Princess Of The Night (Radio Version) Bodytalk mp3 song

Categories: Album and Dance.

Albums: The Best Of Bodytalk.

Singers: Bodytalk.

Released : 28 Nov, 2007

Duration : 04:02 min

Downloads : 5.5 million

Cual es el estilo de esta puta y hermosa banda que acaba de maravillarme???? Respondan putos y les doy +100

Only Saxon can make a song about a train awesome.

Big time flash back to 1984, I was in the military stationed in Germany. I first heard this when I was attached to a Chinook unit, hauling nuclear warheads around Europe.

saxon forever

Anarquia Dictatorial!!!!

Anarquia dictatorial

shiva me trajo aqui :D

Llegue aquí por La Vida Moderna

5 500 000

La Vida Moderna me trajo aquí.

Now this is now officially metal old school

Flashback to when I was stationed in Germany, 1984

Oh, how I love them. The Kings

This song makes me wanna buy a Harley and shoot at cops, and pimp hookers.

506 dislikes ? wtf? may the princess run you over in the night.


for a more punk sound, put it on 1.25 speed


I tried to burn down my high school to this song

This song reminds me of princess luna from mlp fim

This is the most epic and romantic song about a motorcycle ever

any song about a fuckin big express train has to be Heavy Metal :)

cool idk

Remember buying this when it first came out saving my school dinner money

1:31 tem um solo de guitarra espetacular.

first song, to meet a great metal band !!

A harmonica, upright bass and banjo cover..Dreaming.

Over 5 million views...maybe there is hope for humanity after all...

My favourite Saxon saw them in the eighties live in the Hemmerlein Hall

My teacher showed my class this

She was a princess of the nightI saw the writing on the wallShe was a princess of the nightI take a ride across the sky


This is the Sheldon Cooper favorite song lmI

seen these guy back in 87 with yngwie malmsteen & Black n Blue

Saxon was 'music to go deaf by'!lol

Встань, страх преодолей

Me pegare el viaje desde Colombia hasta Mexico por ver a esta bandota y otras, sera mega poderoso


I'm 17 and I love Metallica,Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer but I also love Diamondhead,Angel Witch,Motörhead,Maiden and Saxon and looking to create Metal music myself

favorite music of god !!!!!!

Awesome song, singer does remind me of Blue Öyster Cult, top tune. :-)

THIS is perfection. That is simpler than everything but all the good things a song have to have is there

super morceau de mon adolescence ! mon fils adore aussi !

fucking hell I used to listen to this stuff

fuck that's a bit fast

bro hymn by pennywise sounds like the intro

One of the best songs ever

The rock yea!!!♥

Only so many lead patterns can go in A and E. Sometimes things come out sounding like somebody else's stuff. That's Just a million riffs from a million bands. Bound to sound like another bands work

If someone has never heard 80's heavy metal this would be the song to show them first this is the definition of badass

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Princess Of The Night (Radio Version) by Bodytalk full Video

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Storelinks Amazon Itunes Musicload Become our friend on FACEBOOK. Sushi Classic Re upload of Bodybangers Feat Joyce Bodytalk Official Video Download on iTunes Follow us on Facebook. Mega Funk. LP Scandalous 1983. Joyce Sims Come Into My Life. Well I know someone who likes this song So I made him a AMV to this song I also assumed he would love the ending song Hope ya like. NIELS VAN GOGH feat Princess Superstar Miami Planet Punk All rights reserved Exclusive license for France given to KP Sounds. In the Heat of The Night...