Raga Abhogi Kanada Nazakat Ali mp3 song

Categories: Album and Jugalbandhi.

Albums: Best Of Nazakat Ali Khan & Salamat Ali Khan.

Singers: Nazakat Ali.

Released : 28 Jan, 2013

Duration : 34:26 min

Downloads : 64.49K

Thank you dear Wajid Sahab.WONDERFULL ABHOGI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am really thrilled to find this recording on You Tube, what I grew up listening to from teen years in 70's, sitting in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, who was a great fan of Hindustani Music and had a fine collection of those 72RPM records in his big Streogram. They are truly divinity in human form. I am looking for their Gavati and a bunch of Thumris they had sung. Has the duo sung Marwa together? .

Simply mesmerising... matchless

Dear Wajid Sahib, Thanks for uploading a clear recording of this wonderful rendition. Do you have their Marwa and Shri? If so, kindly please share and oblige. Thanks in advance.

raag Abhogi kanadasubhanallahkia bat hai waaaaaaawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

for some months i m listening salamat ali nazakat alu sahab...and evrytime i listen a diifrnt creation and finds a wonderful feeling and amazing way of gayaki...really both are so admirable that i have no words to express what they are nd what i feel...just amazing...wah wah

Hands down the best Abhogi I have had the luck to listen to. The depth of the rendition is incredible. The Shyam chaurasi gharana has had some wonderful renditions of South Indian ragas like abhogi and kalavati.

aisa kahi na suna

15:56 to 16:03 took my breath away!


This is the great Ustad. Nowadays many low level fakes are running around with title of Ustad murdering our music


What a rendering... Thanks for the upload

matchless ; as NazakatAli SalamatAli always reside in my heart ;With the limited knowledge of classical, I am showered with bliss.Here I specially liked the development of the rag (badhat ? perhaps)the way in which it starts with serenity and then unfolds in numerous waystouching the super-conscious level again and yet again and yet ....and....I do not know how people listen to such great renderings without floods of tearsMay God bless you too Syed.

Sye Waji Saheb  thank you very much for your reply.  May God bless you.  When I was working in Delhi  one of my friends from Pakistan Dr. Abid Ali Dost gifted me a few tapes of Ali Brothers which contained various raagas rendered by them like Saraswathi, Gorak Kalyan, Gavati etc.  Each peace is worth its weight in gold.  I first heard Ali brothers sometime during late 60s.  Since then I had fallen flat for their Music.  Insha Allah I hope to hear more music of Ali brothers through you. May God bless you for ever

Syed Waji Saheb May God bless you -  Ali brothers were and are one of the greatest exponenets of Hindustani Style of music.   They have rendered Raaga Kalavathi   If possible please bring the same to Youtube   It is only the blessings of elders we in this generation could hear and enjoy music from such esteemed Ustads                                                                                                        Thankyou                                                                                                         Once again May God bless you

Gratitude  my elders for having blessed me with enjoying this great music of the phenomenally talented Ustads of the divine Abhogi Kanhra!

Such virtuosity demonstrated in taans such as 25:50. The organic nature of this Abohgi is really something worth appreciating. Simply a fantastic, soulful rendition.

I am lucky to be born in a family of classical music singers/instrumentalists, Carnatic music is the specialization.Had a very early exposure to all forms of classical music including Hindustani. Heard every one, these two gentlemen are simply incomparable.Thanks, Syed Wajid saab. These days I listen to a lot of Abhishek Raghuram in carnatic music, followed by sanjay subramaniam and TM Krishna.

Superb singing. Thanks for uploading. Please try to listen carnatic abhogi, expecially "Sabapathikku" by Madurai Mani Iyer or Sanjay Subramanian. you would love it. Regards.

Superbly rendered Abhogi. Thank you Wajid sir. :)

one most beautifully rendered abhogi I have ever listened.

InshaAllah, I will check Vishnu Saheb

If someone achieved the higher consciousness through music it was them two Khan Sahibs. I wish they lived longer.

Wjid Bhai pls accept my thanx also with others for this very great music...pls send us a few of Niaza Ahmd Fayz Ahmd also...the one who sung in Kohinoor film for Mhd Rafi.....


Thanks Mr. Syed Wajid for this posting. May Prabhu bless you with eternal peace of mind.

Thanks a lot Wajid saab for sharing this excellent gem. I am really indebted.

Thank You for blessing my ears with heaven.

nawazish ,... Mian Saheb

Wajid Syed Sahib all music lovers are indebted to you for providing this and many more recordings of classical music.

Thanks a lot for your info , biswajit Saheb. I will include this in the description.

I am grateful to you , Wajid saab, for giving us an opportunity to experience such a fine performance.

May the ALMIGHTY shower you with HIS blessings.

It is said that the Sham Chaurasi Gharana was founded in the 16th century by Hazrat Data Shajlal Shah , a contemporary of Miyan Tansen . He was born in 1556 and lived till 1605. Legend has it that the Rajput Raja Shyam Singh, at that time, ruled over 84 villages. Eighty Four, in Hindi, is 'Chaurasi'. So, it all started from this small village in the state of Punjab in Mughal India.

However, there is no written proof about the founder of the Gharana or how long this tradition goes. The Wikipedia page suggests that the Gharana was founded by a certain duo Miyan Chand Khan & Miyan Suraj Khan.


Whatever maybe the case, it is upto the historians to find out. For the music lovers of today's time, Sham Chaurasi can be related to only one collective being of Ustad Nazakat & Salamat Ali Khan. After the demise of the amazing duo, Sharafat Ali Khan and Shafqat Ali Khan carried forward the Sham Chaurasi tradition!

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