Nimoli Manga De Re Various mp3 song

Categories: Album and Rajasthani.

Albums: Rajasthani Film Hits CD 2.

Singers: Various.

Released : 03 Apr, 2013

Duration : 03:51 min

Downloads : 2.82 million

My mom sing this song for me and my sister

Buytifull Song

Very nice song....

Maz baal he song eklyashevay zoptch nahi.khup chan song ahe.


Very nice song tnx

Nice song!I like this songπŸ˜˜πŸŽ„πŸ¨πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒΉπŸ₯€πŸ₯€βš˜


As vat t aaj pan MI small aahe hey song aiklya vr

Mazhe favorite

What a sleep

maj pan avdat song

Khuppp chhannn angaai... Mi suddha hech angaai gaate mazya bhachi bhachyala zopvtana... Swatach bhaan harpun Jaat hi angaai gatanaa... 😊😘

my grandma say this anggi forme

maja mulga he gan aikatch jhopto

this is a nic video

Mast song aah

nice evertime.....


Majya mulana tar khup aavdte hi aangaai



mala lahanpana pasun he gane khup a wadte

Majya papa cya lahan pasun hi angai aahe pan ti aajun aai ci maya dete. i like

Miss U Mom......

very nice this song i like its song

Gane aikatach aaichi aathavan yete

Mazi Aai mazyasathi hech angaai gaaychi.. .. eaiklyas ajun zop yete v khup shant shant watat jase aapan Aai chya kushit aahot. Kiti jari mothe zaalo tari lahan ch raahnaar!!



My mom used to sing this song to me when I was a baby. Even once after growing up when I was really stressed out, I kept my head on her lap and she sang this song. One day she fell ill, slept and never woke up. After they got her home mi khup hak marli mummy la pan ti utlich nahi. Bolat navti, hasat navti. The finally when I realised that she is at peace and she has slept forever I sang this song to her while I sat staring at her. She was dressed like a bride. I can never forget that day. It’s been 2 years and I miss her each and everyday. I hope you all are lucky enough to have your mothers around. Please take care of your mothers and respect them. One day I will get married and have my child whom I’ll sing this song to every night.

this song is so nice

Best song

Hech aangai geet yaiklavr maz Baal lgech zopt

Aaj Hi Zop Lagat Nsel ratri tr He akch Gaan akaycha fakt 5 min zop lagte

1 number song

This song is very sweet... my baby every night listen this song and than sleep....

very best

very best

Khup chan ahe song

Fhbhknj Gjbkjvknmbkblbhghhhkvlvl

Fhbhknj Gjbkjvknmbkblbhghhhkvlvl

pal pal

hey song mi maja vel pan yekta hoto ani aj maja mulala yekto nice song off the 25 year

big song

Koni ha video dislike kasa karu shakat

very nice

Nice song mala khup aavdat he song

Evergreen song.

gxvn Γ―

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Nimoli Manga De Re by Various full Video

Nimoli Manga De Re Various Album Mp3 Song.Nimoli Manga De Re song belongs to Rajasthani, Nimoli Manga De Re by Various, Nimoli Manga De Re available To free download ,Download Various Nimoli Manga De Re Mp3 Song. Nimoli Manga De Re Rajasthani released on 2017-08-04 04:31:54.Aagre Ka Ghaghra Most popular Rajasthani Track taken from Album Aagre Ka Ghagra Mangvai De Singer Mamta Vajpai Music Directed By Pappu Mastana This track is introduced by Madhur Cassettes. Champa Methi Hits Nimboli Hits Of Lok Geet Pramod Audio Lab Marwari RRC Rajasthani Super Hits Ram Rahim. Album Chudi Chamke Produced Directed By K C Maloo Veena Music Pvt Ltd Jaipur Rajasthan India Music Composer Nirmal Mishra Singer Seema Mishra Sanjay Bhagi. What chu doin Emma Chan All credit for scanlations to MangaStream.

Enjoy this beautiful Marathi Angai Geete Balgeet Kids Songs Nimbonichya Jhadamage from Marathi Movie Bala Gau Kashi Angaai staring Vikram Gokhale Madhukar Toradmal Must have song on. Neem Pe Jhula Dalva De O Nanand Ke Bira Best Ever Rajasthani Hariyanvi Song Please Do Like Share And Subscribe For More Update. Song Mehandi Rachi Mhara Haathan Mein Album Batau Language Marwari Rajasthani Produced By K C Maloo Veena Music Pvt Ltd Jaipur Rajasthan India Directed By Lakshman Kumar Music. Shree Cassette Rajasthani Thanks For visiting Shree Cassette Rajasthani Official YouTube Channel Shree Cassette Rajasthani is a platform that tells everything about Rajasthani...