Peter Pan R.I.P Kula Shaker mp3 song

Categories: Album and Indie.

Albums: Pilgrims Progress.

Singers: Kula Shaker.

Released : 04 Jun, 2010

Duration : 04:39 min

Downloads : 492.77K

London Hyde Park is a good place for a tourist to look arround. I just addore swans and ducks. But Kula Shaker has it all.



Kula shaker are just amazing. Deserve a lot of credit. Very talented gents.


Una gran banda, poco conocida, recien los he descubierto y ya tienen un lugar entre mis bandas favoritas. increíble trabajo, dignos de codearse con los grandes The Beatles.

Sgt. Peter's Kula Shaker Band

Change Peter Pan for Hillary.

Very cool.

is this real or Edited?

veramente bravi li ho visti a torino parecchi anni fa e mi avevano molto impressionato ora li vado a vedere a firenze


Tremendous song/video. Love it!!

presto in Italia

I love this song :)

All soldier R.I.P...

nice song

Kula Fucking Shaker!!

Kula Shaker sustains the hopes of grateful ears who would otherwise despair at the flood of garbage produced and promoted by a music industry that has lost its credibility.

Прекрасная песня.

Oh ,    brings tears to my eyes  ...

This record will be 5 years old this June - fuck me, time flies fast...For some reason I find Pilgrims Progress awfully similar to Supergrass' Road to Rouen (equally fucking amazingly epic).

Wendy had an astral experience...or two.

cool song BUT Peter Pan never dies...NEVER LAND you never grow old or sick or die

Fantastici, Kula shaker, musica connessa a l'infinito trascendentale........Ma da quale sistema solare venite voi?.  ;))LOL 

beautiful song & video

Rip Peter Pan aka Robin Williams. weird that i discover this song today


...moods like Eleonor Rigby

What a band! So criminally under appreciated. This album is absolutely fantastic. I can't recommend it highly enough. It's truly amazing.


Looks like Rip's Last Winkle to me……….. but Elanor's Rigby is there true & blue.  Those days be long gone, son.  You da' One now,  thanks.

This video and song are beautiful, Kula Shaker are True artists!

that was awesome!

did we really need the minute of bullshit at the start?

@gee munny Lisa Hannigan's song reminds me more of "When a Braves Needs a Maid", more the beginning. But I still don't think that she ripped off, she and Kula Shaker are really different. Even if she heard KS before, the chords probably aren't the same, is just the melody that slightly reminds. This happens more often than you think... (:

Im only little

The songs are very different. Where exactly did she rip off their song?

this song should get 100 000 000 views

Very pretty and melancholic song. KS is a great band.

great song! love it!

2:15 - Love You Jagannath :)

beautiful songs guys... go on please :)

Best band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

someone told me about this band he told a story about this song so when i go to brussel i need to check this up anyway great music :)

love it

I can say KS is my all time favourite band since my 14, they have very pure sound that you can´t find anywhere among today´s british bands. Crispan is master songwriter! and I hope there will be another album in the future.

Ohh, Thank you, that's pretty good

If you hit the replay button 100 times you can get a glimpse of peter at your window...

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Peter Pan R.I.P Lyrics

Gather 'round
This is the tombstone
Of Peter Pan R.I.P

Say a prayer
For all the children
That still believes

Peter Pan R.I.P

Clear the leaves
From his rest of place
Chase the cold
Across the street

Let the sun
Warm his bleeding heart
Boy, you meant so much to me

Peter Pan R.I.P

Peter Pan
He won't come back
They chained his feet
And broke his back

I'm crying
Remember the days
Crying sweet tears of joy
Remember the days
The games that we played

Now we know
This ain't no fairytale
His grave is there
For all to see

Gather 'round
All good children
Gather 'round the memory

Peter Pan R.I.P

Peter Pan
Don't look back
They clipped your wings
And chained your back

I'm crying
Remember the days
Crying sweet tears of joy
Remember the days
The games that we played

P.P. R.I.P
P.P. R.I.P
P.P. R.I.P
P.P. R.I.P
P.P. Rest In Peace

Peter Pan R.I.P by Kula Shaker full Video

Peter Pan R.I.P Kula Shaker Album Mp3 Song.Peter Pan R.I.P song belongs to Indie, Peter Pan R.I.P by Kula Shaker, Peter Pan R.I.P available To free download ,Download Kula Shaker Peter Pan R.I.P Mp3 Song. Peter Pan R.I.P Indie released on 2017-08-03 22:21:26.Live at the Relentless Garage London 08 July 2010 Recorded on July 8 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder. Music Kula Shaker video from Peter Pan film released by Universal Pictures Columbia Pictures and Revolution Studios. Jakarta 6 August 2010.

Official Video. Yotaspace Moscow 03 03 2016. This video is about Lyrics to peter pan rip by kula shaker. Description. In de serie Het Verhaal Van vertellen artiesten wekelijks welke gedachte er achter een nummer zit en hoe hun werk tot stand kwam Deze week Peter Pan R I P van Kula Shaker More video s. Free HMV gig following the release of their 4th Album Pilgrims Progress First single from KS Pilgrims Progress. Promotional video for the single Peter Pan R I P taken from the album Pilgrim s Progress Kula Shaker return in 2016 with a new album and a European tour Check out. Fun. Aurora Concert Hall 04 03 2016. Berlin Heimathafen. Cover of again my own version of kula skahers peter pan rip. Peter Pan R I P Kula Shaker Hong Kong Live 2010.

The Official home of Kula Shaker on Youtube. Beautiful song from the latest album. Live GI EL Holland. Korea 1st Aug 2010 From the new album Pilgrims Progress. The first single from the highly anticipated album Pilgrims...