Njanoru Malayali Gayathri Asokan mp3 song

Categories: Album and Malayalam.

Albums: Jilebi.

Singers: Gayathri Asokan.

Released : 10 May, 2013

Duration : 04:59 min

Downloads : 2.79 million

റഫീക്ക് അഹമ്മദ് സർ സ്നേഹം

Adi polyyyyyy

Good melodies

if music be the food of love ...play on... -William shakespeare

what a wonderful keyboard solo to start this song!! brilliant ...

orignl is betr

Gayathry super

Superb...Music soothes the soul..



Nice song

Thank you Gayatri,God bless you



Sheeshen ke gharon mein (original song )

The piano solo in the beginning is brilliant !!!

Sathyam parayalo...mothathil virthiked aaakind



Lovely song.


Ellam kondum manoharam pinnaniyil pravarthicha ellavarkum abhinandanam

Very nice

Super lyrics.....

Lindo trabalho, beautiful master piece.

Super gaanam nalla eenam hassan sujana manzul


excellent! !!

thank u so much Gayathri!


Super lyrics, tune and your singing

so good lyrics and good song



എത്ര കേട്ടാലും മതിവരില്ല

not a very good rendition

There are some seeds in the earth which sprouts only due to rainThere are some lamps of life in the soul which burns only due to loveWith a burning tip of petal which is thirsty for a kissWith lips which are sweet due to unspoken sweet wordsWe are sitting on both sides of a full glass of silence and just looking at each other.There are some seeds in the earth which sprouts only due to rain.On the shore which is getting wet by the waves of time,On the soft breast of sand,Built a statue of silence,Worried about leaving each other,With heart beat of an ocean,We are..There are some lamps of life in the soul which burns only due to love

please don't sing anybody because the copy doesn't suit. let the original be there for ever. superb composition


Y catnt you play total selected songs continuesly in all groups

hart tuchinh


Wonderful lyrics

Hats off to Rafeeq Ahmad, Sir!

I get emotional everytime I listen to this song,donoo why

plz don't try again ,don't spoil the Song

no word's 🙏🙏🙏🙏really amzing 🕪🕪🕪

മനുഷ്യന്റെ വിത്തുകൾ മാത്രമേയുള്ള്യ മഴയില്ലാതെ മുളയ്ക്കുന്നത്

Just fantastic

very nice

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Njanoru Malayali Gayathri Asokan Album Mp3 Song.Njanoru Malayali song belongs to Malayalam, Njanoru Malayali by Gayathri Asokan, Njanoru Malayali available To free download ,Download Gayathri Asokan Njanoru Malayali Mp3 Song. Njanoru Malayali Malayalam released on 2017-08-04 21:19:50.Pratekichu onnum illa support us zero boys D. Movie Aadya rathrikku Munpe 1987 Singers KJ Yesudas P Madhuri Lyrics Music Poovachal Khader G Devarajan. Song Sokavipanchi Female Version Movie Album Kadalpponnu Artists Vijayaraghavan Anusree Singer Minmini Music Director Kannur Rajan Lyricist Kadalpponnu Music Label T Series Enjoy. Watch Angakkuri Malayalam Movie Parts Starring Jayan Jayabharathi Sukumaran Seema Directed by Vijayanand Produced by CV Hariharan Music by A T Ummer Subscribe to Malayalam. Sarppakkadu Abhayadev MSB P Leela A P Komala. Album Abhayam Thirusavidhe Lyrics Arun Issac Music Ranjan Varghese Mathew. Film Shutter 2012 Direction Joy Mathew Lyrics Based on the poem Tonight I can write the saddest lines by great Poet Pablo Neruda Music Shahbaz Aman Singer Shahbaz Aman DISCLAIMER. For More Movies Please Subscribe Song Vedana Paakum Movie Shakespeare M A Malayalam Lyrics Anil Panachooran Music Mohan Sithara Singer Madhu Balakrishnan. My First Solo Stage Show With Great Music Legends Mr Franco Mr Rison Mr Shomi Mr Jossi Mr Amal Antony etc In The Occasion Of My Beloved Fr Thomas Chakkalamattath s Jubilee Celebrati. Subscribe to East Coast Varikomale...