Part 1 Various mp3 song

Categories: Album and Comedy.

Albums: Dhamake Jugnu De Vol 2.

Singers: Various.

Released : 09 Sep, 2012

Duration : 05:20 min

Downloads : 67.16 million


I'll find somebody..


You need plastic surgery mannnnn

This songs make me cry

That's me :'( 👽

I didn’t think I’d be able to type this comment correctly since my screen is so wet.


Great video

He left his backpack on the floor after the fight, what a forgetful man

Why do i cry every time i watch it 😭

crying in 2018 i am

If there was anyone who looked like that in the world and was as kind as that then I would love them to PIECES ♡


I just want to rap my arms around him.

You can be a bad person with a beautiful face, but not with beautiful heart.

Everyday i heard this song😣

Sometimes, this is promblematic in our living life. We are see, handsome man is great, dirty man is always freak. Human not stuff and heart not price.

So sad 😢

it's a movie?

Dogs will love you more than girls.

beautiful video.... tears all the way....some people just look at the outside appearance of a person....

Why does this sound so familiar

I don’t understand, someone can explain me in french ?


I cried when i saw the last scene that he was so happy about the kiss. It isn't real because people always judge by appearance.

Stevie Mcrorie Voice UK blind auditions

birkaç saniyelik empati ile yaşanılan o çaresizlik, hüzün ve ben bu kadar güçlü kalabilir miydim? sorusu..

I cry again

qué te asustas del pibe pelotuda

love inspiration to be a good man....hope so :)

This made me cry am not saying this just because it is sad song but it is purely touch me

I dont know where I was hiding, but just discovered Kodaline a few weeks ago, part 2 always makes me cry... so good portrayal of reality..

y para cuando la mujer va a poder defenderse sola?And when will the woman be able to defend herself?

Bro what is the movie title in this video clip ...? kren once I shed tears

This song makes me acutely aware of how lonely I am.......


An animals love is unconditional

is this a movie?

I love you gyes



came here for a good sob.

gara abdul lari siniiiiiii

he's forget the bag

Justice to the max




Beautiful video with perfect song 💘

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