperity is granted by the "whites" ensuring "Blacks" that they are americans. "Black" people are too concerned with wanting to be like the "whites" and wanting the "whites" acceptance that "Back" people allow themselves to believe that they are americans, therfore the armed forces and police departments are here to support them, hense ferguson missouri 2014, katrina's aftermath new orleans 2005, rosewood florida 1923. Just as their ancestors, "Black" people continue entertaining "whitey" while their "Black" brothers and sisters fall daily from bullets of racist cops worldwide. For a brief insight on just one example of many atrocious crimes, rapes and murders by "white" supremacy towards "Black" people, please watch the documentary "Banished" director Marco Williams that vividly recounts the forgotten history of racial cleansing in america when thousands of "african americas" were driven from their homes and communities throughout many southern states by violent racist mobs in the late 19th and early 20th centuries = (1thess 2:14-15)(1john 2:19,3:15)(eccl 3:15,7:29)(sirach 12:10-14,19:29-30,26:1,19-21)(matt 18:15-17,22:29)(isa 3:5,12,15:15,24:10-12,31:1-3,42:22,51:20-23,66:4)(psa 2:1-2,23:1-6,52:1-7,82:5,107:10-12,137:1-9)(wisdom of sol  3:11-13,15:4-6)(jere 2:13-20,9:25-26,10:1-25,16:3-4,10-21,17:9,51:17-21)(eze 16:44-46)(1cor 6:9-10,7:2-3,11:2-4)(2esdras 3:31-36,7:36,5:8,14:14-16)(gen 9:6,25:22-23)(deut 28:15-68,32-34,36-37,43-45,48-49,60-61,64,68)(rev 2:13-17,11:8)(prov 1:20-33,3:31,1:10-19,21:18,22:15,25:8-9,28:24-26)(2king 2:23-24)(titus 3:1-3)(lev 18:22,19:17-18,20:13)(exo 20:2-3)(heb 13:4)(tobit 4:12)(sirach 7:25)(tobit 4:12-13)(mala 2:10-12)(baruch 3:8-13,4:1-3)(rom 10:1-3,16:18)(ezek 9:4-6)(isa 30:12-13,66:4)(lam 4:21-22,5:1-22)(john 4:22)(eph 4:13-14)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(josh 23:11-16)(exo 20:5,23:24)(jere 16:16-18,28:8)(amos 3:1-2,9:8-15)(2chron 36:16-19)(zech 7:11-13)(1king 11:1-43)(luke 12:51-53)(nehe 13:3,23-31)(acts 5:29-32)(gen 3:14-19)(james 4:4)(eccl 7:7)(2thess 2:8-12)(dan 9:11-12)(septuagint psalms of sal. 4:1-25). Hebrew Yisraelites/"Black" people (greatest people on earth), we must understand that earth was created for our sakes. There is no other nation on earth like the people of Yisrael = (2esdras 6:54-59)(isa 42:22)(isa 45:17-19)(1chron 17:21-22)(matt 25:31-34)(rev 21:1,11-12)(duet 7:6-9)(amos 3:1-2)(joel 2:27)(lev 26:11)(deut 7:6-10)(psa 48:2). As Hebrew Yisraelites, it's always our own people who fight against one another destroying our race just as the sanhedrin (sadducees and pharisees) have physically killed our brother the Messiah by not believing our Most High father's words, but we believe anything coming from our enemies who are less than nothing. The name yahweh/yah/yahawah/yehovah/vehayah/jahovah was injected into the text of the old testament by the pharisees and others who practice and believe babylonian satanism the precursor to kaballahism and talmudism. An agreement was forged between the jewISH mazzaroths and the catholic church in 1000 AD, to change Most High's name in the Hebrew old testament to the pagan name yahweh = (john 5:43-47,15:12-14,17:9-11)(mala 2:10-12)(jere 8:8-9,9:25-26,16:16-18,17:5-9,38:19,23:21-22,25-32)(mark 12:38-40,14:56-56)(job 15:34-35)(1thess 5:21)(deut 6:13,7:10,28:53-58)(isa 30:12-13,40:15,17,44:13-18,54:15-17,56:9-12,65:1-15,66:15-16)(rom 1:21-25,10:1-3,16:18)(matt 4:10,10:34-42,22:29,23:31-35)(james 2:1-7,4:4,5:1-12)(1john 5:10-12,19)(prov 1:20-33,28:26)(eph 5:11-12)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(josh 23:11-16)(2esdras 14:34-35)(rom 16:18)(lev 19:17-18)(jere 10:1-25,16:16-18)(amos 9:8-15)(2chron 36:16)(zech 7:11-13)(2thess 2:10-11)(sirach 12:10-14)(1cor 2:3-8,10:19-21)(baruch 4:1-3)(acts 5:29-32)(deut 15:9,28:54)(gen 3:14-19)(exo 3:13-14,20:1-5)(2kings 10:18-28)(septuagint psa of sal. psa 4:1-25). Hebrew Yisraelites/"Black" people with the mark of cain and dan killed Jesus, the holy prophets, the apostles and our "civil leaders"; but we have the audacity to wear the depraved profane cross of oppression (a symbol of death)  = (1thess 2:14-15)(2thess 2:10-11)(act 7:43)(exo 20:1-5,13,23:24)(habakkuk 2:18-19)(rev 2:13-16)(eccl 3:15)(isa 13:15,51:20-23,66:4)(john 4:22,5:43-47,8:44)(duet 4:19,5:8-9,28:64,32:16-17)(hab 2:18-19)(2cor 11:2-4)(lev 19:17-18,31,26:1)(baruch 4:1-3,6-8)(rom 10:1-3,12:2,16:18)(jere 5:19,9:25-26,10:1-25,16:10-21,23:21-22,25-32,51:17-21)(matt 10:34-42,22:29)(isa 30:12-13,65:1-15,66:4,15-16)(psa 52:1-7,78:5-6)(1john 2:19)(prov 1:20-33,28:26)(eph 5:11-12)(2esdras 14:34-35)(jere 9:25-26,16:16-18)(amos 3:1-2,5:21-27,9:8-15)(2chron 36:16)(zech 7:11-13)(luke 12:51-53)(2esdras 14:14-16)(wisdom of sol 14:8-10,14-15,15:4-6)(1cor 1:17-18,2:8)(james 2:1-7)(acts 5:29-32). Most "Black" people simply don't realize that we Hebrew Yisraelites were brought to this country for the purpose of being enslaved. The process that was used to produce the slave was dehumanization by converting the destroyed Yisraelites into a new creature which would accommodate the needs and desires of the europeans who brought us here, which is co-responsible for the extremely negative view that we have of ourselves. The infamous willie lynch letter specifically illustrates how to destroy a person's self esteem and replace it with self loathing in order to facilitate this new docile creature who would automatically accept their own inferiority. In order to accomplish this goal the slave master would eliminate the Yisraelites' humanity and nationality and refill their minds with garbage, shame and deceit. In adition, he indicates that the slave would come into the world being taught that they are inferior and once that is accomplished the result would be today's mentality of "Black" people. Unless we Hebrew Yisraelites repent and turn back to our Most High father by obeying all his laws we will continue being in a delusion. None of our "civil leaders" were sent by the Most High, this is why we are still oppressed, confused, destroyed, delusional and divided. Reason too is because the edomites/"white" people completely contol all the evil criminal and justice systems worldwide = (eph 4:3-6,13-14,5:11-12)(jere 5:19,9:25-26,10:1-25,16:10-21,23:21-22,25-32,50:17-19,51:17-21)(amos 3:1-3,9:8-15)(prov 1:22-33,20:24,28:26)(psa 52:1-7)(1john 2:19)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(deut 28:1-68)(josh 23:11-16)(exo 20:5,23:24)(rom 12:2,16:18)(2chron 36:16)(zech 7:11-13)(1king 11:1-43)(luke 12:51-53)(matt 10:34-42)(wisodm of sol 14:14-15)(1cor 2:8,10:21)(james 2:1-7)(acts 5:29-32)(isa 56:9-12,66:4)(2thess 2:8-12)(dan 9:11-12)(psa 137:1-9). The Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955-56 was an essential milestone and an historical occurance with great repercussions when "Black" people were unified by not riding any public bus for 381 days. This courageous action actually destabilized the economy of montgomery alabama by the "white" businesses were loosing monies because the "white" bus drivers were being laid off and "Black" people couldn't get to work on time. Also the boycott crippled the city and state's employers, employees, big businesses and the tax based. As a result the "white" people begged "Black" people to end the boycott and start riding the buses again; and just like the obedient slaves we are we relented. Many "whites" and "kikes" will comfortably say that they marched alongside "Black" people during the civil rights demonstrations, but they all were planted infiltrators of the illuminati to collect any and all informations to eventually destroy any possibility of a revolution. The n.a.a.c.p was created and fully funded by the illuminati whose motto is "if you can't stop them, join them to control them" hense donald sterling. We Hebrew Yisraelites must examine ourselves, checking if we are in the faith by doing all our Father's commandments = (2cor 13: 5-7)(deut 6:6-9,28:1-68)(titus 2:1-7)(psa 107:10-14)(john 4:22)(eph 4:13-14,6:10-18)(rom 12:2,16:18)(jere 9:25-26,10:1-25)(zech 7:11-13)(2esdras 14:14-16)(prov 29:15)(baruch 4:1-3)(acts 5:29-32). The "Black" women is so delusional that she thinks she's "white" with her colorful clown hair weaves/extensions, dressed like a prostitute with her "white" person's name, with their hate for everything about themselves, their skin, their HAIR, their husband, their children, their race, their job and community. Many "Black" women bleach their skin because they don't like or value themselves or their heritage but love everyone that's not "Black". These are the same women who says repeatively that they want a man to be themselves and to treat them like a women. Meanwhile, they are miseducated aliases with a fake nationality, name, hair, nails, wears colorful contacts, many are overweight with children by different baby daddies. Most "Black" women are very loud, ignorant and obnoxious and don't like it when another "Black" person is speaking the truth of anything especially about "Black" people's culture or their unhealthy way of life, but if a "white" person is speaking they are more attentive and respectful. Many "Black" women spend 25% of their income paying their enemies to kill their holy hairs by making it lay flat/straightening, or disguising Most High's design by covering their natural hair with a davy crockett coonskin cap of weaves/wigs/extensions, or will crush/change/destroy their Hebrew hair with chemicals/perms/dyes/hats/cutting the hair/shaving the head. Some hair weaves and extensions are made from hairs of horses, hyenas, racoons, human hairs, etc. Perms are the root of thyroid cancer of "Black" women. Hebrew Yisraelite women are to have thier head wrapped/covered at all times. Most High made his chosen Yisraelite children's hair UNIQUE to grow upright towards the sun. ONLY Hebrew Yisraelites/"Black" people have the wooly hair as Jesus that naturally locks, and can be PLUCKED as defined in zondervan's bible dictionary. Hebrew Yisraelites' hair is a blessing that's strong and full of life, rhythm and sound, it is not crushed/flat as the hair of all the 17 heathen nations. If you ask "Black" people why do you abuse yourself, their reasons are frivolous, material and selfish, not valuing but totally dimnishing theirselves. "Black" people murder their own children through abortion, and their minds are at ease with the evil doctrine of america telling them that the embryo is not actual life = (lev 13:29-30,18:21,20:1-6)(lam 4:3-6,21-22)(job 39:13-17)(gen 1:28,3:14-16)(tobit 4:12)(exo 20:13)(jere 10:1-25,11:19,16:16-18,17:5-9,51:17-21)(baruch 4:1-3,6-8)(rom 1:21-25,10:1-3,12:2)(psa 82:5)(matt 22:29,23:31-35)(1pete 3:1-7)(prov 1:1-33,5:15-23,6:10-18,7:10-18,9:13-18,28:26)(john 4:22)(eph 4:13-14)(psa 52:1-7)(james 5:1-12)(eph 5:11-12,21-25)(isa 3:12,16-24,29:13,51:20-23,56:9-12,65:1-15,66:4,15-16)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(2esdras 14:14-16,34-35)(exo 20:5,23:24)(rom 16:18)(isa 24:10-12)(amos 3:1-3,7,9:8-15)(2chron 36:16)(jere 9:25-26,16:10-21,31:22)(zech 7:11-13)(1king 11:1-43)(luke 12:51-53)(gen 25:23)(sirach 9:2,12:10-14,22:5,26:1-29,22,25)(deut 14:1-2,26:17-19,28:53-58,32:16-17)(1cor 2:3-8,11:3-8)(eccl 7:26)(wisdom of sol 14:8-10,15:4-6)(acts 5:29-32)(1tim 2:9-15)(micah 7:10)(2thess 2:8-12)(rev 14:8-12,21:8). Presently, on adverage 12,000 "Black" babies are aborted (sacrificed to molech) daily in america by "Black" men and women, and all who served as witnesses to the crimes will also be punished by the Most High = (lev 20:4-5)(deut 5:17,18:9-14,23:17,32:16-17)(amos 3:1-3,5:26,9:8-15)(acts 7:43,19:13)(num 24:17)(lam 4:3-6)(job 39:13-17)(titus 2:3-4)(baruch 3:8-13,4:1-3)(jere 5:19,9:25-26,11:19,16:16-18,17:9)(ezek 9:4-11)(john 4:22)(prov 1:20-33)(rom 12:2,16:18)(jere 16:10-21)(zech 7:11-13)(1king 11:1-43)(wisdom of sol 4:14-15,14:8-10)(prov 7:10-18,9:13-18)(isa 3:16-24). Statisticly every one of four babies are aborted by "so-called parents", 1% are from incest, 5% are from rapes, and 94% are from straight whoredom/promiscuity because the evil people feel they are not ready to become parents, but they continue their whoredom without any care = (lev 19:29,20:4-5)(heb 13:4)(sirach 7:25)(psa 127:3-5)(jere 2:13-20,9:25-26,11:19,16:10-21)(rom 1:21-25)(prov 1:20-33,5:15-23,31:10-31)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(amos 3:1-3,9:8-15)(zech 7:11-13)(matt 23:31-35). "Black" women have a big mouth and despises anything good but give all positive energy pleasing "white" people and all other heathen races more than the Most High, themselves even their own race and family. This is why all "Black" women are either unhappily married adulterers, unmarried fornicators, or gay that wears pants today from taking up the "white" women's concerns of the feminist and liberation movements by wanting to be like a man in industry, business and world affairs since the 1848-1920, during and after ww2 = (2esdras 4:14,5:8,7:36)(isa 3:5,9,12,16-24,30:12-13,31:1-3,32:9,44:13-18,47:1-5,51:20-23,65:1-15,66:15-16)(2tim 3:1-7)(exo 20:2-5,21:15,17,23:24)(lev 19:28-29)(titus 2:3-4,3:3)(lev 19:17-18,21:5,28-29)(1cor 7:2-3,11:1-15,14:33-35)(1tim 2:9-15)(1cor 2:3-8,7:13-16,11:3,7-12,14:34)(prov 1:20-33,3:31,5:15-23,7:10-18,9:13-18,11:22,12:4,14:1,21:18,22:15,28:26,31:1-31)(psa 52:1-7,127:3-5,107:10-12)(deut 14:1-21,15:9-13,22:5,23:17,24:5,28:61)(jere 9:25-26,10:1-25,16:3-4,17:9,31:22)(lam 4:3-6,21-22)(job 39:13-17)(zep 1:8)(rom 1:25-32,16:18)(eze 16:15,25,44-51)(sirach 7:25-26,9:2,12:10-14,22:5,25:15-26,26:1-29,30:21-25,36:1-11)(gen 2:18,24,3:16-17)(heb 13:4)(1thess 2:14-15)(eccl 3:15,7:26)(2king 2:23-24)(col 3:18)(1pete 3:1-7)(rom 1:24-32,10:1-3)(rev 11:8)(tobit 4:12-13)(1maccabees 1:25-26)(john 4:22,5:43-47)(lev 26:1)(amos 5:21-27)(matt 10:34-37)(eph 4:13-14)(james 5:1-12)(eph 5:11-12,21-25)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(josh 23:11-16)(amos 9:8-15)(2chron 36:16)(zech 7:11-13)(luke 12:51-53)(nehe 13:3,23-31)(1esdras 4:26-27,37)(wisdom of sol 15:4-6)(acts 5:29-32)(gen 3:14-17)(james 4:4)(sirach 26:25)(1tim 5:6,14). The reasons why most "Black" people are lost and destroyed are because they do not know or care to know their Most High father, or their forefathers and foremothers, or their true nationality, but they love worshiping idols/false gods and thinking they are "african american" when they were and are victims of america. scipio africanus was an italian general who defeated Hannibal in the second punic war, in which the continent africa was named after. As well, amerigo vespucci was an italian explorer and financier in which this country america (bitter) is named after. I guess the league of nations said "Black" people are descendants of two "white" italians but they named us "Black". Most "Black" people are so brainwashed and delusional that they celebrate and worship the 4th of july although they were not independent but were slaves on 7/04/1776 and every year back to 1492 to this present date novemer 01, 2014. The u.s. constitution is for white people, "Black" people's constitution is the bible. Another example, "Black" people celebrate and worship thanksgiving, the annihilation and reclassification of our family tree. The satanic turkey represents the carving up/killing of Hebrew Yisraelites and the cranberry sauce represents the blood. "Black" people also celebrate "black history" month but the real history of "Black" people = the Bible. esau and amalek and their edomite descendants NEVER had any land of their own this is why they create wars then name the conquered lands after themselves. The only thing that "whites" have ever owned was the u.s. patent office where they stole every invention of "Balck" people. We Yisraelites are to worship the (holy days) of the Most High, not america's satanic, pagan holidays of this wicked world which shall be completly destroyed = (hosea 4:6)(dan 9:7)(sirach 12:10-14,17:17-21,26:19-21,36:1-11)(gen 1:26-27,2:7,25:21-34)(jere 1:10,2:13-20,3:2-3,5:19,9:25-26,10:1-25,11:19,16:10-21,17:4-11,51:8-14,17-21)(matt 1:21,4:4,10:34-42,15:3,24,22:29,23:31-35)(psa 23:1-6,49:11,52:1-7,81:8-16,82:5,96:4-5,107:10-14,107:10-12,115:1-9,132:11-18)(isa 1:3,8:16,14:31-32,24:10-12,28:15,29:13,30:12-13,31:1-3,42:22,44:13-18,51:20-23,56:9-12,61:1-7,65:1-15,66:1-24)(exo 20:1-26,23:14-19,24,31:13,32:4-10)(deut 4:19,5:8-9,7:25-26,12:29-32,18:9-14,28:36-37,43-45,48-49,64-68,32:7-10,16-17)(lev 19:31,20:1-6,23,23:1-4,26:1-46)(hab 2:18-19)(2cor 4:3-4,11:2-4)(wisdom of solomon 12:1-6,14:8-10,14-15,15:4-6)(act 7:43)(john 4:20-24,5:43-47)(2sam 7:23-24)(mala 3:5-6)(amos 3:1-3,5:21-27,9:8-15)(rev 2:13-17,14:8-12,21:1-3,22:14-15)(baruch 3:8-13,4:1-3,6-8)(job 8:8)(exo 20:4-5,23:14-19)(2thess 2:3-12)(rom 1:21-25,8:16,10:1-3,12:1-3,14:1-23,16:18)(titus 2:1-7)(col 2:8,16)(heb 10:26)(1cor 1:17-18,8:1-13,10:21)(lam 5:1-22)(eph 4:13-14,5:11-12)(ezek 36:5-7)(1john 2:19,5:10-12)(james 4:4,5:1-12)(prov 1:20-33,28:26)(joel 3:1-21)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(1tim 1:4)(josh 23:11-16)(2esdras 14:14-16,34-35)(amos 3:1-3,9:8-15)(2chron 36:16)(zech 7:11-13)(1king 11:1-43)(luke 12:51-53)(acts 5:29-32)(job 8:8-9,9:24,20:11-15)(2cor 11:13-14)(rom 1:18-19,8:16,9:1-33,12:2)(rev 1:3)(septuagint psalms of sal. 4:1-25). Hebrew Yisraelites, we must know that our body is the holy temple of the Holy Ghost which is in us that is of the Most High, and know that all wisdom comes from the Most High and is with him forever. Therefore, we need not follow false gods of this evil world that is of death = (1cor 1:17-18,3:16-23,6:13-20)(eccl 7:7,29)(sirach 1:1,26)(deut 4:5-6)(baruch 3:36,4:1-3)(jere 17:5-8)(titus 2:1-7,12)(lev 19:1-2)(rom 1:18-19,8:16)(rev 5:12,14:8-12)(psa 81:8-16)(isa 43:21). "Black" people relinguished their crown of inheritance, willingly sold their souls and are assimilated within their torment in every facet of life in america (babylon the great) hoping that "white" people and all other heathen races will accept them. More than majority of "Black" people have the "stockholm syndrome" = (rev 2:4-5,13-17,14:8-12)(2tim 4:5-12)(sirach 9:11-13,12:10-14)(1john 2:15-17)(psa 52:1-7,73:3-6,16-17,81:8-16,149:3)(isa 30:12-13,31:1-3,42:22,51:20-23,52:1-3,65:1-15,66:15-16)(deut 18:9-14,32:16-17)(rom 1:21-25,28-32,10:1-3,12:2,16:18)(matt 7:6,10:34-42,22:29)(lam 5:1-22)(john 4:22)(eph 4:13-14,5:11-12)(james 5:1-12)(prov 1:20-33,28:26)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(josh 23:11-16)(zep 2:1)(2esdras 3:31-36,14:14-16,34-35)(lev 19:1-2)(jere 5:19,9:25-26,10:1-25,16:10-21,17:4,51:17-21)(amos 3:1-3,9:8-15)(2chron 36:16)(zech 7:11-13)(luke 12:51-53)(nehe 13:3,23-31)(gen 25:23)(2thess 9-11)(1cor 2:1-8,10:21-22)(lam 4:21-22)(wisdom of sol 15:4-6)(baruch 4:1-3)(2sam 6:14)(deut 18:10-12)(gal 5:19-21)(rev 21:8). There are four types of Hebrew Yisraelites = (mark 4:1-20)(eph 6:10-18). Hebrew Yisraelites, please do not be deceived by this lying, evil world, but know that Jesus Christ the Messiah/the Son of our Most High spiritual father is from the tribe of Judah, son of Joseph and Mary was and is an austere "Black" man (a Hebrew Yisraelite) who spoke Hebrew, who ONLY came and died for Yisrael and will return to redeem Zion, the Twelve Tribes of Yisrael (his Hebrew Yisraelite family, the Saints/the Elect/Chosen Ones = = (matt 1:1-25,3:17,5:17,7:28-29,10:34-42,11:19,13:55,15:24,18:11,18,24:4-5,22)(rev 1:1-2,9-16,5:12,13:7-8,21:1,11-12,22:16)(deut 18:18,28:1-14,15,36,48-50,64,68)(micah 5:2)(heb 2:16,7:14,8:7-9)(gen 1:26,25:21-34,49:10)(john 1:1-14,45,4:20-24,5:43-47,6:42,7:37-38,42,8:14-18,32,11:42,49-52,14:9,26-28,15:16,17:9-11)(gen 49:12)(dan 10:5-6)(luke 1:68-71,2:48,3:23-38,4:22,12:51-53,19:21,27,21:22)(rev 7:1-4,22:16)(sirach 46:1)(rom 5:10,8:16,9:1-33,10:1-4,11:26-27,12:2)(isa 11:1-5,29:13,42:1,43:10,45:4-5,17,49:5-6,51:16,52:1-3,61:1-7,63:10-11,65:9)(col 1:12-16)(1cor 11:3,12:12,15:3-8)(2cor 11:3-4)(psa 23:1-6,37:28,89:3-4,132:11-18,148:14,147:19-20)(1john 4:1-3,5:10-12)(exo 20:2)(acts 2:30,5:29-32,13:23-24,26:14-15)(2sam 7:13,23-24)(mark 9:7)(ezek 8:1-5)(1sam 2:6-10)(jere 1:10,14:2,31:1)(jere 1:5)(joel 3:2)(sirach 36:1-11)(2esdras 3:31-33,5:23-27)(rev 12:1-2,22:16)(amos 9:9)(2tim 1:7,2:8)(job 9:24)(2cor 11:13-14)(1chron 17:21-22)(hosea 1:7)(zech 13:8-9). When herod tried killing Jesus by ordering all boy babies under 2 years old to be killed, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream telling him to take his wife Mary and their child Jesus then flee to egypt because there they could easily pass as egyptian = (matt 2:13-16). Being born at the time of the passover (Hebrew Yisraelites' New Year), Jesus is the first born of every creature and by him were all things created. Jesus Christ the Messiah is the son of the Most High, the sacrifice and the last prophet = (col 1:13-16)(mark 9:7)(luke 2:40-42)(exo 12:1-3)(matt 5:17,10:34-42,15:24)(2esdras 6:54). rome was ran by "white" men for only two hundred years and rome fell/was overthrown in 193AD (the Dark Ages) by "Black" men/Hebrew Yisraelites such as Septimius Severus, Pescennius Niger, Diocletian, Constantine, etc = (rev 13:11-14). Then in the fourth century "Blacks"/Hebrew Yisraelites overthrew the entire roman empire, and in western europe established their own Byzantine Empire which contolled all of europe for a thousand years ending 1453. The word england means angels land, and anglo saxsons when translated means the angelic sons of Isaac. The following are either Hebrew Yisraelites or Hebrew Yisraelites under christianity or Moors (Hebrew Yisraletes who converted to muslim religion): >> All biblical prophets and apostles, The Spartans and their warrior king Leonidas, king Xerxes of persia son of Darius (see frank miller's 1995 comic book series "300" with graphic novel), King Arthur and the Knights at the Round Table, Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Stuart I Queen of Scotland, Charles Stuart II (a.k.a. the "Black" boy), Richard the Lion Hearted, King James, St. Patrick, St. Nicholas, St. George, the Anglo-Saxons, the Celts, the Welsh, the Normans, the Vikings, Pirates, Atilla the Hun, Judah Maccabees,  the best Gladiators, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and many more were all Hebrew Yisraelites/"Black" people. In addition the chang dynasty, the thai dynasty, the original samurais (original ethnic chinese and japanese people were "Black" descedants of Abraham's nephew Lot). However, most of today's chinese and japanese people are descendants of the latter greeks. The original greeks were "Black" people from Noah's son Yapheth. The continent asia is named after the roman general lucius scipio asiaticus, older brother to scipio africanus. Moreover, there are many other mighty and influential Hebrew Yisraelites whose faces have been ICONOCLAST (whitewashed). The Coats of Arms was invented by the Hebrew Yisraelites but almost all the "Black" Coats of Arms from the 5th thru 15th century were also iconoclast, only a handful of authentic pieces remain. In addition, the polish, russians, the swiss, germans, spaniards, the irish, the scottish, the british, romanians, the danes, all of those original people were "Black". This explains why they all fought against rome (edom) <<. rome's rebirth is the renaissance period in 1453 such time when edomites began designing to hide the geneology of "Black" people/Hebrew Yisraelites. During this period (after the Dark Ages/end of Yisraelites rule) they/illuminati/"white" man came out of the caucasus mountains and began to gain dominion by conquering many people, lands and cities before assimilating themselves within the following nations while taking over their heritage: greece, rome, spain, france, germany, russia, and england all which he established as his kingdoms. The edomites now say that they are secure, and their inward thought is that their house shall continue forever by renaming conquered lands after themselves; example america. Then esau/"white" man decided to iconoclast (repaint) Jesus and all the Hebrew Yisraelite forefathers/prophets/apostles in their own image by changing all dark faces to pale faces which is the ultimate iconoclast. The illuminati (satan's children) as francis borgia who was the great grandson of king ferdinand II of arigon commissioned by alessandro farnese to create the jesuit order and the military order of the vatican. ignatius of loyola was borgia's puppet who was deeply involved in this conspiracy against the Hebrew Yisraelites = (psa 83:1-18)(rev 18:1-24). The illuminati did not like the fact that King James VI and I ruled on three thrones simultaneously (scotland, england, ireland) and that he was responsible for calling a decree for the translation from the old and new testaments of the original Hebrew and greek tongues to old english which is the 1611 King James bible. The 1611 King James bible is the most accurate translation of the bible simply because it collates almost exactly with the Hebrew and greek texts it was translated from (the scrolls). Neither did "they" like the work King James has done composing the 1611 Holy Bible because he included the Apocrypha (14 books of original bible that "they" later removed) which mentions the europeans putting up the false image of the Messiah and using pagan rites to destroy Most High's chosen people, and that the evil partitioners will teach a new religion on earth. The Apocrypha also teaches about the ten tribes that left northern Yisrael and took counsel among themselves to go forth into a further country where never mankind dwelt. Biblically that land is named Arsareth/america where the north american indians (the ten tribes) were = (2esdras 13:40-45). Moreover, King James was born in 1566 in the midst of a political and religious upheaval threatening the government of his mother, Mary Queen of Scots. He knew his family's history and understood that nothing's changed because he's still at war with the evil roman catholic church politically and religiously for authoring many books exposing and opposing everything starting from the roman catholic church as the antichrist and the house of idolatry, wichcraft and sorcery to the rosicrucians order (a satanic religious faction) = (rev 13:11). The illuminati (catholic church) taught lies to "Black" ministers saying that they/illuminati removed the Apocrypha because it was not spiritually inspired, but they/illuminati knew it was indeed prophetic and too powerful. Needless to say, their plan is to keep the name of Yisrael from the memory of the Hebrew Yisraelites and uphold the imposters they have placed in palestine. Therefore, they created many improprieties and lies about King James being homosexual and having incestual relations, in addition they whitewashed all his images, etc to discredit him in hopes that his Hebrew Yisraelite brothers and sisters or other nations would not cleave to his work. The author of the allegations of him being a homosexual came from sir anthony weldon in 1650, 25 years after King James's death. sir anthony weldon was a 17th century courtier and ploitian who had a personal vandetta againgst James. Therefore, he wrote a book titled, the court and character of King James that paints a portrait in which James is portrayed as an unhygenic, lazy homosexual. The roman catholic church paid weldon to write the literature to smear the future character and shape a negative image of James in the "Black" population. rome's and greece's hopes were that we "Black" people would not respect James as nobility nor respect themeselves and hoped it would serve as a wedge between "Black" people and the 1611 bible that King James and other "Black" people authorized = (isa 28:11)(deut 28:36,49)(obadiah 1-4). The roman catholic church also paid francis osborne (another enemy of King James) to write lies. The illuminati (edomites) are the fathers of the pure bread caucasians whose bloodline are the 13 ruling families (astor, collins, freeman, bundy, dupont, kennedy, li, van duyn, reynolds, rothschild, rockefeller, onasis, russel) they knew then that King James would be the last Hebrew Yisraelite/"Black" king from the tribe of Judah to reign. We Hebrew Yisraelites and the 17 nations must ask ourselves, if King James was a homosexual with incestual relations then why wouldn't he omit the verses in the bible that condemns those sins = (deut 20:13)(rom 1:26-32)? The egyptologist and "black" people that are against the bible use weldon's literature to attack King James's reputation. We Hebrew Yisraelites must honor and respect King James considering the compiling evilness he had to battle and the energy he possessed to gather the many scholars and translators in one room to fulfill the prophecy in order to protect and bring his Yisraelite brothers and sisters the breath of OUR Most High father. Furthermore, to bring us our royal ancestry that we may have as a record or beacon of light because he knew our enemies under secret societies will seek to destroy us in the future when the Most High will begin to awaken his people = (2thes 2:3). Any person with prudence, rational and a hunger for truth would read and research for themselves before allowing the "powers to be" the ability to impose their evil doctrines and philosophies within our phyche, our family, our education and religious departments. Moreover, King James was married once in his lifetime in 1589 to a beautiful "Black" woman named Anne of Denmark who borne James nine children = (rev 1:13-15,12:3,13:3,11-12)(mala 1:1-4)(matt 15:24,24:11-12,23-24)(job 9:24)(1maccabees 1:1-9,10-64,3:48,51-53)(jere 5:19,10:1-25,14:2,51:17-23)(dan 7:9,10:5-6)(gen 25:21-34,27:38-41,49:12)(mica 5:2)(heb 7:14)(eccl 46:1)(prov 19:21,30:4)(isa 25:7-9,44:13-18,53:8-10,65:11-12)(rom 1:22-23,11:26-27,16:18)(luke 1:68-71)(ezek 22:26-27)(2thess 2:3-11)(psa 10:2-11,49:11)(john 8:44)(eph 5:11-12)(exo 20:5,23:24)(2john:10)(2esdras 14:14-16)(deut 27:17)(wisdom of sol 4:14-15,14:8-10,15:4-6)(1cor 10:21)(lam 4:21-22)(job 9:24)(2cor 11:13-14). This satanic world we Hebrew Yisraelites dwell in has great malevolence towards any "Black" person or group who speaks against their immoral and sinister forms of governing. In consequence nonblacks will ALWAYS say that the "Black" person or group is angry, upset or the nonblack person would use reverse psychology by saying the "Black" person or group are racists. By Jesus being painted in "white" people's image/the antichrist/the beast, the "Blacks"/Hebrew Yisraelite's children will therefore begin to be brainwashed and deceived by thinking anything or anyone that is white is holy and everyone else like themselves are unholy = (1john 2:18)(matt 5:17,10:34-42,15:24,24:11-13,27:39)(ezek 22:26-27)(col 2:8)(1maccabees 3:45-48)(deut 18:9-14,32:16-17)(2thess 2:3-8)(psa 10:2-11,52:1-7,109:25)(isa 30:12-13,42:22)(john 4:22)(eph 4:13-14,5:11-12)(1john 5:10-12)(prov 1:20-33,28:26,29:15)(josh 23:11-16)(exo 20:5,23:24)(2john:10)(rom 16:18)(jere 5:19,9:25-26,10:1-25,51:17-23)(zech 7:11-13)(rom 11:26-27)(1king 11:1-43)(2esdras 14:14-16)(sirach 12:10-14)(1cor 10:21)(baruch 4:1-3)(wisdom of sol 14:8-10)(2cor 11:13-14). The romans declared death to anyone who does not worship the image of the beast = (rev 13:15)(john 8:44)(2john:10)(prov 19:21)(2maccabees 6:6-9)(wisdom of sol 14:14-15)(deut 32:16-17)(1cor 10:21). Hebrew Yisraelites/"Black" men and women as adults are systematically deceiving their children all day everyday starting at their homes and communities, again at the unethical corrupt schools and then parents force them to attend the atrocious rotten churches, mosques and synagogues that teaches the children to become a more obedient slave. However, "Black" people have the audacity to question the children for their "misbehaving" in society, but they never deprogrammed their children of society's evil teachings, or ever taught the children the laws of their Most High father. Hebrew Yisraelites "fail" in this evil world's "education" systems because we are a holy people, energies of Most High not of this world which teaches false science, sorcery, witchcraft. The edomites also will judge, lable and classify the Yisraelites' based on their "white" standards of intelligence, creativity, sociality. Moreover, EVERYTHING in this wicked world is set for the "Native American, Black and Hispanic" people to fail! We Hebrew Yisraelites should not give liberty to our youth but must discipline our children or they will bring heaviness to our hearts = (deut 4:5-6,6:6-9,32:16-17)(isa 2:1-4,3:5,12,30:12-13,33:14,44:13-18,47:5-15,51:20-23,56:9-12,65:11-12)(2esdras 5:8,14:14-16,34-35)(prov 1:1-33,6:20-24,13:24,19:21,22:15,28:26,29:15)(2king 2:23-24)(gen 9:6)(2cor 4:3-4,12:8-10)(baruch 4:6-8)(rom 1:21-25,10:1-3,12:2,13:24,16:18)(jere 5:19,9:25-26,10:1-25,11:19,16:10-21,17:4,51:17-21)(titus 2:1-7,12)(matt 22:29,23:31-35)(john 4:22)(eph 4:13-14,5:11-12)(psa 52:1-7,83:1-18)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(1maccabees 3:51)(josh 23:11-16)(amos 3:1-3,9:8-15)(2chron 36:16)(zech 7:11-13)(1king 11:1-43)(luke 12:51-53)(isa 42:22)(matt 10:34-42)(sirach 12:10-14,19:29-30,30:1-24,36:1-11)(2tim 3:1-7)(wisdom of sol 4:14-15,14:8-10,15:4-6)(1cor 1:17-18,10:21)(james 2:1-7)(baruch 4:1-3)(acts 5:29-32)(james 4:4)(job 15:34-35)(2thess 2:8-12)(rev 14:8-12)(num 23:23)(1cor 2:12-16)(septuagint psalms of sal. 4:1-25)(phil 1:27). Our Most High father says all his Hebrew Yisraelite children are gods but shall die like men and fall like princes. Yisraelites, you are a god of the earth not the God = (psa 82:1-8)(zech 7:11-13,12:8)(john 15:16)(hosea 1:10-11)(heb 12:6-9)(rom 8:16,10:1-4)(lam 5:1-22)(1john 3:19,5:10-12)(prov 1:1-33)(amos 3:1-3,9:8-15)(jere 9:25-26,10:1-25,16:10-21)(isa 42:22)(acts 26:14-15)(2esdras 4:28-30)(psa 2:1-12)(matt 23:31-35). We Yisraelites are Saints/the Election, a special/chosen/holy people who shall not mix with other races or nations, nor shall we eat or do what they do. Most High tells his Yisraelites children to NEVER trust thine enemy. There has never been any genuine coalition between "Black" people and any of the 17 heathen races of people. Our Most High father says his spirit teastifies with our spirit that we are his children = (dan 7:27)(deut 7:1-10,12:29-32,14:1-21,18:9-14,26:17-19,28:1-14,32:7-9)(lev 20:23-26)(num 25:1-8,36:3)(1cor 6:2,10:21)(2esdras 3:31-33,5:23-27,6:54-59,14:14-16,34-35)(jere 1:10,2:13-20,3:13-14,9:25-26,10:1-25,16:10-21,44:1-30,51:17-21)(exo 19:6,20:5,23:24,31:14)(col 1:12,2:8,16)(1king 10:9,11:1-43)(tobit 4:12-13)(nehe 13:1-3,23-31)(1maccabees 2:24-27,40-48)(psa 37:28,50:5,52:1-7,89:3-4,105:17-22,115:1-9,132:11-18,147:19-20,148:14)(isa 14:1-3,21,24:10-12,31:1-3,40:15-17,41:8-9,42:22,43:10,21,44:1,45:4-5,17,65:1-15,66:1-24)(sirach 9:16,12:10-14,17:17-21,26:19-21,36:11,46:1)(josh 23:11-16)(rom 1:18-19,3:1-4,8:16,9:6-8,11-13,10:1-3,11:26-27,12:1-3,14:1-23,16:18)(john 2:13-16,4:22,15:16,17:9-11)(matt 1:21,4:4,5:17,7:6,10:34-42,15:3,24,22:29,25:31-34)(wisdom of solomon 15:4-6,19:6)(1pete 2:9-10)(2sam 7:23-24)(mala 2:10-12)(baruch 4:1-8)(amos 3:1-3,5:21-27,9:8-15)(prov 1:20-33,3:31,5:15-23,11:21-22,12:26,28:26,29:27,31:1-31)(1sam 2:6-10)(heb 10:26)(1cor 2:12-16,3:16-23,8:1-13)(lam 1:10,5:1-22)(gen 25:22-23)(james 5:1-12)(1john 3:1,5:10-12)(eph 5:11-12)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(2john:10)(lev 19:1-2,20:26)(amos 9:7-15)(2chron 36:16-19)(zech 7:11-13)(rev 12:1-2)(ezra 9:12,10:11)(acts 10:28)(nehe 13:1-3)(james 4:4)(job 20:11-15)(1chron 17:21-22)(amos 9:8-12)(2thess 2:8-12)(rev 14:8-12,21:1,11-12)(luke 1:68-71)(gal 4:26)(1esdras 8:69-71). Although "white" people and all other disguised enemies of the Yisraelites are joined hand to hand befriending us Yisraelites, still they, our oppressive enemies and the Yisraelite haboring them, both shall fall by Most High's sword. Most High says his Yisraelite children shall not be as a ring of gold in a pig's snout = (prov 1:20-33,11:21-22,17:15,28:26)(isa 2:1-4,5:20,13:11-22,14:1-3,21,24:10-12,30:12-13,49:22-23,51:20-23,61:1-7,65:1-15,66:15-16)(ezek 9:4-11)(lev 25:44-46)(gen 25:23)(nahum 1:2-3)(eph 5:11-12)(josh 23:11-16)(2esdras 14:34-35)(rom 11:26-27,12:2,16:18)(jere 9:25-26,10:1-25,16:10-21,30:16,32:18,51:17-21)(amos 3:1-3,9:7-15)(2chron 36:16)(zech 7:11-13)(luke 19:27)(matt 7:6,21:41,23:31-35)(sirach 36:1-11)(nehe 13:3,23-31)(sirach 12:10-14)(rev 13:9-10,14:8-12)(deut 7:3-4,32:16-17,41-43)(2esdras 3:31-36)(psa 2:8-9)(1cor 2:1-8,10:21)(james 2:1-7,4:4)(lam 4:21-22)(baruch 4:1-3)(zech 13:9)(john 17:9-11)(job 20:11-15)(amos 9:8-12)(2thess 2:8-12)(micah 5:7-15). It's convenient to say I wasn't aware but knowing makes it difficult because then we are called to be responsible with the need to act, properly educate, and inspire spiritual freedom for ourselves and each other = (deut 6:6-9)(john 8:3)(rom 10:1-3,12:1-10)(2cor 11:6-10)(titus 2:1-7)(baruch 4:1-3). However, for many "Black" people it's just easier to do nothing, but just continue accepting the wicked philosophies that this oppressed society has to offer and hope for the best = (deut 28:29,43-45,48-50,64-68)(exo 20:1-26)(lev 26:1-46)(psa 52:1-7,55:20-21)(isa 30:10-13,42:22,65:1-15,66:15-16)(1thess 5:21)(2thess 2:3-12)(john 4:22,17:9-11)(eph 4:13-14)(prov 1:20-33,20:4)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(matt 5:17,10:34-42,15:3)(rom 16:18)(amos 9:7-15)(jere 2:13-20,9:25-26,10:1-25)(zech 7:11-13)(sirach 12:10-14)(1cor 10:21)(james 2:1-7)(baruch 4:1-3)(wisdom of sol 14:8-10)(job 9:24)(2cor 11:13-14)(lam 5:1-22). Because we Hebrew Yisraelites have surrendered our crown of inheritance from our Most High father and have inherited a psychological fear from our enemies and took up false gods of their satanic religions; we all are now lifeless and shall fall by Most High's sword = (eccl 10:2-5,17:10-12)(lam 5:1-22)(jere 2:13-20,4:13,5:19,9:25-26,10:1-25,11:19,16:10-21,17:4,23:16,50:17-19,51:17-21)(col 1:12)(psa 38:38,52:1-7,83:3-12,96:5)(habakkuk 2:18-19)(acts 7:37-43)(deut 4:19,7:25-26,32:16-17,41-43)(isa 28:15,31:1-3,42:22,51:20-23,61:1-7,65:1-15,66:15-16)(2cor 4:3-4)(matt 7:6,10:34-42,22:29,32)(1king 11:5-7)(prov 1:20-33,11:21-22,28:26,30:6)(exo 20:1-26,23:14-19,24,32:4-10)(lev 23:1-4,26:1-46)(rev 13:1,16,14:8-12)(1sam 5:4)(baruch 4:1-3,6-8)(amos 3:1-3,5:21-27,9:7-15)(deut 18:9-14,32:41-43)(2thess 2:3-12)(rom 1:21-25,10:1-3,11:26-27,12:2,16:18)(ezek 9:4-11)(isa 30:12-13,52:1-3,65:11-15,65:11-15,66:15-16)(lam 5:1-22)(john 4:22)(1john 2:19)(james 5:1-12)(eph 5:11-12)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(josh 23:11-16)(2esdras 14:14-16,34-35)(2john:10)(prov 19:21)(amos 5:21-27,9:8-15)(2chron 36:16-19)(zech 7:11-13)(1king 11:1-43)(sirach 12:10-14,36:1-11)(wisdom of sol 4:14-15,14:8-10,15:4-6)(1cor 1:17-18,2:1-8,10:21)(micah 3:11-12)(acts 5:29-32,7:43,48-50)(2cor 11:13-14)(job 9:24)(1maccabees 1:11-15). With only 12,000 of us taken from each tribe, a total of 144,000 Hebrew Yisraelites (the election) will be sealed and redeemed to reign forever in our Most High father's kingdom of heaven. 66% of us Yisraelites won't enter Most High's kingdom of heaven because we are walking dead in america/"babylon the great" (land of confusion), comfortably asleep mentally and spiritually and loving it; our life is a lie = (rev 7:1-8,11:8,11,18,14:8-12,18:1-5,21:1-3,12-13)(rom 1:21-25,10:1-3,13:11,16:18)(ezek 18:30,37:1-14)(1john 5:10-11)(prov 1:20-33,21:16,28:26)(2pete 2:6-8)(1thess 4:13-18)(mark 12:26-27)(matt 7:13-14,13:1-58,22:1-14,32,24:9-13,25:31-34,27:50-53)(psa 38:38)(isa 2:1-4,30:12-13,42:22,51:20-23,61:1-7)(lam 5:1-22)(eph 4:13-14,5:11-12)(psa 52:1-7)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(josh 23:11-16)(isa 24:10-12,51:20-23)(jere 9:25-26,10:1-25,16:10-21)(amos 3:1-3,9:7-15)(2chron 36:16)(zech 7:11-13,13:8-9)(luke 12:51-53)(sirach 36:11)(1pete 1:6-7)(2esdras 2:37-39,8:1-3,13:1-46)(wisdom of sol 5:1-2)(deut 14:1-2,26:17-19)(1cor 10:21)(baruch 4:1-3). We Hebrew Yisraelites must know that we are the only nation of people with a God who's "Black", I AM, who only loves his Yisraelite children (the greatest people on earth). Yisraelites, know that the holy bible (our ancestry and history book) is written in metaphors and parables with the finger of our Most High father being inspiration for his Yisraelite children seeking truth. The bible is also a mystery and it's not meant for everyone to understand ONLY the Twelve Tribes of Yisrael. The bible are the words of life, love and truth from our Most High father that shall endureth forever and not one of the bible's precepts shall fail. It is a revolutionary book given to us by our Most High father to separate us from the heathens/devils and as a way out of bondage = (john 4:20-24,6:63,14:9,26,15:16,17:9-11)(rom 3:1-4,9:1-13,11:26-27,16:18)(mark 4:10-12,10:34-42)(ezek 3:5-7,8:1-4)(2tim 3:16-17)(2pete 1:20-21,3:16)(hosea 12:10)(isa 2:1-4,28:11,29:10,34:16-17,40:15,41:8-9,43:10,44:1-4,61:1-7,63:18-19)(col 1:26)(psa 68:11,69:23,147:19-20)(2tim 3:16)(exo 31:18,34:1)(2pete 1:20-21)(1maccabees 1:56-58,2:48,3:48)(baruch 4:1-3)(2sam 23:1-3)(luke 1:68-71)(1cor 14:33-35)(prov 8:8-9,30:5-6)(2esdras 3:31-36,5:23-27,6:54-56,14:34-35)(rev 1:3,5:12,7:1-17)(eph 4:13-14)(1tim 4:13-16)(matt 10:34-42,5:17,13:1-58,15:24,25:31-34)(exo 20:5,23:24,31:18)(2john:10)(prov 19:21)(deut 7:6-10,14:1-2,26:17-19,28:15,32:8-9)(amos 3:1-3)(2sam 7:23)(psa 82:1-8,147:19-20)(jere 10:1-25,31:3,51:17-21)(sirach 36:1-11)(gen 25:21-34)(jere 2:3,31:1)(joel 2:27)(1cor 2:1-8,10:21)(acts 5:29-32,26:14-15)(gal 4:26)(dan 7:9)(ezek 34:29). The Most High hates the wicked for touching or reading his word/the bible = (psa 50:16-19)(isa 40:15,17)(2esdras 6:54-59)(james 2:1-7)(baruch 4:1-3)(john 17:9-11). Also know that all "Black" people are not the same because some of us do hear our Father's voice knowing we must subdue our own understanding and reform our hearts. Therefore, some will receive Most High's word but most won't because we Yisraelites have not chosen our Father, but our Father have chosen us (the election) = (matt 1:21,13:9-11,1-58)(acts 5:31)(exo 11:7)(col 1:26)(rev 1:3,7:1-4)(song of sol. 1:5)(acts 7:51,17:10-11)(1cor 2:3-8,15:51-53)(2cor 4:3-4)(isa 10:21,29:10,30:20-21)(rom 8:16,37-39,9:1-13,10:1-3,9-13,11:7,16:18)(titus 2:1-7)(john 3:16-21,4:22,8:47,10:27-30,15:16)(luke 11:28-29,12:51-53)(sirach 39:24)(jam 1:8)(1john 2:19,4:6,5:10-12)(1tim 1:4,4:13-16)(1maccabees 3:51)(2john:10)(amos 3:1-3,7,9:7-15)(psa 69:23,147:19-20)(2esdras 1:27-29,14:1-6,14-16,34-35)(jere 9:25-26,51:14)(deut 4:5-6,6:6-9)(2macc7:1-23)(2tim 2:1-3,10,19,4:1-4)(baruch 4:1-3)(prov 1:1-10,20:4)(josh 1:8)(phil 2:12-15,3:20)(sirach 9:15,39:1)(heb 5:11-14,10:23)(luke 9:62)(john 10:27)(eccl 5:1-2)(wisdom of solomon 1:4-6)(2tim 2:19-22)(1thess 4:13-18)(dan 12:1-4)(psa 1:1-6). Our Father always leave a remnant whom haven't forgotten the Father and they shall be a light for their neighbors = (ezek 6:8-9)(mala 2:15)(zeph 3:13)(jere 44:28)(micah 5:7-15)(jere 51:14)(heb 10:23). Many Yisraelites are drunk from drinking the "wine" of stan's cup. We Yisraelites vote for, teach embrace and support our oppressions, wearing them as a crown; but there are a few Yisraelites who are infuriated and do stand against and speak up about all the atrocities and oppression of our people. Nobody ever went to their oppressors asking for their freedom, however they took it! Here are some names of "Black" people who gave their lives in vain opposing the oppressions of their people: (The "Black" Panther Party, Toussaint Louverture, Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner, Lamont Pride, Lovelle Mixon, Lamar Moore, Dexter Bostic, Christopher Dorner) = (luk 9:59-60,12:51-53)(rom 1:21-25,10:1-3,16:18)(isa 24:10-12,30:12-13,44:13-18,51:20-23,65:1-15,66:15-16)(ezek 9:4-11)(lam 5:1-22)(john 4:22)(eph 4:13-14,15:11-12)(psa 52:1-7)(1john 2:19)(prov 1:20-33,28:26)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(josh 23:11-16)(2esdras 14:14-16,34-35)(exo 20:5,23:24)(jere 9:25-26,10:1-25,16:10-21,17:4,51:17-21)(amos 3:1-3,9:7-15)(2chron 36:16)(zech 7:11-13)(1king 11:1-43)(sirach 36:1-11)(deut 32:16-18)(1cor 10:21)(wisdom of sol 14:8-10,15:4-6)(matt 24:9-13)(rev 14:8-12,18:4-5)(micah 2:10)(baruch 4:1-3)(2thess 2:8-12)(zech 11:5)(septuagint psalms of sal. 4:1-25). Now I understand those feelings I've always had as a child was my spirit being hungry for truth = (rom 10:1-3,8:16)(jere 2:13-20)(matt 10:34-42)(song 3:1-4)(prov 8:17). I also understand the true meaning of racism which is pure envy because they/edomites/antichrist/caucasians are recessive but "Black" people are the dominant trait genetically, therefore the superior race (the greatest people on earth). Mainly the root of all racists' envy and hate stems from the covenants, the promises, the adoption and glory the Most High has made with "Black" people's forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Yisrael/the 12 tribes and their children (Chosen Ones/the Elect) = (gen 12:1-3,17:1-10,22:16-18,35:10,23-26,49:10)(exo 19:5-6)(deut 7:1-10,11:21,28:1-14,32:8-10)(psa 2:8-9,48:2,78:5-6,147:19-20,149:1-9)(hosea 1:10-11)(rom 9:1-33,11-23,26-27)(matt 10:5-6,34-42,15:24,24:9-10)(amos 3:1-2)(isa 2:1-4,14:1-3,41:8-9,45:4-5,17,25,49:22-23,60:10-15,61:1-7)(sirach 17:17-21,26:19-21,36:11,46:1)(psa 38:28,83:1-18,132:11-18,147:19-20,149:1-9)(1king 10:9)(lev 26:9-13)(jere 11:19)(2esdras 5:23-27)(joel 3:2)(rev 5:12,7:1-17,11:18)(heb 8:7-9)(joel 2:27)(wisdom of sol 5:1-2)(baruch 4:1-3)(john 17:9-11)(neh 9:12)(gal 3:16,29)(1cor 12:12)(gen 28:10-22,48:4)(gal 4:26)(luke 1:68-71)(2esdras 13:39-46)(2sam 7:23-24). esau included with the 17 heathen/animal nations has no promise or mercy from the Most High = (heb 12:16-17)(rom 9:13)(jere 2:3)(jude 1:14-15). ALL world governments are ran by industrialists, globalists, white supremacists/eugenicists, luciferians/illuminists, the 1% whose agenda is to eradicate the true nation of Yisrael ("Black" and Brown) people through eugenics, therefore we must always be equipped  = (job 9:24)(rev 13:9-10)(exo 20:5,23:24,21:16)(2thess 2:3-8)(deut 7:10,32:16-17)(psa 10:2-11)(lam 5:1-22)(john 8:44)(gen 27:38-41)(eph 4:14)(james 5:1-12)(psa 83:1-18)(1maccabees 3:48,51-53,58-60)(rom 16:18)(isa 14:17,24:10-12)(jere 10:1-25,30:16)(sirach 12:10-14)(eph 6:10-18)(john 10:10). eugenics is the self direction of human evolution, and eugenics' evil is rooted through anatomy, physiology, biology, psychology, genetics, mental testing, anthropometry, history, geology, anthropology, archaeology, ethnology, geography, LAW, statistics, politics, economics, biography, genealogy, education, sociology, religion, psychiatry, surgery and medicine = (sirach 26:20-21)(exo 1:7-22)(matt 2:16,24:14)(jere 22:13)(rev 7:4)(oba1:21)(nehe 9:27)(lev 18:21)(psa 10:2-11)(john 8:44)(deut 32:16-17). We Hebrew Yisraelites of captivity are the remnant of Most High's chosen people who will change the world = (ezek 3:11)(rom 8:19)(psa 82:6-7)(1cor 15:51-53)(zech 12:7-9)(job 5:11-13)(rev 11:13)(isa 61:1-7)(jere 1:10,30:16)(rev 12:1-2). Our enemies are also mad because they know that they will be powerless possessions, and that they/all races/all nations shall bow face down to the ground and lick the dust of our feet while being slaves FOREVER serving us Yisraelites in our Most High father's kingdom of heaven. We Yisraelites shall live forever as we chase our enemies and they shall fall before us by the sword = (isa 2:1-4,13:11-22,14:1-3,40:15,17,47:10-15,49:22-23,51:20-23,58:10,60:10-15,61:1-7,65:11-15,66:15-16)(zep 2:1-15)(dan 2:44,7:27)(lev 25:44-46,26:9-13)(1sam 2:6-10)(jere 1:10,2:3,4:13,9:25-26,30:16)(eccl 8:8)(james 5:1-12)(joel 3:2)(amos 5:18,9:7-15)(luke 1:68-71,12:51-53,19:27)(matt 19:28-30,21:41,25:31-34)(sirach 36:1-11)(psa 2:8-9,37:32-40,149:1-9)(jer 30:16)(rev 13:9-10,21:1-3)(wisdom of sol 5:1-2)(psa 2:8)(john 10:28)(zech 13:9)(2esdras 4:28-30,13:1-46)(deut 31:8,32:41-43)(jos 1:5,10:8)(amos 9:8-15)(2thess 2:8-12)(micah 4:5-7,5:7-15)(rev 21:1,11-12)(haggai 2:21-22). All the heathen/animal nations, individuals and Yisraelites that came and come against the Twelve Tribes of Yisrael, they all have the spirit of cain and dan, and the Most High considers them less than zero. Plus they are accessories to murders and shall perish, be punished or will worship the King Lord of hosts while being slaves to the 12 tribes while accepting the fact that Hebrew Yisraelites are the apple of Most High's eye = (zech 2:8,7:11-13,12:7-11,14:12-21)(isa 2:1-4,13:11-22,14:1-3,12-16,34:8,40:15,17,42:13-14,47:10-15,49:22-23,54:1-5,58:10,59:18,60:10-15,61:1-7,63:1-4,65:11-15,66:15-16)(psa 2:1-12,9:16-20,17:8,21:8-13,37:32-40,38:38,48:2,79:1-7,132:11-18,139:21-22,144:1-2,147:19-20,149:1-9)(sirach 17:17-21,25:12-17,36:1-11)(rom 3:1-4,11:28)(joel 2:1-11,3:1-21)(rev 3:9,11:12-15,13:9-10)(nahum 1:2-3)(gene 4:14)(exo 21:16)(ezek 9:4-11,25:12-17)(zeph 3:7-9)(micah 4:10-13,5:7-15)(oba 1:9-10)(jere 1:10,4:13,10:1-25,16:10-21,30:16,51:8-12,17-23)(deut 7:10,24,28:1-14,31:8,32:10)(1king 10:9)(lev 25:44-46,26:6-13)(2thess 2:3-8)(2esdras 4:28-30,5:23-27,13:1-46)(ezek 9:4-11)(1sam 2:6-10)(ecl 8:8)(amos 3:1-3,5:18,9:7-15)(2chron 36:16)(jere 2:3,9:25-26)(luke 19:27)(matt 13:1-58,21:41,23:31-35,25:31-34)(amos 9:8-15)(rev 11:18,17:14,21:1-3)(dan 7:25)(wisdom of sol 5:1-2)(james 2:1-7)(wisdom of sol 15:4-6)(deut 32:41-43)(josh 1:5,10:8)(amos 9:8-12)(micah 5:7-15)(jude 1:14-15). We Hebrew Yisraelites have the inheritance of our Most High father's heart, special love and bond = (jer 1:10,10:16,12:7-9,14-17,17:1-4)(joel 2:27,3:2)(rom 3:1-4,9:3-8,11-13,16:16-24)(deut 7:1-8,28:1-14,32:8-10,33:29)(psa 33:12,37:34-40,38:28,78:5-6,82:6,83:3-4,132:11-18,147:19-20,148:14,149:1-9)(zec 2:8-9)(exo 19:5-6)(amos 3:1-2,9:8)(sirach 17:10-12,17-21,26:19-21,36:11,46:1)(luke 1:68-71,21:17)(matt 1:21,10:5-6,15:24,25:31-34)(isa 2:1-4,11:11-13,14:1-3,29:22,40:15-17,41:8-9,43:10,44:1-4,45:4-5,17,49:22-23,60:10-15,61:1-7,63:16-19)(jam 2:5)(2chro 6:5-6)(2sam 7:23)(2esdras 3:31-36,5:23-27,6:54-56)(acts 2:21-22,5:30-32)(heb 7:14,12:22)(gen 49:10)(col 1:12)(john 4:22-24,15:16)(1king 10:9)(lev 26:9-13)(1sam 2:6-10)(baruch 4:1-3)(gal 4:26)(rev 3:12,5:12,14:1). "Black" people, be prepared to acknowledge that our sufferings are not unmerited. We Yisraelites must remember that Most High will chastise and scourge those he love. We Yisraelites are poor but rich in fatith = (hebr 12:6-9)(matt 19:28-30,24:9,13)(luke 21:12)(acts 4:18-19)(rom 5:3-5,8:36)(isa 14:1-3,49:22-23,54:1-5,60:10-15,61:1-7)(deut 28:1-68)(lev 26:1-46)(1sam 2:6-10)(jere 1:10)(psa 11:5,23:1-6,37:34-40,91:1-10)(james 2:5)(rev 2:9,5:12)(baruch 4:1-3)(matt 19:28-30)(1maccabees 2:49-61)(john 17:9-11)(septuagint psalms of sal. 10:1-8). "Black" people, please understand that the world was made for our/Hebrew Yisraelite sakes, and we are the joy and salt of the earth and shall be made kings and priests, and all other nations and races are nothing but spit = (matt 5:13,19:28-30)(rev 5:9-12)(2esdras 3:31-33,5:23-27,6:54-59)(isa 24:10-12,40:15-17,49:22-23,60:10-15,61:1-7)(dan 7:27)(deut 7:10)(lev 19:1-2,25:44-46)(1sam 2:6-10)(jere 1:10,10:16)(eph 4:13-14)(john 15:16)(deut 32:8-9)(sirach 36:11)(wisdom of sol 5:1-2)(gal 4:26)(psa 48:2). Hewbrew Yisraelites, we are not a free people this is why we pay taxes = (matt 17:24-26)(john 8:32)(lam 5:1-22)(isa 49:22-23,51:20-23)(exo 1:11-14). Every acre of this oppressive, wicked world is our plantation/our hell/our captivity and it shall fall, but our Most High father wants his Yisraelite children to stand firm, rejoice and be faithful until death when our enemies afflict us and put us into prisons, but we must fight to live righteous in this wicked world then our Father will reward us with the crown of life = (rev 2:10-11,17,3:5,12,11:18,13:11,14:12,18:3-5,21:1-7)(dan 7:25)(2tim 2:1-3,10,4:5-12)(matt 5:11-12,25-26,10:34-42,13:1-58,19:28-30,24:9-13)(baruch 3:8-13,4:6-8)(heb 12:2,6-9)(luke 12:51-53,21:12-36)(eph 6:10-18)(gen 15:13-14,27:38-41)(num 23:23)(nehe 5:9)(isa 14:1-3,12-14,24:10-12,30:12-13,47:1-15,42:13-16,22,49:22-23,51:20-23,60:12-15,61:1-7,65:1-15,66:15-16)(lev 20:27)(jere 1:10,2:3,19,4:13,9:25-26,10:1-25,11:19,16:10-21,23:16,51:8-14,17-21)(book of Jasher 81:52-62)(acts 7:43)(amos 5:26-27,9:7-15)(1king 11:5-7)(prov 30:6)(rom 1:21-25,5:3-5,9:17,22,26)(deut 7:10,28:1-68,32:8-9,41-43)(heb 12:6-9,13:6)(eph 4:13-14,6:10-18)(john 16:1-3)(amos 9:8-15)(james 1:12-14,5:1-12)(1sam 2:6-10)(lam 5:1-22)(psa 2:8-12,11:5,23:1-6,37:32-40,52:1-7,63:1-3,91:1-10,107:10-12,149:1-9)(1tim 4:13-16)(haggai 1:5-6)(josh 23:11-16)(zep 2:1)(2esdras 14:14-16,34-35)(exo 1:11-14,20:5,23:24)(2chron 36:16-19)(zech 7:11-13,11:5)(eccl 1:4-11,3:15)(1king 11:1-10)(sirach 36:1-11)(wisdom of sol 5:1-2)(2macc 7:11-23)(micah 2:10,5:7-15)(1 john 2:15-17)(rev 18:4-5)(1maccabees 2:49-62)(rom 8:36-39)(jonah 2:1-2)(2thess 2:8-12)(sirach 9:13)(titus 2:12). There is nothing new under the sun, therefore, our Most High father says we are cursed and will be killed in the streets all day long for our sins/transgression of our Father's laws, and he shall laugh at our calamity for not choosing to fear the Lord; but there's nothing that will separate us from his love, and blessed is he that endureth temptation. We Hebrew Yisraelites won't ever be delivered from our oppressions until we first and foremost have a mental and spiritual uprising, becoming as one on the same accord with the Most High. Some examples of Hebrew Yisraelites "being killed in the streets all the day long" are (Michael Brown, Emmitt Till, Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant, Timothy Stansbury, Alberta Spruill, Eleanor Bumpurs, Kathyrn Johnson, Ramarley Graham), they aren't the first and they won't be the last = (rom 1:21-25,5:3-5,8:24,35-39)(lam 4:17-18,5:1-22)(matt 5:25-26,10:34-42,19:28-30,24:9-13)(dan 7:25,9:10-15)(jere 1:10,2:13-20,4:22,5:25,9:25-26,10:1-25,11:19,16:10-21,22:1-9)(isa 22:14,30:12-13,42:22,44:13-18,51:20-23,61:1-7,65:1-15,66:15-16)(luke 12:51-53,21:12,16-17)(baruch 3:8-13,4:6-8)(deut 28:15-68)(rev 11:7-8,22:14-15)(prov 1:20-33,28:26)(john 16:1-3)(exo 32:4-10)(james 1:12-14)(heb 12:6-9)(psa 10:2-11,23:1-6,52:1-7,91:1-10,107:10-12)(rev 21:7)(eph 4:13-14,5:11-12)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(josh 23:11-16)(amos 3:1-3,9:7-15)(2chron 36:16)(zech 7:11-13,11:14)(eccl 1:4-11,3:15)(rev 11:7-10)(wisdom of sol 15:4-6)(1tim 4:16)(2tim 2:1-3,10,15)(2pete 1:10)(1maccabees 2:49-61)(jonah 2:1-2)(ezek 37:19)(2thess 2:8-12)(sirach 9:13)(zech 11:5)(septuagint psalms of sal. 10:1-8). esau, amalek and their generations (edomites and amalekites) are kings of confusion, masters of murder, lovers of semantics and false science. Therefore, not only are they out to eradicate the 12 tribes of Yisrael but they are willing to destroy any living thing, animal, plant or the air we breathe in the process. Make NO mistake about it, esau is the end of the world, and Jacob is the beginning of it that followeth = (psa 10:2-11,13:5,82:5)(lam 5:1-22)(gen 25:21-34,27:38-41)(eph 4:13-14)(james 5:1-12)(isa 14:12-17,24:10-12,25:7,29:15-16,42:22,49:22-23,60:10-15,65:1-15,66:15-16)(exo 20:5,23:24)(rom 16:18)(jere 10:1-25)(heb 12:16-17)(john 8:44,10:10)(1john 2:18-19,3:10)(acts 13:10)(rev 11:18)(2thess 8-11)(prov 29:2)(1tim 6:20-21)(rev 11:18,18:1-24,22:18)(colo 2:8)(oba: 6)(wisdom of sol 15:4-6)(1maccabees 2:49-62)(2esdras 4:28-30,6:8-9)(rom 9:13)(job 20:11-15)(zech 11:5). We Hebrew Yisraelites must stand firm until our Most High father returns, then we Yisraelites shall take the kingdom and possess the kingdom forever, even forever and ever, and our enemies will be repaid to their face = (isa 2:1-4,14:1-3,49:22-23,58:10,60:10-15,61:1-7)(dan 7:18,27)(psa 37:32-40,148:14)(matt 10:5-7,13:1-58,21:41)(1king 10:9)(deut 7:10)(lev 25:44-46)(ezek 9:4-11)(1sam 2:6-10)(jere 1:10,4:13,10:1-25,16:10-21)(lev 25:44-46)(1tim 4:13-16)(eph 5:11-12,6:10-18)(joel 3:2)(amos 3:1-3,5:18,9:8-15)(luke 12:51-53,19:27)(1pete 1:6-7)(psa 2:8-12)(john 10:28)(wisdom of sol 15:3)(isa 47:10-18)(2thess 2:8-12)(jere 30:1-3). The years from 1400's thru 1870, a captured runaway slave would be scourged and perhaps mutilated, but if a slave was caught reading, especially the bible, it was a punishment of death. Therefore, the "white" man did not write the bible otherwise it would've been a death sentence if not read  = (rev 1:3)(eph 4:13-14)(isa 65:1-15,66:15-16)(deut 28:1-68). So Hebrew Yisraelites, PLEASE READ the Torah, the Apocrypha and New Testaments YOURSELF and ask our Most High father (the rock) who delivered us from egypt for clear understanding of what you're reading = (isa 11:11-13,28:9-11,29:13,34:16,43:10,45:4-7,61:1-7,65:11-12)(jer 1:10,11:19,16:14-16)(exo 1:1-7,13:9,15:3,20:2-5)(dan 2:21,9:15)(rom 9:20-23,10:9-13)(gen 1:1,26)(psa 96:5,107:10-14)(col 1:16-17)(1cor 8:6)(heb 11:3,13:8)(lev 26:13)(sirach 33:14)(1sam 2:6-10)(mal 3:16)(rev 1:3,21:5-7)(1tim 4:13-16)(2john:10)(amos 3:1-3,5:18)(john 3:16-21)(deut 26:8-9,32:4,16-18,31)(phil 2:12)(luke 1:68-71)(matt 5:17-18)(2sam 7:23-24). Beware when purchasing or reading the bible because it is best to have an original 1611 King James version for authenticity reasons and for the Apocrypha, a book that was removed from current bibles by the protestant "white" man in the 1700's because it was and is too condemning of them/"white" people and the other 17 heathen races who also are children of satan. Yisraelites shall not be like the heathen by giving our time and energy to people with a facade of material wealth but neglecting poor people = (2thess 2:3-8)(prov 19:21)(james 2:1-7). The Apocrypha may also be bought separately on the internet. Hebrew Yisraelites who are beginning to wake in the word/truth and seek to thoroughly understand the holy bible, should approach the bible precept upon precept starting with the foundation of the Torah (old testaments) = (isa 28:9-11)(rom 10:1-3)(1pete 2:1-2)(1cor 3:2-3). Hebrew Yisraelites, our Most High father says not one of his precepts in his holy bible shall fail = (isa 34:16,55:11)(mark 13:31-33). People, "Goodbye Uncle Tom, Maafa 21: Black Genocide In 21st Century America, Black In Latin America, Slavery and The Making of America, Hidden Colors (pt.1,2,3) are other phenomenal documentaries that deserves thorough viewing. Sad to say, but the Hidden Colors documentaries are devoted to that demonic egyptology nonscense and ignorant to the fact that we are Hebrew Yisraelites not moors, african american or "Black." The moors are Hebrew Yisraelites who converted to the satanic muslim religion. Nevertheless, we can still learn great things of Hebrew Yisraelites (our ancestry) by deciphering through the absurdities of the three Hidden Colors videos. Yisraelites, we need to know that now is time to awake out of sleep and know that life is about obeying our Most High father's laws, seeking our salvation, loving him with all our heart, soul, strength and mind and seek to be perfect = (rom 13:10-11)(luk 10:27,12:51-53)(1john 5:3)(eccl 12:13-14)(psa 25:10,37:32-40)(deut 5:10,10:12,6:1-10)(mark 12:30-31,13:31-33)(rev 22:14-15)(matt 5:48,22:32,24:22)(titus 2:1-7)(isa 51:20-23,52:1-3)(1john 5:10-12)(prov 28:26)(phil 2:12)(john 17:9-11)(1king 8:61)(jere 30:1-3)(ezek 37:1-28). Yisraelites, our Most High father gave us laws, statutes, commandments and (holy days) to worship, celebrate and to live by NOT religion. A priest's lips should keep knowledge = (psa 52:1-7,78:5-6,96:4-5)(deut 4:5-6,19,44-45,6:6-9,7:25-26,32:39)(jere 3:2-3,15,10:1-25,17:5-8,23:16,51:21-23)(2tim 3:16)(eph 4:3-6,5:11-12)(hosea 1:10-11,10:13-15)(rev 22:14-15)(john 4:20-24,5:43-47)(habakkuk 2:18-19)(amos 5:21-27)(psa 96:5)(1king 11:5-7)(prov 19:21,28:26,30:6)(acts 7:43,48-50)(isa 8:16-17,29:13,33:14,56:9-12,65:1-15,66:15-16)(1thess 5:21)(2thess 2:1-4,8-11)(amos 5:21-27,9:7-15)(rom 1:21-25,12:2)(lev 23:1-4)(exo 20:4,23:14-19)(james 1:22-27,5:1-12)(1tim 4:13-16)(haggai 1:5-6)(2john:10)(luke 12:51-53)(matt 5:48,10:34-42)(1cor 3:16-17,10:21)(baruch 4:1-3,6:1-73)(miah 3:11-12)(col 1:18)(wisdom of sol 14:8-10)(job 15:34-35)(1john 5:3)(mal 2:7)(septuagint psa of sal. psa 4:1-25). Yisraelites, we must understand that our Most High father made human's heart of the "world" so that man could not figure out the functions that Most High makes from the beginning to the end = (eccl 3:11)(jere 1:10)(mark 13:31-33)(matt 13:10-11,24:36-44). Hebrew Yisraelites, our Most High father says he will now allow us to hear and see his guidance and to understand the truth; now we must seek salvation = (isa 30:20-21,42:20,52:1-3)(dan 12:4)(1tim 6:20)(colo 1:26-27)(2thess 10-11)(phil 2:12)(jere 30:1-3,51:14)(ezek 37:1-28)(amos 3:7). Yisraelites, we will be held accountable for every word we speak and everything we do = (matt 10:34-42,12:36-37)(2esdras 14:34-35)(jere 16:16-18)(amos 9:7-15)(1thess 4:13-18)(dan 12:1-4)(psa 7:11,79:6)(ezek 7:8-9). Our Most high father wants his Yisraelite children to know that time is near for his return, and we Yisraelites need to watch and be SOBER and to not get caught without proper clothing because he will come as a thief in the night = (1thess 4:13-18,5:1-10)(2pet 3:10)(num 15:38)(rev 16:15)(rom 13:11)(isa 5:11-12,29:5-6,45:4,51:20-23,52:1-3,61:1-7)(1cor 6:13-20)(sirach 5:7,31:27-31)(eccl 7:29)(1john 2:18,5:10-11)(matt 10:5-7,34-42,24:22,29-31,36-44)(psa 50:1-5,91:1-8,132:9)(mala 3:5-6)(nahum 1:2-3)(amos 9:8-15)(ezek 9:4-11)(zeph 1:8,14-18,3:6-9)(jere 1:10,4:13)(rev 16:15,19:8,21:8)(eph 5:11-12)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(2esdras 14:34-35)(amos 5:18,9:7-15)(mark 13:31-33)(jere 4:13)(1pete 1:6-7)(deut 32:41-43)(zeph 1:8-9)(dan 12:1-4). Hebrew Yisraelites, there's no excuse for us sinning because the laws of our Father are not grievous and the gospel is being preached throughout the world for a witness to all nations; and there will be signs on earth and the heavens, then the end shall come = (matt 5:48,10:5-6,13:24-43,16:3,22:1-3,24:3-14,21-22,27,35:50-53,29-31,37-44)(psa 50:1-5,52:1-7,91:1-8)(isa 8:16,24:20,45:4,52:1-3,66:15-16,65:1-15,66:15-16)(luke 12:51-53,21:11-36,24:44-49)(prov 1:20-33,28:9,26)(1john 2:18,5:3)(mala 3:5-6)(1thess 4:15-18)(rev 7:1-4,11:7-13,21:8)(2esdras 13:1-46,14:34-35)(hosea 1:10-11)(zech 12:7-14)(amos 5:18)(mark 13:31-33)(jere 4:13,6:2,51:12-14)(dan 2:44,12:1-4)(john 14:29)(1pete 1:6-7)(jam 5:19-20)(1tim 4:16)(2cor 11:2)(psa 19:3-4)(2tim 4:1-4)(deut 32:41-43)(zeph 1:14-18)(acts 1:7-8)(sirach 5:7)(1thess 4:13-18)(acts 1:6-8)(psa 79:6)(haggai 2:21-22). We Hebrew Yisraelites must keep the SABBATH which is a holy convocation and a day of rest = (gen 1:5,2:1-3)(exo 16:23,20:8-11,31:13-18)(num 15:32-36)(lev 23:1-3,26:2,34-46)(heb 10:23-25)(isa 56:2,66:23)(2maccabees 6:6-9)(col 2:16-17)(john 4:22)(2esdras 14:34-35)(1sam 20:24)(psa 81:3,104:19)(amos 8:5)(gen 1:14)(lam 2:6)(nehe 10:31). We Yisraelites must know that the church of our Father is Jesus and the nation of Yisrael/the Hebrew Yisraelites when two or more Yisraelites are gathered speaking the words of Most High. However, the churches of this evil world are the fathers of white supremacy who are paid by the elite (powers that be) to keep the "hidden ones"/Hebrew Yisraelites asleep = (acts 7:38)(prov 30:6)(1cor 14:33-35)(matt 18:20)(isa 65:11-12)(micah 3:11-12)(james 2:1-7)(col 1:18)(john 17:9-11). As sinners we Yisraelites must REPENT before our Father's return by being washed and made clean with the words of the Most High (being born again), and show proof of our repentance by our deeds, and to seek salvation or we will die by not entering into our FATHER's kingdom of heaven = (rom 3:1-4,10:9-13)(matt 3:2,6:1-4,10:5-7,34-42,18:3-4,19:28-30)(john 3:3-6,4:13-14)(mark 1:15,12:29-31)(1cor 6:9-11)(2cor 7:10)(acts 2:38,3:19,26:20)(rev 2:4-5,13-17,21:8,22:14-15)(psa 19:7-9,17,38:38,107:10-14,111:10)(ephe 4:22-32,5:11,26,6:10-18)(ezek 9:4-11,14:6,18:30-32)(luke 13:1-5,24:47-48)(1king 8:46-48)(jere 1:10,8:3,10:1-25,18:8)(jonah 3:9-10)(prov 28:13,26)(2esdras 14:34-35)(rev 21:8,25-27,22:14-15)(2tim 4:5-7)(isa 1:16-20,2:1-4,61:1-7)(amos 9:7-15)(rom 2:12-13)(deut 4:5-6,6:6-9,28:15)(1pete 1:6-7,22-25)(wisdom of sol 15:3)(micah 2:3)(phil 2:12)(baruch 2:30)(john 1:13,3:3-5,6:63)(1king 8:46-48)(sirach 5:7)(1thess 4:13-18)(dan 12:1-4). When our Most High father returns, his garments will be stained with the blood of his Yisraelite children who refused to repent and keep his laws, statues and commandments. Most High will sift the house of Yisrael seperating the worshippers from sinners = (isa 63:1-6,65:1-15,66:15-16)(2esdras 1:27-29,15:24-27)(rev 22:14-15)(psa 38:38,79:6)(deut 7:10)(rom 10:1-3)(deut 4:5-6,6:6-9,32:41-43)(ezek 9:4-11)(jere 1:10,4:13,8:3)(rev 21:8)(prov 1:20-33)(haggai 1:5-6)(hosea 10:13-15)(josh 23:11-16)(amos 5:18,9:7-10)(jere 8:3,10:1-25)(sirach 36:1-11)(1pete 1:6-7)(micah 2:3,5:7-15)(sirach 5:7)(1thess 4:13-18)(2pete 4-9). Yisraelites who do not repent before their death, will be brought back to life and judged with a painful death = (2esdras 9:9-12)(acts 24:15)(rev 2:16,20:11-15)(psa 38:38)(rev 11:18,21:8)(amos 5:18)(sirach 5:7)(1thess 4:13-18)(dan 12:1-4)(eccl 12:7)(gen 3:19). Our Most High father says do not weep for the dead or bemoan them, but weep grievously for the Yisraelites who have gone astray, because it's better to be a dead dummy than a living fool = (jere 22:10)(eccl 26:11)(matt 8:21-22)(sirach 22:11-12,38:16-17)(rom 6:23,10:1-3)(ezek 3:17-21,9:4-11)(1thess 4:13-18)(luke 12:47)(2pete 2:20-22)(prov 26:11)(john 9:41)! Our Most high father says, if we keep his laws, statues and commandments then we shall keep our life! lol! = (prov 3:1-2)(hosea 4:6)(deut 4:5,28:15-68)(2esdras 15:24-27)(rev 22:14-15)(jere 1:10,17:5-8)(lev 26:1-46)(exo 20:1-26)(psa 38:38,79:6)(matt 19:28-30). Hebrew Yisraelites, when we are praying/confessing of sins or prophesying, we must uncover our head, and the women must have their head covered = (1cor 11:1-9)(1tim 2:8-15). Hebrew Yisraelites, we shall pray with faith to our Most High father for him as witness not man. We should pray into a closet and use not vain repetitions as the heathen do nor shall we tempt Most High = (matt 6:5-15,22:18)(psa 91:1)(2kings 4:33)(jere 17:9-10)(sirach 18:23,43:24-33,51:8-12)(dan 6:10)(2esdras 4:58-59)(psa 55:17-18)(2maccabees 10:16-30). Yisraelites, our Most High father is spirit, and must be worshipped in spirit = (john 4:24)(heb 11:6)(matt 21:22)(2maccabees 10:16-17,26,29-30). The Prayer of Manasses King of Juda in the Apocrypha is the perfect example of what to pray for. We Yisraelites shall fast in private instead of being notice for man's approval, nor shall we be sad when we fast, but be glad to show our Most High father reverence for our temple by resisting the temptations of this evil material world = (matt 6:16-34)(isa 30:12-13)(phil 2:12-15)(sirach 18:23)(tobit 12:8-10). Yisraelites, in order for us to repent for transgressions/breaking the law/our sins, we first must know and understand the laws and our sins = (1john 3:4)(rom 3:20,6:23). We Yisraelites must confess our sins by praying towards our land Jerusalem (the mother of us Hebrew Yisraelites) = (1king 8:22-30,46-48)(gal 4:26)(2chron 6:5-6,7:16)(ezek 18:30)(1tim 2:8-15)(dan 6:10). Here is how to obtain forgiveness of sins = (acts 13:38-40)(sirach 32:24)(jer 17:5)(prov 3:5)(2esd 14:34)(mark 7:21-23). Yisraelites, meditation is reading the laws, statues and commandments of the bible and obeying them by DOING them all 24/7, rather you are with company or alone, energized or exhausted. No harm overtakes an Yisraelite if they are followers of Most High = (psa 1:1-2,40:8,111:10)(deut 4:5-6,6:1-10,7:9-11,28:1,15)(eccl 12:13-14)(phil 2:12,3:20-21)(1john 3:18,5:3)(matt 5:48,7:24-25,22:36-40)(mark 12:28-31)(1tim 4:13-16)(josh 1:18)(sirach 5:7,9:15,39:1)(phil 2:12-15)(prov 16:7,20:4)(luke 9:62,11:28)(2tim 4:1-4)(rev 22:14-15)(james 1:22-27)(1pete 3:13). Yisraelites who turn their ear from hearing the law, even their prayer shall be an abomination and evil is within them and Most High will recompense their iniquity = (prov 28:9)(eph 2:2)(rev 22:14-15)(rom 10:1-3)(psa 52:1-7,79:6)(jere 10:1-25,16:16-18)(2esdras 1:27-29)(2tim 4:1-4)(ezek 3:17-21)(matt 13:1-58)(zech 7:11-14)(2pete 2:12-22)(john 9:31)(heb 10:26). We Hebrew Yisraelites are a rebellious people, but our Most High father says who will rise up for him against the evildoers = (isa 5:20,30:1-9)(psa 94:16)(prov 12:26). We Yisraelites shall not only love our Most High father but we must FEAR him by DOING all his commandments all day everyday because he is a jealous God of war = (eccl 5:1-2,12:13-14)(sirach 19:20,25:12,33:14)(psa 2:1-12, 19:9,25:14,40:8,96:4-5,111:10)(deut 4:5-6,6:6-9,7:9-11,10:12-13,28:1,15)(nahum 1:2-3)(mark 12:28-31)(1john 2:3-6,3:18)(prov 20:4,24:21)(rev 22:14-15)(lev 26:3-14)(exo 15:3,20:4-6)(phil 2:12)(matt 7:24-25,10:34-42,22:36-40)(titus 2:1-7)(ezek 8:1-5)(josh 23:11-16)(amos 5:18)(luke 9:62,11:28,12:51-53,19:21)(2tim 4:1-4)(rev 22:14-15)(james 1:22-27). We Hebrew Yisraelites must know that Most High hates seven things = (prov 6:16-19,8:13). The conclusion of the whole matter is that we Hebrew Yisraelites must have FAITH and shall not have other gods but our Most High father, if so then we have made a covenant with death = (LEVITICUS 20:1-5,26:1-46)(eccl 12:13-14)(exo 20:1-6,23:24)(isa 28:15,40:31)(psa 37:32-40,40:1-4,52:1-7,96:5,116:1-6)(rom 6:23,10:1-3)(mala 3:5-6)(nahum 1:2-3)(mark 12:29-31)(deut 7:9-11,28:15-68)(josh 23:11-16)(2john:10)(jere 10:1-25)(luke 12:51-53)(HEBREWS 11:1-40)(habak 2:1-3)(2tim 4:1-4)(jonah 2:1-2)(zeph 3:8)(acts 1:4). We Yisraelites must cry aloud and spare not, raise our voice like a trumpet when showing our neighbors (our Yisraelite brother and sisters) their transgressions/sins. america has a problem with "Black" masculinity, therefore we must keep on the full armour of the Most High so we are not distarcted or effected by the many evils = (1john 3:4)(mark 4:13-15,12:28-31)(luke 9:62,12:51-53,21:17)(isa 13:2,30:20-21,42:7,49:5-6,51:16,58:1,60:1)(eccl 12:13-14)(dan 9:10-11)(titus 2:1-7)(1tim 4:13-16)(zep 2:1)(jam 5:19-20)(1tim 4:16)(matt 10:5-6,22:1-3)(2cor 11:2)(jere 5:10,6:2,28:8)(col 4:6)(eccl 7:1-3)(wisdom of sol 5:1-2)(phil 2:12-15)(isa 49:5-6)(2tim 1:7,4:1-4)(prov 20:4)(eph 6:10-18)(rev 22:14-15)(ezek 3:17-21)(deut 1:17). We Hebrew Yisraelites must know the true definition of love, life and truth = (psa 19:9,119:142,151)(john 1:4,17,6:63,8:32,14:15,15:9,12-14,16,17:17)(rom 3:1-4)(eph 6:14)(prov 6:23,7:2,8:35)(john 20:30-31)(nehe 1:5)(eccl 9:1)(jere 2:2)(eze 16:8,18:32)(hosea 11:4)(matt 24:12)(rom 8:35)(2cor 5:4,14)(gal 5:6)(1thes 1:3)(2thes 2:10)(heb 13:1)(rev 2:4)(2chron 18:13)(eccl 17:10-12)(baruch 3:9)(deut 30:15-16)(matt 4:4,6:25,19:16-17)(luke 12:15)(rom 5:17)(baruch 3:9)(eph 4:18)(col 3:3)(1john 3:1,5:3,12)(2john :6)(2tim 1:7,10)(2pete 1:3)(prov 6:23). Hebrew brothers and sisters, be aware that the Kingdom of Heaven will be here on earth as it is in heaven; and know that the past, present and future are all one. The false teachings of a "rapture" is of the wicked illuminati. The multitudes on earth shall hear Most High's voice and he will descend from the heavens and stand upon Mount Sion (Mount Hermon) and Sion (the 12 tribes) shall come to be shewed to all men. The Most High and Sion shall rebuke the wicked inventions of the 17 heathen nations and they shall fall into the tempest and their weapons shall burn for seven years = (rom 9:26)(matt 6:10,7:13-14,13:24-43,24:1-51)(deut 11:21)(2esdras 7:6-8,21,13:12-38)(ezek 14:20,39:8-9)(gen 15:14)(eccl 3:15)(psa 48:2,115:16,149:1-9)(john 8:51)(wisdom of sol. 5:15)(isa 2:1-4,14:1-3,12-14,61:1-7)(jere 1:10)(psa 37:34,149:1-9)(joel 3:7-8)(jude 14-15)(enoch 6:1-6)(rev 21:1,11-12). We Hebrew Yisraelites need to know HIStory in it's entirety if possible. In the name of our holy Most High father I AM, Peace!

Thank you.  Beautiful and serene... 


oh my god he has the best english pure spellings O_O


Is this all improvisation?

Music, dance and art cut across 3Cs3RsL (pronounced ' threeceesthreearsel ' ) i.e. caste, colour, creed, religion, region, race and language. All of them from time immemorial have been used by mankind to experience, rejoice, enjoy in addition to their inherent and constituting elements of soothing the mind and the heart, the subtle parts of the human body.

who is the narrator ? i wish i could speak like him ... 

 love is fade away without sound 


This is music achieving perfection.


Divine music and Masters at work. 

Je suis très ému chaque fois que j'écoute et observe ces artistes. Ils représentent tant de belles choses. Respectueusement. Merci pour cet enregistrement.

Thank You. So much <3 in this

This music is magical.. Vibrations 

GOD is here, can you feel?:)

nice song

With this music I can close my eyes and easily pretend to be a feather floating around in a green meadow somewhere taking me where the breeze wants to take me. Never putting me down but keeping me afloat in perfect equillibrium where divinity and nature meet.  Thank you for this.

Love indian people , full of grace , this is to me like someone caressing me, do not have fear .

Ever refreshing composition by the two greats of Indian classical music

what a beauty ! Twenty years behind- as a budding listener and humble, I spent my available fortunes buying a music India cassette and played and played. The chronograph of time has never passed through, it transcends the same emotion ,rather a layer more , at the absolute divinity of the geniuses . A marvel for life.

valley calling beautiful

no words

As I become more and more enchanted with Chaurasia's gifts, I become more at peace in the moments in the stream of experience.

this IS!. breathtaking

I could feel the Divine touch

interpretation is in the mind. if one chooses to interpret something as such, then it is of one's own doing. perhaps one is not even aware as to why or where one got the idea in the first place, nonetheless, the problem is with self

simply out of the world...mesmerising

Wonderful !

Just a blessing,Loving Gratitude**♥ ♫ ☮ ♥ॐ♥ God is in the Heart♩♫ ˙· ♥ ·˙ ♫♩ **♥ ♥***˙ ♫♩♩♫ ˙· ♥ ·˙ ♫♩ **♥ ♫ ♥ ♫ ☮ ♥Music is His Prophet♩♫ ˙· ♥ ·˙ ♫♩ **♥ ♥***˙ ♫Join the Dance♩♩♫ ˙· ♥ ·˙ ♫♩Love to All **♥ ✿⊱❤ ⊱✿

mesmerizing, one gets lost in other worlds, so soothing and energetic as if these great maestro are transferring their energy to the listeners.

For your honour I am using small letters although it is HARDER READING. Your interpretation is misconstrued, may I submit to you with grreat humility. A TEXT IS SOUNDLESS. Your message is soundless too. But, i is shouting more, asit is not contextual.Wish you well. .

My dear Sir, please don't post comments with all capital letters. It is interpreted as shouting.


So beautiful, Music of Vishnu, earth music, life music, love music.

I have been listening both artists since 1972. Always soothing and relaxing experience. May God give them a long life.

I like it a lot. Soothing!

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