Raga Mishra Gara (in Thumri Style) Pandit Nikhil Banerjee mp3 song

Categories: Album and Classical.

Albums: Pride Of Bengal Classical Instrumental.

Singers: Pandit Nikhil Banerjee.

Released : 24 Dec, 2007

Duration : 10:05 min

Downloads : 118.7K

The best ever Sitar player -Pandit Nikhil Banerjee, snatched away by almighty rather early in his life. He had command or sur laya Raag Taal with effortless playing with unparalleled Jhankaar, for which Sitar is well known and mastery over technical skills of Sitar-playing with all its elements,--meend, gamak, jhaalaa, krantan, jamjama, laag-daat etc. Also, the two artistes (Sitar and Tabla players) here demostrate their great chemistry while playing with each other complementing and enriching each other throughout this gat-piece, truly a marriage of Sur/Raag and Laya/Taal (rythm).


Ah ha ha ..kya kahne.

this raag is mishra gara....he was great sitar master...no others same his played.

बहुत सुंदर ! !

बहुत सुंदर !

Great recording. Please feel free to join a group on Nikhil Banerjee for celebrating and sharing his  music. Here is the link :

Devine performance

Beautiful words indeed, to add fragrance to the Eternal fragrance of that which stems from the Source. He remains unparalleled in the World of Sitar and the Soul.


Who 'disliked' this video?! Boo to them.

Great raga Great musicians!!

mmm love it you are so so right.. wha

utter beauty.. hands of god playing..


And they say God listens to Latin. Ha!

I feel blessed to listen to this. Thanks.

@rendlesham .......................But a great electric blues guitar can stop time as well. The great Roy Buchanan for instance. Many Blues scholars were also enthusiasts of Indian Music, Davy Graham and The Blind Owl, Al Wilson who played on The Saraswati Vina as far back as 1962. Nikhilda is truly timeless and unsurpassed. What of the great 8 string sitar debate btw? How long did Panditji utilize his extra ga string to get both features of Kharaj Pancham and Ghandar Pancham styles?

The world loses when such music is not shared. Wonderful.

no instruments apart from those that come from india allow one to express ones spirit so powerfully...they are the most intelligent instruments...

@PrismRisen I agree! If there is one piece of techknowlegy I find good for all humanity, it is recording. May these artist live on forever!



one of the trinities of Sitar of that generation...completely immersed in the Raag...

@lumpymetal In a broader sense that would not be possible. At least not for true Indian Classical Music.

You are right, this is not Gaara. Ravi Shankar played the same in Monterey.

Keya batt, awesome, beautiful!! Wah!! :D

Ah, such sweet, scintillating synergy.....

Absolutely awsme gives divine eternal peace ...

I LOVE THIS omg i have listened it to like over 20 times now

devine.... probably one of the most fullfilling peice of music that I ever heard.

Have I died and gone to heaven? This is not just enrapturing music by two of the finest artists produced by India's classical tradition; it is an offering from deep inside their souls to Goddess Saraswati whether they said so or not. The mutual rapport between the two maestros is simply not possible without that shared bond of devotion: It is as if the two have become one! Thanks,cenkjeekhan.

Wonderful. One of the faster tempo ragas from the beginning. Agree, Anindo is marvelous on tabla. We are blessed that Nikhil's spirit can still be with us through his music. Darsham.

Pnadit nikhil ji absolutely fablous ..........when ever i listen to him , forget this material world and reached to another world thats peace.Behalf of all fanes , slute to him .

thats magical music, the true music for me. wah wah. indian classical music 4 ever!

Ah Nikhil Da

You are the greatest. I have listened to sitarists for the past 25 years and my heart gives you the number 1 rating.

You are alive within the world of sitar lovers all over.

With love

shuddha of dadashri

Banerjee es el mejor!

its divine because he played not for the audience but for God

To us, Nikhilji's music is almost incomprehensibly divine, but I wonder how he experienced it, with more or less power than his listeners?

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Raga Mishra Gara (in Thumri Style) by Pandit Nikhil Banerjee full Video

Raga Mishra Gara (in Thumri Style) Pandit Nikhil Banerjee Album Mp3 Song.Raga Mishra Gara (in Thumri Style) song belongs to Classical, Raga Mishra Gara (in Thumri Style) by Pandit Nikhil Banerjee, Raga Mishra Gara (in Thumri Style) available To free download ,Download Pandit Nikhil Banerjee Raga Mishra Gara (in Thumri Style) Mp3 Song. Raga Mishra Gara (in Thumri Style) Classical released on 2017-08-03 03:46:18.Vilambit portion of Raag Latangi Video footage by Youtube user mockmoon2000 You can hear the rest of this performance here. Raag Bhairavi Sitar Sitarist Pandit Nikhil Banerjee Tabla Player Kumar Bose Album Sitar Vadan Vol 2 A Syed Wajid s Presentation. Archive clip 60 s with bref simple explications on sitar Sitar by Nikhil Banerjee Tabla by Mahapurush Misra Collection from Nick trippy Monkey uk based original google poster. Lalit is a raga in Hindustani classical music It is commonly described as serene and devotional and is performed at dawn 1 The swara notes of the Indian musical scale of Lalit put emphasis.

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