Raga Bhatiyar Parween Sultana mp3 song

Categories: Album and Jugalbandhi.

Albums: Best Of Parween Sultana & Dilshad Khan.

Singers: Parween Sultana.

Released : 07 Apr, 2012

Duration : 21:32 min

Downloads : 92.48K

omggggg wowowow

Wahhhhhhh Queen

one of ustad's best performances

great couple sharing same passion


kya baath...!


Dilshad Khan cant sing, he should restrict himself to composing and musicology and not pretend to be his wife`s guru. Ustad indeed!

What a great voice combo!! Dilshad Ji is having a golden voice and a powerful Tan. Parveen ji just superb in high pitch feels listening a senhai.

Such a fine, perfect & beautiful rendition.Both the masters make a super master piece.

What a pity that such a wonderful post comes to an abrupt halt (@17.27)! Kindly upload the full song-perhaps there is a glitch somewhere. Thanks for the upload, any way.

The best work of these two magnificent people (as far as I am concerned) is on their album De l'aube à la nuit.

the two dislikes are from the relatives of munni and sheila

It is rare to have an artist-couple singing a jugalbandi....

khub bhal lagise baideo. i heard after a long gap......

I could easily spend the rest of my life just listning to Parveen Sultana's voice.

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Raga Bhatiyar Parween Sultana

Raga Bhatiyar by Parween Sultana full Video

Raga Bhatiyar Parween Sultana Album Mp3 Song.Raga Bhatiyar song belongs to Jugalbandhi, Raga Bhatiyar by Parween Sultana, Raga Bhatiyar available To free download ,Download Parween Sultana Raga Bhatiyar Mp3 Song. Raga Bhatiyar Jugalbandhi released on 2017-08-03 07:09:11.Bhajan in Raga Bhoopeshwari Ragam Vaasanthi rendered by the doyenne of Patiala Gharana Begum Parveen Sultana. Video Upload powered by. A small excerpt of the same rendition is already available on you tube Here is the full recording for the pleasure of all music lovers. A rare documentary on Begum Parveen Sultana. Begum Parveen Sultana Raag Puriya Dhanshri. Presenting Begum Parveen Sultana Classical Song Raag Gujari Tod Live In Concert Sit Back and Enjoy this Indian classical masterpeice performance by the legendary vocalist Begum Parveen Sultana. An amazing display of vocal range and incredible speed in performing sargam with such clarity. And me on tanpura behind Ustadji. Classic songs tabla sitar zakir Hussain musical instruments meditation relaxing indian music nature sounds instrumental music veena sarod bhimsen joshi amjad ali khan jal tarang.

Begum Parween Sultana Ud Faiyaz Khan Ud Mehmood Dholpuri Madhuvanti Bhajan in Yaman Malkauns Thumri Bhajan in Mishra Bhairavi Bhavani Dayani SIRI Fort Delhi Jan 12th 1992. Presenting Begum Parveen Sultana Classical Songs Collection including Raga Gujri Jodi Raga Jaunpuri Bhajan Sit Back and Enjoy this Indian classical masterpiece...